Is It Serendipity (or am I just a bad penny?)

25 Days Christmas Romance Challenge || Day 6

Character A and Character B meet in the ER on Christmas Eve

(header by the incredibly sweet and talented @katie-dub)

Is It Serendipity (or am I just a bad penny?); ~ 2, 200 words; FF.NET || AO3

The first time he meets her she is sharp and jaded and irritable, and that’s coming from the guy in the ER on Christmas Eve with a bone protruding from his leg. She has no bedside manner to speak of and barely raises her eyebrows when he tries to flirt his way into seeing what her smile looks like but her jade eyes are so full and he feels like there are more stories inside her than in the city’s public library.

The second time he is there to have his cast removed and sees her hurrying through the waiting room. He tries to straighten up from his slouching position on the less than comfortable plastic chair and thinks she catches sight of him and slows her step for a millisecond but then he always did have an overactive imagination.

The third time hardly counts because neither realizes the almost-encounter. He storms out of the coffee shop that’s in no way in his neighbourhood, in a rush to get to work and armed only with the vague instructions of his one night stand. She trudges into the coffee shop that’s only two blocks from her apartment, barely keeping her eyes open and feeling the pressure and invisible filth of a 27-hour shift.

The fourth time they see each other is at a Robbie Williams concert. If you count her crashing into him and spilling some beer all over his left sleeve and muttering an apology as she surges on, as ‘seeing each other’. He tries to stop her, to talk to her, to jog her memory, to… something. But she either doesn’t hear his shout of “Hey, Doc!” or decides he might be a stalker of sorts, or just generally doesn’t give a fuck, and he is way too aware of the possibility of her turning around and him ending with another broken bone, if he tries to grab her arm or something so he lets her and the flash of her green eyes disappear in the crowd.

The fifth time it’s just him seeing her. On TV, after a massive fire, as she snaps at a journalist that she has better things to do than stand around and talk about the people she is meant to be helping. Her ponytail is a study in disaster and there’s something that looks a lot like blood at the end of her sleeve and her face is set in a scowl but her eyes still give him a glimpse into endless fields of beauty.

The sixth time, ironically enough, he is there because of a burn on his hand but she looks like the burnt out one. She is clearly exhausted, the kind of exhausted where it seems like she’s having trouble carrying her very bones around, the kind that dims the hard sparkle in her eyes. So he stays quiet and only gives her a smile of thanks when she is done wrapping his hand and she doesn’t smile back but her nod looks something like grateful.

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