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How I would want next week's episode to go:
  • Simmons: We're against a whole army of robots, we're outgunned and out of luck. Radcliffe knows how we think so we need to think outside the box.
  • Fitz: I got an idea.
  • Simmons: So do I.
  • Fitz: Well, let's combine our plans then!
  • *next scene*
  • Bobbi: Thanks for calling us Simmons.
  • Hunter: Happy to help fight against Skynet.
  • Simmons: It's more like the Matrix than Skynet but whatever. Okay, this was my plan. Fitz, how did your plan fair-
  • *gates to hell open and Robbie rides out in his Hell Charger*
  • Robbie: Miss me?
  • Fitz: Can't believe it worked! Oh, hey Bobbi and Hunter, this is Robbie. He's gonna help us out.
  • Bobbi: ...
  • Hunter: ...
  • Robbie: What are we doing just standing around? Let's go destroy some robots.

I hate it when people talk about We Are Number One and they’re like “The other Robbies” “One of the Robbies” “The Robbie who did x or said y” BITCH THOSE OTHER GUYS ARE NOT ROBBIE ROTTEN.

They are Bobby, Tobby, and Flobby Rotten. They are rent-a-villains that Robbie ordered via a phone service. They do birthday parties, weddings, conferences, mall openings, carnivals, and Bar Mitzvahs.


May Stefán triumph over all these trials and tribulations, he is truly Villain Number One. Together @doodling-gods & I made a tribute to the meme that saved him last time and hope we can help do so again!

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Important questions regarding AoS season 5

-How will the 100th episode be celebrated?
-Why are we in space?
-Will Bobbi and Hunter be back?
-Why the hell are we in space?
-Will Fitzsimmons be still be together/ be back together?
-Why they hell are we in fucking space?
-Will the show crossover with other MCU property?
-Why the hell are we in fucking space? WTF?!
-Will Robbie be back?

SBUK3: Sunday - Robert Panel

Robert’s Panel Periscope

  • Someone played ‘Hot Stuff’ and asked if he still does the dance, he say no  he said Full Monty was the hardest thing he’s done (x)
  • They only played the whole strip tease in Full Momth through once & he thought the women in the audience were going to eat him alive (x)
  • Bobby always felt that Gold knew he was Rumplestiltskin during the Dark curse (x)
  • Robert believes that rumple knew who he was during s1 (x)
  • robert thinks rumple is a very interesting character and likes a lot of things about him. SAME. (x)
  • Robert has trouble to find the person who ask a question. Everyone helps him out by pointing. He is very adorable! (x)
  • What Bobby likes about rumple - he’s interesting, he gets to be creative with him. Sometimes as a viewer he gets annoyed with rumple (x)
  • We’re going to find out if Rumple’s ever going to do the right thing very soon. (x)
  • A lot of Rumplestiltskin comes from “the dark corners” of Robert’s mind and aren’t on the page (x)
  • Robert did a lot of work as an extra in drama school and hated it (x)
  • Since he was an extra once Bobby always tried to make the effort to be kind to extras he works with now (x)
  • Bobby doesn’t have a bucket list, he’s done it (x)
  • The line was supposed to be “magic always comes at a price” and he said it wrong but it stuck! (x)
  • If Bobby swapped roles he’d want to be the Evil Queen (x)
  • Bobbys fabourite role he’s played is Begbie from Trainspotting and T2 (x)
  • Bobby thinks the best he has ever acted was in the movie 'Summer’ (x)
  • Bobby can’t keep up on what’s going on with the show (x)
  • Robert is very confused about his on screen parents  "…who are my on screen parents?“ (x)
  • Bobby says he gets along very well with Robbie (Pan) (x)
  • Bobby says it’s hard to have parents who are younger than him on the show (x)
  • Robert needs to be "inside it” to do Rumple. He can’t just do it on demand (x)
  • Robert misses his long hair but short is more manageable (x)
  • Robert has tried method acting but it’s not for him. For him it’s about solitude and finding your own way (x)
  • If Robert had to play any Disney princess it’d be Belle (x)
    • “I have to say that, she’s my wife!” (x)
  • If Bobby could bring back any dead character he would bring back Neal. He loved working with MRJ and still misses him to this day (x)
    • “I still think it was a mistake” - Robert on Neal being taken out of the show (x)
  • Robert and Emilie bonded on the first day, on the first episode Skin Deep (x)
  • Bobby says there’s been a lot of talk of him playing the Dr for years but at this point it’s not going to happen (x)
  • Mr. Gold’s first name is Barbara according to Bobby. (x)
  • If he say the Dark One & Begbie coming towards him who’d he run from, The Dark One is more dangerous he says. (x)
  • Bobby says at this point we don’t know if there will be anymore ouat (x)
  • Trainspotting as a TV show would be “a mistake… I wouldn’t be interested in doing a  TV show of it” (x)
  • If Rumple &a Begbie had a fight rumple would win (x)

(x) (x)

The season finale better end with Robbie and Daisy riding off into the distance, followed up by a title card that says, 


And then flash the Ghost Rider logo. Boom, drop the mic.

(That said, the GR show, if greenlit, will most likely premiere Fall 2018, meaning if AOS gets renewed for season 5, we should expect Chloe to only appear in the first half of the season before leaving to join the GR cast. So definitely a Bobbi-Hunter Parting Shot situation)