TOP 10 Male Fashion Bloggers of the Philippines

To start this blog of mine, I’m sharing you my inspirations on how I wear clothes. They’ve been very helpful to me. They showcase how a young man can wear his clothes with a great sense of style.

1. Robbie Becroft 

Your Aussie-Filipino model and fashion icon.

Twitter/Instagram: @robbieoffduty

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2. David Guison

Your fashion ambassador and not ordinary fashion guy.

Twitter/Instagram: @davidguison

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3. Seph Cham

The model/men’s wear designer/blogger/techy cool man.

Twitter/Instagram: @sephcham

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4. Miko Carreon

The artsy dancer blogger boy.

Twitter/Instagram: @mikocarreon

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5. Mikyle Quizon

The romantic lover, free man plus the Quizon.

Twitter/Instagram: @mikylequizon

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6. Lance B. de Ocampo

The twitter famous and now a fashion blogger who still have a lot of fans.

Twitter/Instagram: @lancedeocampo

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7. Stephen Garcia

Your ordinary guy of fashion, style and an additional of swag from US.

Twitter/Instagram: @stphngrcia

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8. Paulo J. Veneracion

Your dope and dapper guy sporting British fashion.

Twitter/Instagram: @thepaulodiaries

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9. Keita Lee

The Korean-Japanese boyband in training guy giving you the Asian Fashion

Twitter: @leekeita87

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10. Luis B. Anastacio

Your gym rat and fashion guy plus an economist

Twitter/Instagram: @luisbanastacio

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Those are my top 10. But let me also give you some names for my 11-15.

11. Gerd Perez

12. Paul

13. Lord Michael Angeles

14. Michael Macalos

15. Ira Giorgetti

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I’m gonna die! Yes! Yesterday is one of the amazing day of my life so far! And he is the reason why! I messaged him on facebook even he is not that active rather, he is fond of twitter instead. I tried and I didn’t fail. He answered and BOOM! After that, I sent him more and more messages so that I could get more tips about semi-modeling. By the way, He is Mr. Robbie Becroft, a Filo-Aussie photographer, blogger and a MALE FASHIONISTA! He is my inspiration in doing some of my home made modeling sessions! Haha! I am having my shoot with the help of myself, my clothes, a tripod and my Samsung camera. Click the photo to navigate to his blog and you will not regret it. You’ll even be inspired by him, his styles, the way he blogs and the likes.