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Having plumbed the depths of Dredd’s past more thoroughly than ever before, John Wagner turned his attention in the mid to late 2000s to the lawman of the future’s, well, future. Sprung forth from the fallout of the end of “Origins”, this forward push towards developing Dredd’s character would also have massive implications for his setting and his supporting cast. In particular, we are about to enter what’s arguably (but not by much) Chief Judge Hershey’s heaviest period of character development. Which by all accounts should be cause for celebration, considering that by this point she’s existed as a character for around twenty seven years and there are mountain ranges that have seen more changes in the same period of time; but this does come with a couple of pretty heavy caveats, however, which we’ll get into shortly.

The other high point of this era is the debut of Wagner’s newest and to this day latest female protagonist, who carries the peculiar distinction of not being introduced in an epic but in a story all of her own, something that not even Judge Anderson can boast. Of course, it helps that said story is a direct sequel to one of the most evergreen Dredd classics out there, and that it was published in the Judge Dredd Megazine rather than the progs, a format Wagner has repeatedly stated as agreeing a lot more with him. So let’s take a small detour back in time to the distant year of 2006 before we start with this post proper…

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Agents of SHIELD AU where it's the same but Robbie Reyes was there from the start
  • *Robbie and Lincoln are in the Quinjet. Daisy is sleeping to the side*
  • Robbie: and Daisy?
  • Lincoln: Yeah.
  • Robbie: When?
  • Lincoln: Few days ago, before the whole raid on Gideon Malick's fortress. Why you ask?
  • Robbie: Nothing. Just needed to confirm to myself.
  • Lincoln: *chuckles* Not jealous or anything, right?
  • Robbie (lying): Hell no, I was just asking.
  • /
  • /
  • *Robbie slams Grant Ward to the wall. This is in season 2, when Ward was in custody*
  • Ward (provoking): Go ahead...prove to everyone that you're just a monster. Prove to Skye she was wrong about trusting you.
  • *Robbie lets go of Ward*
  • Robbie: You're lucky everyone wants you alive. I promise you...if you ever put the team in danger again...I'll personally drag your ass to hell.
  • Ward: Sounds lovely.
  • /
  • /
  • Daisy: I don't know when of us is going to die.
  • Robbie: Eh, I already died. Not too scared, to be honest.
  • Daisy: *glares at him*
  • /
  • /
  • Hunter: My ex-wife, she was a raging she-devil. One time-
  • Robbie: Metaphorical devil or literal devil?
  • Hunter: Why you ask, mate?
  • Robbie: Because I've met the actual devil so I should know from first-hand experience.
  • Hunter: *stares, dumbfounded*
  • Trip: ...bro, you are weird. Cool but weird.
  • /
  • /
  • *Fitz is trying to open the Monolith*
  • Robbie: Damn it man, get away from there!
  • *Robbie tries to push Fitz away but Fitz pushes him back*
  • Fitz: Get away from me!
  • Robbie: Dude, I'm just trying to help-
  • Fitz: You wanna help, Robbie? How about you open a portal to whatever is on the other side!
  • Robbie: I told you, it doesn't work like that! I need to know where I'm going-
  • Fitz: Then you're useless!
  • *pause*
  • Fitz: I'm sorry, I didn't mean what I said-
  • Robbie: Nah, it's cool. I get it. Don't worry man...we'll find a way.
  • Fitz: You haven't given up on her like everyone else?
  • Robbie: Not yet. I mean...I'm living proof that you can come back from anything...even from death.
  • /
  • /
  • Daisy: So there's me, you, Lincoln, Joey, and Elena.
  • Robbie: A.k.a. Yo-Yo.
  • Daisy: Exactly. Time to put this Secret Warriors project to the test.
  • Robbie: You know I'm not Inhuman, right? Me being part of the team is technically cheating.
  • Daisy: Shh...the less the public knows, the better.
  • Robbie: Yeah but what kind of Inhuman can melt their face off and possess objects like a demon?
  • Daisy: You never know. I mean...the Hive lives inside people's corpses and Andrew Garner turns into a bluish monster thing.
  • Robbie: ...fair enough.
Idea for season 5 (crosses fingers)

Let’s say Virtual Ward is uploaded into a LMD. Ward 2.0 is accepted by the group and despite the fact he has Ward’s face, the team knows he’s nothing like the real Ward. 

So in season 5, Bionic Ward learns what his real-life counterpart did and vows to make up for any wrongdoings that Real Ward committed. He knows that, technically, he didn’t do anything Real Ward did but he still feels responsible.  

THEN, here’s where it gets crazy. Robbie Reyes returns from hell and says that Legion (the Marvel demon, unrelated to the Fox show) has come to Earth and is seeking the Darkhold. Along with Legion are his henchmen, comprised of people who were also damned for eternity. 

And among them is Grant Ward. Real Ward comes back as Demon Ward. 

That’s one of the main conflicts of season 5: Bionic Ward vs. Real/Demon Ward. It’d be one of the most comic book-y storylines the show would ever do but it’d be fucking awesome.

Plus, I’m pretty sure Brett Dalton would have a blast fighting himself.

So why isn’t Gabriel Luna a series regular?? You made me watch 4 seasons of Ward/Hydra Ward/Hive/Framework Ward and you can’t give me series regular Robbie? Come on AoS, you can do better (Also if you set up Quakerider and then next season you give her another bland white guy love interest that you end up killing off, I will die).

Still hoping that in the season finale, Robbie Reyes returns from hell, runs over all of the Daisy LMDs with the Hell Charger, and burns AIDA to the ground.

And then when he gets asked to join S.H.I.E.L.D., he refuses because he “works better alone” (translation: “ABC greenlighted my own show so…bye.”). Then he rides off into the sunset as “Ghost Riders in the Sky” blasts over the credits. 

Crack concept: The Framework glitches in episode 20, leading to a musical episode

Some of the numbers are:

1) The cold opening isn’t actually a song but an aggressive tap dance number featuring Robbie Reyes and the Ghost Rider-ettes. 

(based on this)

2) “AIDA’s Summertime Fun”: An upbeat, swinging AIDA-Fitz duet about the two ruling the Framework with an iron fist.

3) “The Quake in My Heart”: A solo Daisy Johnson number where she sings about her hatred towards Grant Ward. However, part of her feels bad about hating this version of Ward since he’s clearly a good man. She feels a ‘quake’ in her heart because she’s conflicted. 

4) “Maybe There Is, Because You’re More Than That”: A solo Jemma Simmons number about her finding out about “The Doctor”, her sadness over what he was turned into, and her determination in rescuing him. 

5) “My Only Hope”: A Mack-Hope father-daughter duet about how Mack loves taking care of his daughter but feels that there’s something wrong with this world. 

6) “My Phil-lings to You, May a.k.a. The Thirty Year Tango”: A super-sexy tango duet between Phil and Melinda, where they express their love for each other but can’t go any further because of stuff in their lives. But for some reason, they can’t get enough of each other. 

7) “Turn, Turn, Turn Away”: A comedic Grant Ward-Leo Fitz duet where Ward tries to hide his identity as a double agent from Fitz, who begins to suspect him of wrongdoing. Halfway into the song, Daisy joins the number and tries her best to come up with excuses for Ward. 

Predictions for the next few episodes:

* Teary farewell between Mack and Hope as Mack leaves the crumbling Framework (like that episode in Justice League: Unlimited where Superman says goodbye to his imaginary son) 

* Ward stays behind to ensure the Framework is destroyed. We get a teary farewell between him and Daisy (IT’S DAISY, WHY DO I KEEP SEEING ‘SKYE’). 

* Trip is probably going to be killed by AIDA or Alistair Fitz. Like the group gets captured and to punish the group, Trip is killed again. 

* Jemma is NOT the one who breaks Fitz from his brainwashing. That’d be too obvious. Since Radcliffe and Daisy both tried and failed, my money is on Framework Ward. If you truly want to redeem Ward, this would be the way to do it. Have him relate to Fitz because they both came from broken homes. 

* Robbie Reyes returns at the very end to storm AIDA’s lair. He’s the one who fucks her up in the physical world while online AIDA is destroyed by Fitz, Simmons, and Radcliffe. 

* Radcliffe stays behind in the Framework to atone for his sins. 

* Fitz and Simmons retire from SHIELD and Fitz basically becomes Jessica Jones since he develops PTSD from the experience. 


* The moment that Fitz breaks free from his conditioning will be turning on his father. He’ll probably shoot him dead in order to rescue the group. 

EDIT: Framework Ward will be the new Director of SHIELD / The Resistance

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DaisyHouse Targaryen … passion, extraordinariness, vehemence

CoulsonHouse Tully … honor, earnestness, vigilance

JemmaHouse Stark loyalty, uprightness, innocence

FitzHouse Lannister prowess, selectiveness, arrogance

MayHouse Mormont fortitude, steadfastness, deference

MackHouse Dayne courage, worthiness, militance

ElenaHouse Martell intensity, brazenness, radiance

WardHouse Bolton manipulation, mercilessness, violence

BobbiHouse Tyrell ambition, artfulness, elegance

TripHouse Reed integrity, staunchness, allegiance

Rainafaith of R'hllor belief, uncanniness, prescience

LincolnHouse Greyjoy exile, impetuousness, overconfidence

KaraHouse Poole melancholy, usedness, semblance

HunterHouse Hunter okay this one just is

RosalindHouse Hightower hauteur, shrewdness, nurturance

RobbieHouse Uller impulse, ferociousness, disturbance

(redux + elaboration)

Agents of SHIELD / DCEU AU where:

1) Daisy Johnson is Wonder Woman

2) Lincoln Campbell is Steve Trevor

3) Robbie Reyes is Batman

4) Gabe Reyes is Alfred Pennyworth

5) Leo Fitz is Superman

6) Jemma Simmons is Lois Lane

7) Alphonso Mackenzie is Green Lantern

8) Phil Coulson is The Flash

9) Melinda May is Iris West

10) Grant Ward is Lex Luthor 

11) Antoine Triplett is Cyborg

12) Alistair Fitz is Jor-El (different universe where he’s good)

13) The Superior is General Zod / Doomsday

14) Elena Rodriguez is Hawkgirl

15) Nick Fury is Perry White

16) Glenn Talbot is that one military dude who died in Man of Steel 

17) Calvin Johnson is Zeus

18) Jiaying is Hippolyta 

19) Raina is Harley Quinn (now I really wanna see Ruth Negga as Harley lol)

20) Holden Radcliffe is Jonathan Kent

21) AIDA is Faora

Feel free to add to this list!