robby heart

“No Robbie. No.” Sportacus tugged Robbie toward himself and wrapped his arms around him as securely as he could.

This was so wrong.

“I’m sorry Robbie. I’m the one who is sorry. I made a mistake -”

Chapter 3 of This Isn’t a Trick

srry this is so messy omg but!! i really like when Milford calls Robbie Mr. Rotten nd i like 2 think tht young milford would say the same thing 2 lil robbie when the kiddo was growing up in lazytown

So you know how Lincoln was introduced in season 2, but then nothing really romantic happened with him and Daisy until season 3. Could that happen with Robbie in season 5?? Like boy portals on to the scene and bam! Quakerider?!

War of the Hearts.

Request from @isabellsantiago: Hello! You know, I LOVE your imagines, and I was wondering if you could do a Peter Pan x reader based on the song War of Hearts by Ruelle. I would love you forever!!!❤

Note: I haven’t heard this song before so I hope this is what you were looking for! If you would like anything changing just let me know :)

Peter Pan x Reader

Words: 1,321

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3 Also the song lyrics do not belong to me.

Come to me
In the night hours
I will wait for you
And I can’t sleep
‘Cause thoughts devour
Thoughts of you consume

As you lay inside your tent your eyes stare up at the fabric that shelters you from the elements, the light from the moon illuminating all sorts of shadows onto it which offered quite the visual display, but no matter how interesting the different shapes were or how much they danced in the wind they failed to take you mind off the one thing that was keeping you awake.


Peter Pan. The King of Neverland, your leader, the boy that was feared so much none of the boys dared to cross him. He wasn’t even nice! He was a manipulative sod who had no care for anyone but himself, was pure evil, so just why did you find him invading your every thought?

Then you remember the odd glances he throws your way when you are all gathered by the campfire on a night, his eyes burning into your very soul as his lips move so delicately across the openings of each one of the pipes, and those moments during your training where you would have your arse handed to you by Pan himself and as you hit the floor you would find him falling down with you…..your bodies flush up against each other’s….

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