“all i did was ask her if she wanted to see The Jolly Rodger.” Killian stated.

“im not dumb, Jones. we both know you like her. hell, any man with eyes likes Y/N. but she’s mine.” Peter said, jaw clenched, “and if you so much as touch her, you’ll have to go and search for a hook to match the one you already have.”


“Give her back? Really Killian is that all you thought you had to do to get your daughter back? It’s all your fault she’s trapped here. We’ve met before and you know what I’m like. It’s not my fault you’re a stupid idiot. You’re going to have to try harder than that to get her back, you know I like a good game.”
“I swear to god if you lay a single hand on her, I’ll….”
“You’ll what kill me? We both know that’s not going to happen.”


*Pans POV *

Y/n broke down, once I got put in the box, she knew. She will never see or hear from him again. She broke crying.

I wanted to tell her I was okay so bad, being in Henry’s body it could be a risk. I’ll actually die if I do that. She just fell to the ground crying, she’s the only person I ever cared about.

Emma walked over and hugged her, Y/n hugged Emma back. “ he’s gonna I lost him ” Y/n said. “ it’s for the best. ” Emma said. “ it isn’t! I loved him and I’ll never see him again! ” y/n went up on deck still crying. Everyone else also did I followed. I want to tell her.. But if I do, people are gonna suspect it’s me and not Henry.

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Some new generation of BLACK male actors on scene to look out for, [Top Left - Bottom] Robbie Jones - Tyler Perry’s Temptation Movie - Jay Ellis The Game - His Character is appealing - Chadwick Boseman who plays Jackie Robinson in 42 - He is definitely a looker - Michael B. Jordan - You might remember him from The Wire, he played the role of Wallace.