robbie jennings

As I may have said before, Dave the Laugh is…er…a laugh. And also quite a cool dancer. Ellen doesn’t really like dancing, so when she had gone off to the ladies’ he made me do the conga with him. He made me do it to “Oh No, It’s Me Again,” which is one the Sex God composed that’s on my Chrimbo compilation tape. It’s a slow number and really serious about someone (van Gogh, I think) who wakes up and looks at himself in the mirror and says, “Oh no, it’s me again,” which is depressing. But not to Dave the Laugh, who thought it was a conga opportunity. Robbie was singing with his eyes closed (hmmm, very moody), but then during the slow guitar break he looked up and I think he caught sight of me and Dave conga dancing. He didn’t look full of happinosity. In fact, he looked a bit miffed.

I stopped doing the conga then, but Dave shouted at me, “Don’t stop mid-conga; it’s very bad for my cong.”

What in the name of Elton John’s codpiece is he on about?
—  Georgia, Robbie and Dave, ‘Dancing in My Nuddy-Pants!’ by Louise Rennison
I held out my hand for [Robbie] to shake. Why? Had I turned into the Duke of Edinburgh? He smiled in a puzzled sort of way but took my hand and shook it.

“Er, how do you do? You’re not dashing off for a train, are you?”

I went beetroot.

“No, I—well, that was a bit of a misunderstanding, trainwise.”

“What, you mean as there is no train station in town?”

“Yes, that will be the one.”

He laughed then.

“I’d almost forgotten how interesting life can be around you, Georgia.”

But he said it in a sort of nice way.

And I said, “Hgnnfff.”

Which is a quite brilliant thing to say if you want someone to run away.
—  Georgia Nicolson and Robbie Jennings‘Luuurve Is a Many Trousered Thing…’ by Louise Rennison