robbie has my heart

My favorite Septic boys in the order of most favorite to least favorite

Sean/Jack (( dude means the world to me ))

Anti (( he’s a very close second and was the first ego I was properly introduced to. I had known about him for a while but didn’t really care till I came across some music videos done of him. They peaked my curiosity and I then came across CartoonJunkie’s and Deadperson’s/Maskman’s Anti’s and really started getting into him then. The events that happened in October were what got me fully into the Anti fandom. ))

Chase (( he’s just so full of the goofy, childlike wonder and innocence in Jack that I love. ))

Marvin (( I see him as acting a lot like Jack, just more feisty and sarcastic. Plus, I love magic ))

Bingsepticeye (( not many people seem to care about this fan made ego but I adore him. Again, similar to Jack but with a sweet, sunny disposition that matches his dandelion colored hair ))

Robbie (( the sweet little zomboy has really wormed his way into my heart ))

Shneeplestein (( who doesn’t love a zany German doctor? ))

Jaques Septìc (( most people seem to think he’s Schneep but I see him as Schneep’s half french cousin, or perhaps an alternate reality of Schneep we’re he followed his dreams instead of becoming a doctor. Either way, I like his sass. He don’t take shit from nobody ))

Jackaboy/Jackieboy Man (( a silly, but well meaning superhero, what’s not to like? ))

Angus Samuel Hunter aka The Survival Hunter (( his appearances in videos always gave me a chuckle ))

S-3-4-N (( finally got some ideas for him. An android given the memories and personality of a young detective who died way before his time ))

Think that’s all of the ones I’ve heard of. I love them all, don’t let their position on the list say otherwise.


Oh my Mobbie shipping heart! (seriously though this episode was amazing I loved every second.) 

(Even though technically this episode made my fanfic an AU but oh well, Also I am open to Robbry. Still Mobbie just holds this special place in my heart.)