robbie is a zombie

Mermaid Kiss

Robbie Kay Imagine - Pirates of the Caribbean - Fluff

“Hello, it’s Tiger Lily, here’s another Pirate!au with Robbie Kay, hope you enjoy.” <3

Mermaid Kiss

Robbie sat in the boat with an anxious heart, there were three boats in the wide bay, and it was dark around them. He had gotten used to water; living in a boat for months was enough. After all he was a pirate. The men around him seemed to anxiously eye the water as well and Robbie looked up at the zombie-like dark tanned man who just eyed them all with a cold gaze. Then the water and their boat were illuminated and they all turned to look up.
 “Great we’re dead men! They are drawn to man-made light.” An old man beside him said and Robbie gawped and looked at him.
 “Sharks!” He gasped.
 “No, this is worse than sharks,” the old man said. “Mermaids.”

Scrum had been singing and they all had been singing and now all were silently sleeping as they waited. Robbie couldn’t seem to fall asleep, too scared for his life. Would the mermaids eat him? After all he was only a boy. He wasn’t exactly a man yet. Would they all die? How did the mermaids look? So many questions filled his mind and it was driving him mad.
Everyone gasped and moved away from the edge, which made Robbie turn around to look.
He hadn’t seen a creature more beautiful than this… She had long blonde hair, beautiful pale blue eyes, smooth skin, red lips and just looked overall perfect. Her upper body was naked, but you couldn’t see her front because she was leaning against the boat.
Scrum seemed awfully enthralled of her. Robbie understood but, a little voice in the back of his mind whispered of danger and he knew he had to listen to that.
Robbie turned around just to see another mermaid and he crawled over to look into the water of the other side, noticing something moving in the deep. No… not just something… there was too many creatures to even count.
A face appeared in the water and Robbie had to lean back when he saw the most beautiful female creature ever. Even more enthralling than the other mermaid. She looked younger, and she looked kind…

You followed the stream of mermaids. Swimming along with your sisters towards the light that lit up the surface of the water. Three shadows meant three little boats and by the weight of them, there would be lots of men in there. Your sisters were hungry, and you were too. Greedy and stupid men, they would easily be deceived by your beauty.

But there you were, facing not a man but a boy. He had wide green eyes, blond hair and pouty lips that you actually felt like kissing. One kiss before hitting the surface and the boy would be saved and forever loved by the sea. One kiss from a mermaid and the boy would be protected from drowning.
But mermaids never kissed a man or a boy either. You hadn’t heard of that. Still this boy, you wouldn’t mind kissing. You kept staring at him as he stared at you. You noticed the mermaid beside you pull a man closer to the water and knew that it would all go down soon. Literally down deep into the water.
You reached up held the boy’s hand softly, he gasped and shook his head, fear suddenly coming to the surface of his eyes. “No…” You whispered and desperately tried to reach out for him. “I won’t-”
Some man screamed words you didn’t quite catch and hit the mermaid who had tried to lure a man into the water. The mermaids around you hissed and shrieked at the men and you looked at the boy. He was currently trying to avoid being taken and you swam back desperately trying to find a way to save him. You had to kiss him before he was in the water or… well definitely above water.
Your sisters ripped the boat apart, but suddenly men began to throw explosives in the water and you watched the boy fall in. You dived into the water, and saw his yellow jacket, gripping it even though he was struggling to get out of your grip. You swam away from the chaos and pulled him to the surface. He heaved in a breath and flailed with his arms screaming with fear. You panicked and tried to shush him. He would just lure other mermaids close. “Sssssh!” You tried. “Quiet, boy, quiet!”
The boy who held onto your arms which also held onto him stopped moving and looked directly into your eyes. “Wha- what?” He asked, drops of water running down his face. He was drenched.
 “They will hear you, sssh…” You continued and pulled down him in so that your faces were just above the water, watching the scene go down.
 “Aren’t you… gonna kill me?” He asked, eyeing you and moving his feet beneath the water to keep himself floating.
 “No.” You decided. You actually… hadn’t decided yet.
 “But you’re a mermaid?”
 “And you’re a human boy.” You stated and eyed him. He held onto you and your faces were very close.
 “What happens if you kiss me?”
 “You won’t die.” You said and frowned when you saw the mermaids swim towards the beach, pulling men into the water.
  “I don’t want to die…” He whispered and watched it all.
 “I can take you to safety?” You said and turned towards him. He looked at you with wide innocent eyes.
 “Really? You would do that?”
You nodded and inched closer, your noses touched. “Ready?” You asked and he pressed his lips into a thin line and nodded breathing out deeply through his mouth. You could feel his warm breath on your chin. You cupped his face and pulled him close, he gasped and his eyes slid closed. Your lips met and you kissed him while inhaling deeply through your nose. You dove into the water and held him close as you swam towards a safe spot on the beach. A terrible explosion could be heard and big rocks fell into the water, but you avoided them. It took you minutes because of the long distance you had created in the first place, but when you both came to the surface you smiled at him. He grinned and pushed himself up to sit on a rock.
 “Y/N.” You smiled and he blushed.
 “Thanks y/n, I will be at sea soon again. If I survive.” He said and then lied down on the rock, leaning out over the edge and you leaned up so that your lips could meet again. His were cool but you felt the touch leave a fluttery feeling in your stomach.
 “You know… you cannot drown now.” You said and he smiled.
 “Then I’ll meet you in the water?”
You shook your head. “If you want to stay, stay.”
 “You could… come with me?”
 “I’m a… fish.” You said and grimaced, you didn’t like that term.
He looked sad for a moment and just sat there, holding your hand. “Thanks for saving my life, y/n, my name is Robbie by the way. I hope we can meet again.”
You beamed and nodded. “Maybe we will.”


You both looked in the direction of the voice. Robbie stood and you pushed yourself away from the edge. “Bye.” He said and waved and you waved as well, watching him run to his crew. You dove into the water and swam off. You couldn’t help but smile once more.


I could actually continue this, I’ve thought of what could happen afterwards, but first it’s you guys’ imagines that comes first. But do tell me if you want more of this exact imagine, okay? ^^
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Tiger Lily. <3

the signs as outdated gravity falls theories
  • Aries: grunkle4grampa
  • Taurus: mystery trio
  • Gemini: lebam
  • Cancer: the author is the Main Bad Guy
  • Leo: dipper has been possessed by bill This Whole Time
  • Virgo: carla mccorkle in general
  • Libra: robbie is actually a zombie
  • Scorpio: 'stans tattoo' is a demon ward
  • Sagittarius: tad strange is a dream demon
  • Capricorn: dark!dipper
  • Aquarius: triangle guy has no plot significance
  • Pisces: mcgucket wrote the journals
Proof that Robbie Is Probably a Zombie

I am convinced Robbie is a zombie. Maybe even a leader of zombies why else would he be important enough to be put on the wheel?

first, we can say in the first episode, Dipper reads from the book, “Known for their pale skin and bad attitudes, these creatures often mistaken for teenagers. Beware gravity falls is a nafarious for Zombies” robbie has a bad attitude.


“dying”? You know that well Robbie. Also this clue was left in the van in “The inconveniencing” episode: graffiti about zombies


For some reason, he’s always disappearing in bad situations like in “the inconvienecing”

Look at his poster for his band. the tombstones?

why does he have keys? They probably are for the crypt he was at earlier that day! lol ok so its not a lot of evidence but I still believe,

Robbie V.

He Is a Zombie.

“So, I was thinking today and I realized that I can’t run nearly as fast as I can type and I’m pretty sure that means I wouldn’t make it in a zombie apolocalypse.” Robbie shrugged his shoulders. “I hope that never happens, of course, but we don’t know what’s coming and I’d like to think that I’d just hide out until that bad ass chick from resident evil showed up and saved me.” He paused for a moment, “Anyways, sorry about the wait. We’re a little short staffed. Which pastry did you want?” 

the signs as old gravity falls fandom things
  • Aries: Dipper Goes to Taco Bell
  • Taurus: Dipper x Robbie aka "Muffin Explosion"
  • Gemini: The fake McGucket spoiler
  • Cancer: The Candip fandom
  • Leo: Robbie is a zombie
  • Libra: Mabel has a secret twin named Lebam
  • Scorpio: Depravity Falls AU
  • Sagittarius: Paranorman crossovers
  • Capricorn: Referring to Bill as "Mr. Pyramid" before we knew who he was
  • Aquarius: Reverse!Pines AU
  • Pisces: Dipper's future self wrote the journals
Ghoulish Falls


I didn’t expect to start posting story stuff like this so soon after I got on the site, but this story didn’t really want to leave me alone. It’s based on @cirilee‘s Ghoul AU, and it’s only the first chapter of many.

I will be posting this to my Fanfiction profile as well, but not right at this particular moment.

And so, without further ado….

Chapter 1: Welcome to Gravity Falls

Ah, summer vacation. No school, no homework, and all the time in the world to spend time with family and friends.

“Hey, look up ahead!” A teenage girl with her long, brown hair pulled back in a ponytail pointed at what was in front of the car as she started hopping up and down in her seat. “That must be it!”

“It should be, according to the directions we got.” The brown-haired teenage boy sitting behind the driver’s seat of the little car grinned at his passenger.

Or, if you happen to be us, take a road trip up the west coast from Piedmont, California, to a small town called Gravity Falls in Oregon in order to investigate the paranatural.

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