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First off, you’re my favorite jerkass comic blog. (Affectionately so, mind you.) You bring up some really awesome points and are wonderfully well educated. Also, New Warriors. You are literally the person who sparked and fostered my continuing love for those tiny supernerds. Bless you. That comic made me a better person.

ALSO, your comic. I love reading it whenever it pops up onto my dash. I love the concepts you explore with it.

Also also, hi, you’re into Gorillaz? Why didn’t I know this earlier? Good taste.

Please keep being neat-o. <3

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A lesbian wanted a kid and so she had sex with the guy.

OH i actually read one something or other about that, and the person complained that the show didn’t have the lesbian rape a guy with a cattle prod

oh here it is

I’m sorry the lesbian on the show being a violent rapist is preferable to her using consensual sex…? Nice phrasing there…I guess it’s empowering to ‘get what she needed’ via electrically induced violence…

Maybe it’s 'problematic’ via some other avenue tho.

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oh no i’m going to come out of this movie like “THAT’S NOT RIIIIGHT….” well at least from what i’ve seen they haven’t stuck any MASSIVE SKYSCRAPERS IN coffcoffbayformers

but the triskellion is like 50 or 60 stories high and i was just like um excuse you triskellion i’m pretty sure you’re in violation of The Heights of Buildings Act of 1910 or whatever the fuck act makes the washington monument the tallest structure in dc proper

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the recent spate of “trans men are awful and disgusting” stuff in the tumblosphere turns my stomach like almost nothing else i’ve seen on here. i genuinely don’t understand it anymore.

“trans men are even worse than cis men because at least cis men can’t help it trans men CHOOSE to become men so they’re scum” that is literally textbook transphobia my friend and you need to


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this happened to me once and when I ran into them much later I had to avert my eyes to not laugh at them

I’m dying laughing because the con is in a week and like, 2 days after telling me ‘well you know I’ll save money taking the floor space in so and so’s room, so I won’t be rooming with you, no hard feelings eh?’ Oh okay. And now I see so and so looking for floor space in anybody’s room who will take them. Gee, what happened? LOL

It’s day twenty-four of MMLM, and it’s going to be a great one! While we’re only “officially” featuring four ladies - Debrii, Paige Guthrie, Madeline Berry, and Namorita - today is also going to be the day for ALL of the great women from the New Warriors team, which Debrii and Namorita are members of. Paige and Madeline will have intro posts by ladykats and buckythevampireslayer respectively, while the New Warriors ladies will be handled by robbiebaldwin. So check the tags today for everything about Paige and Madeline and all of the amazing women of New Warriors!