robbie bobby

How I would want next week's episode to go:
  • Simmons: We're against a whole army of robots, we're outgunned and out of luck. Radcliffe knows how we think so we need to think outside the box.
  • Fitz: I got an idea.
  • Simmons: So do I.
  • Fitz: Well, let's combine our plans then!
  • *next scene*
  • Bobbi: Thanks for calling us Simmons.
  • Hunter: Happy to help fight against Skynet.
  • Simmons: It's more like the Matrix than Skynet but whatever. Okay, this was my plan. Fitz, how did your plan fair-
  • *gates to hell open and Robbie rides out in his Hell Charger*
  • Robbie: Miss me?
  • Fitz: Can't believe it worked! Oh, hey Bobbi and Hunter, this is Robbie. He's gonna help us out.
  • Bobbi: ...
  • Hunter: ...
  • Robbie: What are we doing just standing around? Let's go destroy some robots.

Unlikely Prediction: Elena and Joey are going to find the base where the Superior and Aida have the rest of the team, destroy the awful murderbots, and wait until their friends wake up. Jemma is gonna save Fitz, and then they’ll use their combined genius to work the machine to bring Hope, Tripp, and ~maybe~ good Grant Ward back to the real world. Then they’ll all wake up and hold a funeral for Mace before going back to protecting Inhumans in the real world.

I hate it when people talk about We Are Number One and they’re like “The other Robbies” “One of the Robbies” “The Robbie who did x or said y” BITCH THOSE OTHER GUYS ARE NOT ROBBIE ROTTEN.

They are Bobby, Tobby, and Flobby Rotten. They are rent-a-villains that Robbie ordered via a phone service. They do birthday parties, weddings, conferences, mall openings, carnivals, and Bar Mitzvahs.


Totally legit spoilers for the “Agents of HYDRA” arc

*HYDRA agents led by Doctor Fitz are attacking*

Daisy: SHIT! What do we do now!

Framework Ward: Don’t worry, help’s on the way.

Jemma: Uh…who’s coming? 

*Framework Trip and Framework Hunter enter the scene* 

Daisy and Jemma: TRIP! HUNTER! OH MY GOD!

Framework Trip: Alright, stand back!

Framework Trip:  

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Daisy and Jemma: …dafuq

Framework Trip: I am the Iron Fist.

Framework Hunter: Babe, that was amazing. Come here.

*Framework Hunter and Framework Trip start making out in front of the group*

Jemma: UH…okay, didn’t see that coming. 

Daisy: Hey, I ship it. But do they have to do this now? 

Framework Ward: Oh, you have no idea. Hunter and Trip LOVE PDA. But to be fair to them, they aren’t as bad as Bobbi Morse and Robbie Reyes. I once walked in on them doing the nasty in the laundromat.


Framework Ward: Oh hey, that rhymed. Didn’t notice until now. 


Robbie meets Bobby, Tobby, and Flobby Rotten.