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I need to talk to someone… my Great Aunt has passed away from cancer. I tried to talk to one of my friends and well, you know when you try to talk to someone about something bad going on in your life, and then that person tries to “top off” your bad thing with something else bad and make things all about them, and you're just like “???? Really??” That happened. I just really need a hug. Robbie, can I have a hug? Sorry if I'm kinda cringey rn. I never got to say goodbye to my aunt and I'm a mess

things in 4x07 that I just noticed:

AGH. gabe’s face when they’re replaying the screen with robbie’s “death.” the way the camera zooms to daisy as she steps in, comforts him, interrupts. it hurts but it’s so good. 

the reyes brothers love each other, you guys. they really do. 

second: the entire scene with Eli killing the agents from Robbie’s perspective. I love the filming/setup of the episode, how it goes back and tells with and without the ghosted people - but that’s another meta for another time. 

my point is that Robbie tries to save those men. Robbie knows it’s pointless but he tries as hard as he can to save innocent people, innocent lives, to try to talk his uncle down from whatever place he’s become. and when he fails, Robbie puts that blame on himself, saying to May and Mack, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t help them.”

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Then he turned and looked into the water in case there was a piece she had missed. It was difficult to see because the roiling surface had yet to recover its tranquility, and the turbulence was driven by the lingering spirit of her fury. He put his hand flat upon the surface, as though to quell it.  

Choices Part 1- A Robbie Kay and Peter Pan One-Shot

Title: Choices Part 1
 Request: In this AU Peter isn’t Rumples father,he is his older brother.He was abused by theirs father so he dreamed of Neverland. At the age of 17 Peter escaped by magic bean to Neverland leaving Rumple with their abusive father. Now back to the reader
 She is 17 from the wealthy family,outcast if the family since she is kind of tomboy. She has a best friend named Robbie and she is in love with him. (I am divided this request into a three part imagine, this is the first part of the request)
 Pairing: Peter Pan x Robbie Kay x Reader

 *in a flashback*
 "Father you can’t do this to us!“ yelled Rumplestiltskin to his abusive father.
 "Just watch me boy.” his father responded. His father went on the hit Rumple’s younger brother, Peter, until he was bloody and bruised.
 "Father I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to stay out in the woods that late!“ Peter screamed.
 *flashback over*

 Peter suddenly woke up from a nightmare of his childhood. When he was younger, Peter’s father was very abusive to him and his older brother.
 When he was 15, Peter heard about a place called Neverland. In Neverland, you would never grow up. To him, this place could be his escape from his abusive life.
 On his 17th birthday, he escaped his home and bought a magic bean to open a portal to Neverland. His father and brother never got to know what happened to them.

 When Peter got to Neverland, it became his new home. He became the leader of the island, taking on the name Peter Pan.

 Now back in the enchanted forest, Y/N was outside cutting some firewood. Y/N was a very smart and pretty 17 year old, but her family outcasted her. She was to tomboyish for her wealthy family. Her family wanted her to wear big ball gowns and jewelry, she just wanted to wear pants and a bagging shirt.
 When she was done cutting the firewood, she headed back to her house. On the way back, she ran into her best friend, Robbie Kay.
 "Hey Robbie!” she called to him smiling.
 "Hey Y/N! Wanna go walk for a bit?“ he responded.
 "Yea sure.” she said.
 They walked around their village, just talking.
 "Things any better at home?“ Robbie asked her.
 "Not really. My parents made me sell Carl.” she responded. Carl was her horse, who she would ride around on in her free time. That horse was her escape from her reality.
 "I’m so sorry Y/N.“ Robbie responded sadly.
 "I’ll be fine.” she said smiling weakly.
 Suddenly, they heard someone calling Y/N’s name in the distance.
 Y/N sighed, “It’s my mom. I gotta go Robbie.”
 "You better run back, you don’t need to get in trouble.“ Robbie responded.
 Y/N laughed and hugged Robbie, then ran back to her house.

 "Dinner’s reader.” Y/N’s mother said when she got home.
 "Thanks. I’m gonna go eat in my room.“ Y/N said as she grabbed her plate and headed upstairs.
 Y/N ate quickly, and then sat and looked out her window. She saw Robbie.
 She watched him talking to some kids, and her eyes were gleaming.
 Robbie had been her best friend since she moved to his village, and they always were together. People mistakenly liked to call them brother and sister, which they found hilarious because they looked nothing alike.
 They just got along very well, and would continue to do so.
 "Y/N! Come down and cleans the dishes please!” Y/N’s mother called.
 "Coming!“ Y/N yelled as she looked at Robbie once more and shut her window.
 She couldn’t keep her eyes of him, but had to go clean the dishes.

 Y/N was falling in love with Robbie, fast and very unknowingly.

Thanks for reading part one of this mini-series!


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   “My question is for everyone. If you could choose two people from the cast to date, who would you choose and why?” The fan asked, her voice shaking from excitement. Her excitement only seemed to grow when the cast instantly got excited. I already knew the answer that everyone was going to answer.

   “Hands down, no questions asked. If I could make anyone date it would be Y/n and Robbie. They would make one adorable couple.” Jen answered instantly, earning a mummer of agreement from the rest of the cast.

   “I am with Jen. I think they should date. I mean they are already cute as hell as friends, but dating? Damn dating it would be too cute.” Colin chuckled, reaching over to pat Robbie on the shoulder.

   “I have a story about this. So we were filming the scene were Rumple and Pan use Zelena against Hades, only to find out that Emma and Hades have Carson. Before that though we had to film Zelena and Hades in front of the clock tower. Anyway Jen and I were sitting in one of the cars because it was freezing out. I was kind of dozing, try to catch a little bit of sleep. I had just closed my eyes when Jen shook my arm and told me to look out my window. Y/n and Robbie were standing to the right, just having a conversation. Normal, they talk a lot. Only this time Y/n had her arms wrapped his waist, her head resting against his chest. Robbie was standing there, his one hand rubbing her back while the other was playing with her hair. It was the cutest damn thing I have saw.” Robert chuckled, his story earning a series of screams from the crowd.

   “Y/n is blushing!” Josh screamed, cooing when buried my face in my hands. Leave it to this damn cast to bring up the story. Beside me Robbie looked about as embarrassed as I did.

   “It was cold!” Robbie moaned.

   “And there were cars.” Josh chuckled.


   The rest of the convention went about as well. Only this time Robbie and I were the center of attention. All the fans wanted more stories of Robbie and I behind the scenes, and of course the cast was all to happy to give them what they wanted.

   “Did you really have to tell them all that!” I groaned as we walked off the stage. Beside me Robbie nodded.

   “Yes because you are cute.” Jen giggled, cooing when I blushed again. The moment I did, Robbie pulled me against his chest, habit at this point. When ever I scared, embarrassed or just scared, Robbie would hold me against him. He knew that I needed a hug to keep myself from going to far into my panic mood.  Of course the moment he did, the cast started cooing.

   “Look at wittle Robbie and Y/n.” Colin coed.

   “Oh hush it.” Robbie mumbled, shaking his head as he lead me away from the rest of the cast. The moment we were by ourselves, I curled into Robbie’s side.

   “Do you have any idea how to make them stop?” I asked softly, my question earning a chuckle from Robbie.

   “Nope.” Colin answered, earning a groan from us both.

   “I mean we can all see that you are made for one another. Your so cute together. You don’t know it but you guys are so deeply ingrained into each other that when Robbie moves, even an inch, you move an inch in the same direction. Don’t even get me started on the fact that I swear you two can have whole conversations by just facial expressions.” Jen giggled. Her words caused me to blush even more.

   Despite my reluctance to admit it, I did agree with them. I believed full hardheartedly agree with them. I have been in love with Robbie from the moment we filmed our first scene. It was back in season three. I was playing Carson, the only lost girl. She was just like Pan, just as cruel and vicious. In the scene I was punishing one of the lost boys, while Robbie sat and watched. Once I was done, Robbie then pulled me into his arms and pressed a kiss to my lips. It was right then, the moment he pressed his lips against my own, that I fell in love with him.

   The only person who knew was Jen. I had told her a while ago, not knowing that my admitting my feelings would only cause her to push harder to get us together. When the rest of the cast caught on to what she was doing, they instantly followed suit with little to no questions asked. Since then when ever Robbie and I were together on set, or off set, they would tease us about how we should just give into our feelings and date. I wanted to, more than anything, but something told me that Robbie didn’t feel the same way.

   “Will you guys…” Before I could finish Robbie was spinning me around, pulling my so I was pressed against his chest.

   “They win.” He whispered to me, his eyes searching my own before he leaned in. I let out a shaky breath, my eyes growing wide as he slowly closed the distance between us. He paused for a second, his lips brushing against my own, before pressed them against mine.

   Instantly I kissed him back, my hands running up his chest and wrapping around his neck. His hands wrapped around my waist, his fingers brushing against the small amount skin that was showing under my shirt. Before they pressed flat against back, pulling me even closer against him.

  “Well it’s about damn time.” Jen cheered as Robbie pulled back.

   “Be mine?”

   “Of course Rob.” I giggled, standing on my toes to kiss him again.”

Pregnant Over Christmas

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Tittle: Pregnant Over Christmas 

Pairing: Robbie Kay x Reader

Requested: Yes

Rating: None

A/n: So it may not be exactly what you wanted, but I tried my best to get it close enough. I hope you enjoy it still.

  “I really don’t get the whole point of this.” I grumbled, scowling as I continued to pack. “I’m the one that moved half way across the world, can they not just come here for once? Like I get it, it’s easier for me to travel, but come on. I’m living in London England for crying out, and not one member of my family has come down here. No I always have to go there. Well no more. This is the last time. After we have this baby, they want to see us they come here. I am not putting an infant on a 16 hour flight because my family are hard headed.”

  “Darling, we can just tell them we can’t make it. Say that you don’t feel like flying while pregnant.” My husband Robbie laughed from behind me, his hands wrapping around me from behind, his hands covering my barely there baby bump.

  “We both know that won’t work. They’ll just keep complaining until we agree.” I sighed, letting my head fall back on his shoulder. “Besides, us coming up is the only thing my mother and grandmother asked for this year. I would be breaking their hearts and ruining their Christmas if I didn’t.”

  “So we are going, and your just going to complain all about it until we get there?”

  “Pretty much yeah.” I giggled, turning my head to press a kiss under his jaw. “Can you finish packing? The baby wants a grilled pickle and cheese sandwich.”

  “Don’t blame the baby for your wants.” He chuckled, smiling at me before pressing a quick kiss to my lips. “But yeah, I got it from here. Go eat your sandwich.”

  “Want one?”

  “You know, I’m good. Thank you though Princess.”I shrugged and moved from his grasp, spinning around to press one last kiss to his lips before I headed towards the door, my feet padding against the cool hard wood floor. Once I reached the door, I turned, smiling as I watched Robbie throw the remaining clothes into our suitcase.

 “Is there anything you do want?” I asked, smiling lovingly as I leaned against the door frame.

  “A normal grilled cheese would be nice.” He chuckled, smiling at me over his shoulder. I nodded and headed out the door, the sudden carpet under my bare feet a welcome change to the cold tile. The moment I was in the wide hallway, the door to our shared bedroom closing softly behind me, Ghost was at my side. I smiled as I leaned down to scratch the albino husky and arctic wolf mix behind his snow white ear, earning a pleased hum from the dog.

  “Wanna come get some lunch?” I cooed, giggling when the dog instantly yelped in response. “Come on then.” I chuckled, standing up and patting my side as I headed towards the wide stair case, Ghost pressed tightly against my side. As I moved down the stairs, Ghost darted out in front of me, stopping every now and then to be sure that I was following. The moment I reached the bottom, he moved to my side again, his nose pressing against my hand.

  I giggled, patting his head as I turned left, heading towards the large kitchen. As I pushed the heavy oak door open, Ghost darted inside, running straight for his silver food dish. “Give me a minute will you?” I laughed, shaking my head as I headed towards the wide granite island. Once I had reached it, I bent down and opened the small cupboard under it, pulling the large bag of dog food out. I threw two cups in, and focused on our own lunch.

  As I worked, I looked around the kitchen, taking it all in once again. We had only finished it a week ago, and I loved being able to take it all in. The kitchen counter and cupboards were made out of a dark red cherry oak, the tops all a dark grey granite. The stove, fridge and appliance were all a black stainless steel, mixing in nicely with the dark wood. Three stools sat on the far side of the island, they two a dark colored cherry oak. 

  “How are the sandwiches coming along?” Robbie asked, his voice pulling me from my thoughts.

  “Good. I’m just finishing up actually.” I answered, turning my head and giving him a smile over my shoulder. 

  “Great. I’ll grab the plates.” He answered, smiling at me as he crossed the room, pausing to say hello to Ghost before grabbing out the plates. “Wanna a glass of juice?”


 “You got it, now we do have to eat quickly. We have to be at the airport in two hours and I know you are going to want to get Ghost ready.”

  “I do, though I still hate the idea of putting him a cage.”

  “It’s the only way he can come with us, and I know you are not going to let him stay here.”

  “Of course not, he’s my fur baby.” I giggled, shaking my head as I placed his sandwich on the plate in front of him. I placed my own on the other plate and placed the pan in the sink before sitting down at the island, Ghost’s head instantly falling onto my lap, a pleased sigh leaving him as I scratched between his ears.

  “Oh I know he’s your fur baby, you spoiled him.” Robbie chuckled, smiling at me as he passed me my juice, before sitting down beside me. “Now come on, eat up. We still need to get the fur baby ready.”

  In Canada

   The instant I walked into the house I once called home, my mother Anna, came running towards me, her arms wrapping around me instantly. “Oh my baby girl, welcome home.” She cooed, her hands rubbing against my arms as she hugged me tightly.

  “I have missed you so much mum.” I sighed, nuzzling my face into her neck as I breathed in her welcoming scent. As I breathed it in, I felt myself relax. She chuckled, her hand running through my hair as she held me closer against her.

  “I have missed you just as much baby girl.” She whispered, pulling away so she could press a lingering kiss to my cheek. “It has been so long since I saw you last. You need to come over more.”

  “I’ll try but it’s going to be difficult.”  I giggled, ignoring the confused look my comment earned as I moved to hug my father Rick. My mum shrugged it off and wrapped Robbie in a hug, muttering about how he too need to come over more.

  “What are you not telling us baby girl?”  My father asked, smiling proudly as I pulled back. I chuckled and pressed a kiss to my fathers cheek. 

  “You’ll figure that out soon enough daddy.” I hummed, smiling as I moved to hug my brother. The moment I was in his arms, Jason pressed a kiss to my cheek, chuckling as tightened his grip around me.

  “So I’m going to be an uncle.” He whispered in my ear, laughing when I gasped.

  “How did you know.”

  “I was talking to Cam and she may have let it slip.” He chuckled.

  “I figured.” I giggled, pulling back to give him a small smile. “Keep your mouth shut until I tell everyone else.”

  “Sure I can…”He was cut off by my grandmother,  pushing my brother aside to pull me into a hug. Jason laughed, shaking his head before slapping Robbie on the back, welcoming him home.

  “How’s my grand baby.” My grandmother cooed, as she pressed a kiss to my cheek, swaying me gently from side to side.

  “I’m great nanny, how are you?”

  “Better now that my grand baby is back.” She chuckled, pulling back to cup my face, pulling my head down so she could kiss my forehead. “You are not aloud to leave again.”

  “Laura let the girl go, she needs to hug her pa.” My grandfather laughed, shouldering his way past his wife to pull me into a bear hug.

  “Alfred don’t be so pushy.” My grandmother scolded as my grandfather hugged me tightly.

  “Everyone else is shoving people aside.” He laughed, pressing a kiss to my cheek as he pulled back. 

  “Now that we are all caught up, lets head to the living room. I’m sure after a drink or two Robbie and Y/n will tell us everything we have missed.” My mother announced, her words causing me to smile widely.

  “Oh I won’t be able to drink.” I chuckled, smiling as Robbie wrapped his arm around my waist, holding me tightly against his side as we headed towards the living room, my mother and grandmother squealing in excitement as they caught on.

  “Are you having a baby!” My grandmother screamed, her words earning my father and grandfather to start going off in excitement. 

  “It’s about damn time you make me a grandpa!” My father said happily, his hands flattening against my stomach as he ran in front of me.

  “Congrats my baby girl.” My mother squealed, her blue eyes sparkling with tears of joys.

  “Now we really have something to celebrate! How far along are you?”

  “Just over three months.” I said, my entire family cheering. “We actually thought that since we found out in England we can find out the gender here. I made an appointment with Dr Reid next week.”

  “Good, once you find out we can throw a party, a gender reveal. We can get all the family together, your friends. I will be coming back with you of course, I am not missing the birth of my grandchild.” My mother exclaimed, her eyes wide with excitement as she started planning everything.

  Two Weeks Later: Christmas Day

   I groaned as I walked down the stairs, my limbs still soar from the other day. I had decided it was a good idea to go for a walk, and ended up slipping on the ice, the fall causing me to sprain my ankle and a few bruises. I was stiff but okay, not that stopped Robbie. From the moment he found out I was hurt, he was at my side every single second, his arm always wrapped tightly around my waist. Right now he still in bed, leaving me to face the stairs alone.

 “You should have woke me up.” Robbie called out from behind me, his feet pounding against the stairs as he hurried after me. Once he was beside me, he wrapped his arm around me, pulling me against his side as he helped me down the last few stairs.

  “I thought you would want to sleep, I mean the rest of the family won’t be up for another hour.” I explained, letting him carry most of my weight as he lead me to the living room.

  “Actually we are up now, we couldn’t sleep.” Jason called out from the top of the stairs, the rest of my family muttering in agreement.

  “How is my grandson this morning.” My father asked, running down the stairs so he could help Robbie lead me to the living room.

  “Hyper. He won’t stop moving.” 

  “That’s my boy.” He laughed, smiling as he and Robbie lowered me onto couch. “How are you my sweet girl?”

  “Soar.” I sighed, leaning back into the couch. “Could you get me that heated wrap from my ankle and maybe an Advil?”

  “On it princess, you stay here.” Robbie said quickly, kissing my cheek before running off. My father smiled in approval as he gently placed my ankle on the foot stool in front of me. Once he was happy with it, he wrapped the heated blanket over my shoulders, turning it onto the highest setting so it could sooth my tense muscles. He was just putting a pillow, freshly fluffed, under my ankle when Robbie came running, a glass of water and Advil in one hand and the heated wrap placed around his neck.

  “Here you go.” He said with a soft smile, handing me the water and Advil before gently putting the heating wrap over my ankle. “How is that?”

  “Wonderful, thank you, both of you.”

  “Anything for you my angel.” My father said as he leaned down to press a kiss to my forehead. “Now that our girl is taken care of, why don’t we start on those gifts?”

To cheer myself up after learning about Robbie leaving, I wanna focus a little bit on my second favorite SPN writer, Andrew Dabb. I’ll list just some of his highlights. (This is also for those who are worried about the future of Destiel. Just look what a Cas- and Destiel-centric writer he is, even more so than Robbie…!)

  • Brokeback Purgatory: ‘I need you’, hug and peach fuzz
  • “Too much heart”
  • Cas interrogating a cat
  • Cas shopping for Dean
  • “A trusting couple” + all the married supportiveness of 9x10
  • David and Violet aka Dean and Cas: “I was there… Where were you?”
  • Cas’ heaven full of naked Deans
  • THE BURGER DATE with extra hearteyes
  • Mind-reader: *reads Cas’ mind* - colors! <3
  • Reverse crypt scene (it hurts so good…!)
  • “Let me take your temperature”
  • Dean’s fanboy crush on Gunner Lawless

Hmm. Not a bad second favorite to have :)