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My heart is aching due the recent update regarding Stefán’s health. To know that two Metastasis were found in his liver has me distraught and alarmed. I can’t believe that this is happening all over again. The fact that he was just recovering from Pancreatic cancer and is now having battle stage one cancer in another region of his body is simply heartbreaking and nerve racking. Stefán, I know you wont be able to see this but just know you’ll always my continuous love and support along with your legions of meme friends throughout these dark times. My heart is with you and your family. I love you so much, the positive impact you’ve made in my life is so immense that I couldn’t possibly thank you enough. You are a fighter Plant Dad ❤️🌱


Star Trek AU

Sports and Ithro are both Trills, and both are on their tenth hosts who happened to be twins. 

Ithro is stationed at the space station Latabæ and is often bothered by the Ferengi con artist Glanni “Glæpur”. They have a bit of a love/hate relationship, and Ithro lets Glanni get away with probably more than he should.

Stephanie Meanswell is the Captain of USS Lazytown with Trixie, a Bajoran, as her trusted Number One. Sportacus is a Medical Officer.

Ensign Robbie Rotten is a very very tired Betazoid who has a hard time coping with all the emotions and feelings he’s bombarded with 24/7 and can often be found hiding away and working at night when it is more silent. 

Stephanie is a Betazoid too, but she deals with her abilities a lot better, which makes her a great Captain and negotiator. 

I heard someone asked for a JRATW camp counselors au…  maybe @ghost-in-the-library will stop pestering me now

A few notes…

1.  I’m trying out a couple different styles so I like this for now but I might end up taking it down and changing it later

2. I absolutely refuse to draw Nico without his lab coat

3. Jim Robbie as a grumpy toddler with an attitude and attachment issues is my new favorite thing.  Props to @ghost-in-the-library for giving me the idea of giving him prosthetics 

Well that’s it… Hope y’all like it:)  Maybe now I’ll draw something not JRATW but I highly doubt it
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“Daisy hurriedly leaves the store, chiding herself for thinking that a stop on this side of town was a good idea. How could she forget that the East Side had been in the news lately with all those shootings and gang wars?”

Explaining even more would just spoil the whole thing. Sorry guys.

@whistlingwindtree thank you so so much! :)