robbie pierce


Than impeccable the people outside, the more  demons inside him

                                                                                               - Sigismund  Freud

anonymous asked:

Can you please write a sportarobbie glanniþro double date?

good grief, sorry this took so long, but, uh, here it is! the numbered naming convention stolen shamelessly from @dangerouscommiesubversive‘s fics, i believe. i hope you enjoy. 


Sportacus was fidgeting. As it happened, so was Robbie.

Every once in a while they would make eye-contact and then hastily look away.

Sportacus wasn’t really sure what the problem was. The coffee shop was nice. The weather was lovely. Robbie had even dressed up, and made Sportacus dearly wish he owned something else besides his usual outfit. He really did like seeing Robbie in a suit, all prim and proper – it made something in his chest swell pleasantly.

Perhaps it was the fact that it was their second date, and while they were used to each other in the mundane, daily basis, being suddenly thrown together in an explicitly romantic setting was just a tad nerve-wracking. Perhaps it was because of their second cup of coffee and green tea, respectively.

Perhaps it was the fact that Sportacus had invited his old mentor and Robbie’s uncle on a double-date and the other couple was now nearly a half an hour late.

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