okay i was trying to puzzle out why dean would have cas in his phone as “castiel” and i could not fucking figure it out because that’s so un-dean BUT then i realized that if he had it as “cas” then they would’ve had to spell it as “cass” and robbie thompson did not want to subject us to that.  thank u, robbie thompson. thank u.

thank u robbie, on a very personal level, for giving me charlie and eileen - my two favorite characters to write in fics outside of team free will. honestly, this is more important to me than anything else. 

firstly, because i am so desperate to write women in my fics despite the fact that i almost always write from dean and cas’ POVs. charlie is an incredible scene partner/confidant/best friend for dean, and i am incredibly thankful for her when i have no idea what to do with dean in my writing.

secondly, because i have scratched my head for YEARS over who to pair sam up with, and nobody ever seemed /right/. i’ve tried jess and sarah and gabriel and billie and amelia and nOBODY, but no ship ever felt right. and then eileen came along, and it was like a goddamn revelation. thank you for forcing me to learn how to write an hoh character and for creating someone who fits with sam in a way that i’ve never found with any other character.

thirdly, thank you for these women even if they DIDN’T mesh well with TFW. they are multifaceted and interesting independent of their relationships with the main characters, and i will never tire of writing them. 

thank you, robbie, for giving me women who are so wonderful to write.