robbie jennings


Pairing: Robbie Jennings/Georgia Nicolson

Series/Fandom: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson

Reasons why they’re hated: Shallow relationship based on Georgia wanting an older, cooler, “Sex God” boyfriend. Georgia is better with Dave the Laugh. A lot of people did not like the movie, where Robbie/Georgia was the ultimate outcome. Georgia pulls many schemes to get Robbie which include stalking both him and Lindsay. Georgia got over Robbie and moved onto Masimo “too quickly” after Robbie left.


Michelangelo (Mikey) Grozzi - Open - Aaron Johnson - 21

Michelangelo aka Mikey is light hearted and friendly. He’s the party guy and is pretty upbeat and good natured. He loves to do one thing and that’s enjoy life. He doesn’t take things too serious but he can be solemn if the situation calls for it. He’s very protective over his sister, Alora and would do anything to protect her. When it comes to his sister, he’s very fierce. If someone even looks at her the wrong way he’d tell them off. He’s very close to his sister, as they only had each other in the orphanage.