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Convalescence Pt.7

Wednesday 29th June 2017.

“How is Twin A?” Owen asked as he looked at  x-rays and MRIs with Meredith.

“He’s doing consults, but no surgeries yet,” she replied. “How’s Twin B?”

“She mopes a lot, still, and she doesn’t really talk to me much unless it’s important. Or in therapy,” Owen explained, squinting and moving closer to one of the MRIs, “But she is walking around by herself now.” Ever since Amelia had named Derek ‘Twin A’, he and Meredith were now calling the Shepherd duo ‘Twin A’ and ‘Twin B’. “There’s a small tumour on his liver for sure, by the way,” he added, pointing at one of the scans.

“Do you still have the stay at home nurse?” Meredith inquired, looking at the scan he’d pointed at.

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Everything IS about Amelia Shepherd.

Don’t you dare say she is a drama queen! Almost everything that happens has Amelia Shepherd written on it.

Imma prove it to you.

1) She lost a lover and fiance Ryan Kerrigan like Meredith Grey lost Derek Shepherd

2) She lost her unicorn baby like April Kepner lost Samuel Avery

3)She lost her childhood friend “half-brother” Mark Sloan like Arizona Robbins lost Nick

4) She lost her brother Derek Shepherd like Arizona lost hers Timothy Robbins

5) She lost her father Christopher Shepherd like Derek Shepherd (they also witnessed his murder) and like Owen Hunt

6) She has an alcochol addiction like Richard Webber

7) Has a gazillion sisters like Meredith who apparently has a new sister every year aka Maggie Pierce and RIP Lexie Grey :(

8)She was raised by a single parent like Meredith Grey,Derek Shepherd and Owen Hunt

9) Almost died (from an overdose) like Meredith Grey,Callie Torres,Arizona Robbins,Alex Karev,Owen Hunt,April Kepner,Jackson Avery,Miranda Bailey and Richard Webber.

Plus she has a drug addiction…

So don’t you judge Amelia Shepherd before you know all the facts.

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Welcome To Seattle

Set in my AU, a month after Amelia comes to Seattle with Ryan.

A small party Callie and Arizona had promised; a mask party. Halloween wasn’t as close as Callie claimed it to be, but Amelia had only been in Seattle for a month, so it wasn’t too late for a welcoming party. A welcoming party it was, they decided, where you had to wear a mask. Except Amelia hated being the centre of attention, especially for a party, but Arizona had promised them it wouldn’t be a large thing. She promised it was just something for everyone to get to know her better.

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