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MBTI: lazytown songs!

ISTJ - Cooking By the Book

ISTP - Gizmo Guy

ISFJ - Colors song

ISFP - I Wanna Dance

INFJ - Greatest Genie

INFP - We Will Be Friends

INTJ - Master of Disguise

INTP - Step By Step

ESTJ - No One’s Lazy in Lazytown

ESTP - No One’s Lazy in Lazytown (vacation version)

ESFP - Wake Up

ESFJ - Anything Can Happen

ENFP - Have You Ever

ENFJ - Always a Way

ENTP - Lazy Scouts

ENTJ - We Are Number One



Lazytown YouTube channels
  • Sportacus: juice recipes, videos of him benching, detailed walkthrough of Pilates moves, gymnastics routines
  • Stephanie: room and vanity tour videos filmed using a 2007 digital camera she's breathing on the whole time
  • Robbie: cooking channel that doesn't make anything except cakes ? All over the raindrop cake fad
  • Stingy: silent videos of his vast mechanical pencil collection
  • Pixel: windows vista tutorials voiced over through a headset microphone
  • Trixie: street magic and vine compilations
  • Ziggy: YouTube poop and full spongebob episodes
  • Milford: Dad DIYs, liked videos are public and full of Robbie's cake videos
  • Bessie: Sportacus murdered me? STORY TIME and other clickbait
American Gods 1x04: There’s Something About Laura

I was looking at this title and thinking it could equally apply to the Twin Peaks regroups I will be doing, but unlike the vague sense of existential angst I feel when watching that show, American Gods brings me nothing but joy. This show continues to improve and surprise with every episode, and this weeks dive into the life and times of Laura Moon was the best outing so far. Last week I talked about how successful this show has been in it’s ability to tell stories that are able to stand on their own, a particularly difficult feat for a show that also boasts an extensive fantasy universe. This episode was the perfect example of the strength of American Gods storytelling. While Laura’s story is another thread in the richer tapestry of the show, this episode also worked on it’s own simply as a story about a woman struggling to find meaning in her life. This episode also marked the first real divergence in terms of faithfulness to the source material as well, and it’s a testament to how well the show has been able to grasp Gaiman’s original vision that this episode felt seamless. The first three episodes have been almost rote in their following of the original novel’s first act and the major events therein. But Laura, although important to the larger plot, is a character that is never really flushed out in a meaningful way in the novel. The show’s choice to spotlight her in an episode highlights one of my favorite things about Bryan Fuller as a show runner which are his efforts to expand/create roles for women and POC (most notably in Hannibal).

In episode four we jump back in time (many years) to follow Laura’s life from the time she first met future husband and protagonist Shadow, to the the surprise reunion with him that ended episode 3. Laura is a complex character, and there are many potential pitfalls in her portrayal. Up until this point all we really know about Laura is via other people’s perceptions of her. To Shadow she was a perfect wife, beautiful and serene. To Audrey (Betty Gilpin), Laura was a cheating whore. We know Shadow loved her, and that she had betrayed that love by having an affair with his best friend Robbie (Dane Cook), an affair that would lead to both adulterers untimely deaths. It would be easy to make Laura a villain, she did after all break the heart of the handsome hero we have spent three prior hours getting to love. Conversely it would be just as easy to make her overly sympathetic, someone to be pitied or condescended to. But to Fuller, Green, and Emily Browning’s credit, Laura falls into neither trap. She is simply an unhappy person who does not ask for or need your deeper understanding. As she tells Anubis, “I lived my life, good and bad, definitely not light as a feather.”

In a story that is about celebrating the power and possibility of belief, Laura is a character who (at least in life) believed in nothing outside of what she could see. She struggled with finding contentment in her life, even when on paper she should have been happy, and she often sought dangerous alternatives in an effort to feel emotional connection. As someone who often struggles with depressive thoughts, Laura’s struggles were all too familiar. Although she loved Shadow, she was not able to pin her happiness on him the way he had on her. No matter her feelings, life was never going to be more than the reality of living.

So being transported to a magical afterlife after her violent death comes as somewhat of a shock to Laura. When the curtain is pulled back revealing that there WAS something more to life all the time, and Laura will still be receiving only the darkness she expected, she can’t help but feel cheated. Luckily Shadow tries to save her from herself one last time and throws Mad Sweeney’s lucky coin into her grave returning her earthly soul back into what’s left of her body. Zombie Laura now perceives Shadow as a bright beacon of light against an otherwise colorless world, and she resolutely sets out to help him in any way she can, now finally able to return the consuming and singular love he felt for her all these years. Who needs true love’s kiss when you can have true love’s Droog massacre. In a revisit to the lynching scene from episode one, we now see it was Zombie Laura who cut down Shadow and dispatched of his attackers in SPECTACULAR fashion. You go zombie girl, you punch out that guys skeleton.

However during all that ass kicking Laura’s arm is torn off (despite her super strength, she is still just a corpse), and she pragmatically attempts to fix it via her friend Audrey’s scrapbooking room. I would like to take this moment to talk about the performances in this episode. American Gods has boasted great acting, but this episode had some standouts and a real MVP. I’ll start by confessing that I have never been a real fan of Emily Browning or Dane Cook. I found the former pretty but bland, and the latter deeply unlikable in every possible way. As meathead adulterer Robbie, Cook exceeded my expectations by playing him with a surprising vulnerability instead as a stereotypical asshole bro. And I will concede with Browning the roles she has played previous as a “pretty girl” often do not hold much in the way of material. But I was also pleasantly surprised by her as well, as discussed earlier Laura is a difficult character and Browning clearly grasps her complexities. She is putting in the work and (theme of American Gods) really going for it, which I always respect. I am looking forward to seeing where she will take Laura, especially as the character sets off into uncharted waters.

That being said the standout performance of this episode was unquestionably Betty Gilpin’s Audrey. Holy shit. Gilpin’s performance of  Audrey, a widow grieving both her best friend and husband while wrestling with their combined betrayal, and then discovering said friend as a zombie in her house… is just beyond. Even though her previously described situation is completely ludicrous, Audrey’s pain remains tangible and serves to ground scenes that could have easily spiraled into lunacy. But even though Gilpin is able to keep Audrey’s sadness and anger central, she is also poignantly funny. I don’t know about y'all but I will be yelling “Get out of my house you zombie whore,” at friends and family for years to come. The scene in Audrey’s bathroom where Laura attempts to reconcile the relationship she may have irreparably destroyed with her best friend, while also passing embalming fluid through every orifice and being, you know, a zombie, is one of the best scenes I have ever seen on television. It is a female friendship that is pitch perfect in terms of complexity, pain and love. It is also a woman dealing with a shitting zombie cheater in her house. To sum up, if this show just turned into an Audrey/Laura road trip that would be a-okay with me.

So Laura is picked up by Ibis and Anubis, or Mr Jacquel and Mr. Ibis if ya nasty, and brought back to their funeral parlor. Ibis is a character we have seen briefly penning the Coming to America sections, and is also an old god by way of Egyptian mythology. You also may have noticed they have a cat ;). The two Egyptian gods patch up Laura properly, although she is still a corpse prone to decomposition and loss of limb, and she sets back out in pursuit of Shadow, the now literal light of her life. We then meet back up with the ending of the previous episode, with Shadow being brought face to face with his undead bride.

What could happen next week!!! I don’t know, but I am DYING to find out. Get it? Zombie joke. What if I’ve been a zombie this whole time? You don’t know I’m not. Okay I haven’t eaten in a while. Love ya.


PS. Oh yeah this episode had an original song with Shirley Manson! Like as if it hasn’t rained enough gifts down upon us. You can listen here: “Queen of the Bored”

Bonus gifs:

Finally figured out how to paste image links! Yay for me! *throws a dorky self-appreciation party*

Anyway, this is the second of Robby Cook’s ‘Disney Princesses as Airbender Characters’ series, of which the first I already posted here yesterday, albeit using text since I hadn’t discovered photo uploads yet. Personally I thought Eric’s pose was slightly awkwardly drawn (is it just me or is his head rather disproportionate to the rest of his body?) but then again I can’t draw fan art to save my life, so I’ll just shut up now. 

Still, fish-tailed waterbenders aren’t too bad an idea. Now if only Sebastian would show up…

No 3 will be coming soon, but in the meantime, I’ll love to hear comments on these works. Til next time!

sportacus cooks for robbie one (1) time and he uses one of those mom recipes that hides ten types of vegetables in meatballs, and robbie finds out after he’s eaten it because sportacus looked up the recipe on robbie’s computer and doesn’t know how to erase a browser history and robbie won’t talk to him for two weeks straight

bloodstar-lore  asked:

♒ sportarobbie headcanon?

Cooking/Food Headcanon for Sportarobbie

  • The different ways they eat was a real point of contention in the beginning of their relationship.
  • It was the thing that would get them into arguments the most.
  • Eventually though, they figured that working together on making meals, the contention melted away, and both learned different eating habits.
  • For Robbie, this meant a LOT healthier
  • As it turns out, Robbie is a fantastic cook.  He had no idea.  He before just microwaved shit or just ate it straight out of the can.
  • Sportacus is a decent-enough cook, but he lets Robbie take the reins whenever they make meals.
  • Robbie eventually eats much healthier
  • And Sportacus eventually eats more of a variety
  • And they don’t argue about food anymore!
  • (This is why conversation is good, kids)

And here’s the Krew by Robby Cook - Disney style! For those of you who don’t recognize any of them, we have Flynn/Eugene from Tangledas Bolin, Shang from Mulan and Mako and Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire as Korra.

By the way, I always thought Kida should’ve been one of the Disney Princesses just because she’s that awesome - the girl has her own magic-powered aircraft, for Agni’s sake! That aside, I always saw here as more of a kickass Princess Yue (must be the white hair) but her as Korra works out well too! As for which Disney Princess was Yue, it probably won’t be who you were expecting, but hey, everything is forgiven in the name of cool crossovers. Next pic will be up soon!

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☆ Sportarobbie? :3

☆ - happy headcanon

finally!! I didn’t know if it was about HCs that made me happy or HCs for when they’re happy so I made both because i have no self-control

  • Sportacus reminds Robbie he loves him every day. Kisses in the morning, whispered I love yous in-between games, cuddles in the evening.
  • Robbie pretends like he doesn’t care but he cherishes those quiet moments.
  • They both try to be good to the other: Sportacus makes sure he doesn’t wake him up in the morning while Robbie doesn’t work on noisy inventions at night.
  • When it comes to cooking, it’s always a fun ride. Sportacus keeps insisting he can cook while Robbie keeps the pots and pans away from him.
  • – You won’t fool me twice, Sportaflop. I know you. Trying to make me healthy food disguised as cake. – It was a meatpie, Robbie, and I promised not to do it again. – Call it whatever you want, you tried to poison me!
  • It’s a few years into their relationship that Sportacus finds out his boyfriend keeps every piece of paper he has ever written him in a diary.
  • It goes from “I love you, I miss you” letters when he visits his family to “Someone’s in trouble, xoxo” notes on the fridge.
  • He’s so happy he cries in front of Robbie, which scares the other.
  • Sportacus loves playing with the kids even when they get older, but he is also excited when they’re busy because it means he gets to spend some “alone time” with Robbie.
  • They spend those days enjoying the other’s presence while still doing their own stuff.
  • Sportacus likes to exercise while listening to Robbie sing.
  • Robbie likes to watch his boyfriend move around while he stays comfortably in his chair.
  • When Robbie has trouble sleeping, Sportacus starts telling him about what he’d like to do the next day, and what he liked doing that day, but he often falls asleep before it helps him.
  • Robbie then proceeds to watch his bf until he feels his eyelids getting heavier, and then he scoots close enough to feel his warmth and sleeps.
  • Robbie sometimes plays with the kids and Sportacus and he won’t admit it but he likes how it makes him feel loved. Sportacus always loses the games because he keeps staring at his bf.
  • They are often invited at parties and Robbie grumbles about him being the villain but he always comes because Sportacus keeps looking at him with puppy dog eyes.
  • Robbie often feels like it’s Too Much to have such a loving boyfriend and he doesn’t know how to act so he ends up not saying anything for days and when Sportacus finally asks him what’s wrong he bursts into tears and hugs him.
  • I just love you so much but I don’t deserve you and I’m a villain because I know you can have better but I don’t want you to leave me.
  • They stay like that for hours on end.
  • On the other hand, when Sportacus feels like he’s going to burst with happiness, he lets it out as much and as soon as possible.
  • He runs around, shouting to whoever wants to hear it that he loves his cute boyfriend.
  • Hello Stephanie! Did you see my boyfriend today? He is very pretty and I love him. I need to go tell him. Okay, bye!
  • He then proceeds to cartwheel away and runs into things because he’s so excited. Yup, like dogs.
  • When Robbie thinks no one is watching, he just has the smallest smile on his face. He’s just so happy this is happening to him.

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