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I’ve been meaning to do this forever but kept putting it off.

These are some of my favourite blogs on Tumblr. Only some, because there are too many to list in just one post and I want to make this a regular thing, anyway! Gotta save some for next week. ;)

  • Heartbrokengirlsketches: Genue is an amazing person and one of my BEST BROS. This is her gorgeous art blog. Includes HiNaBN fanart, Homestuck fanart, original art, and plenty of beautiful crossovers.
  • Shatterstag: another one of my BEST BROS. Stag draws beautifully, writes beautifully, and is basically made of swag.
  • Robbicide: Forever one of my idols and one of the most adorable people on the internet.
  • Threeesteps: Ariel is one of my best buddies from back home. Her art is very unique and detailed and just fucking stunning.
  • Lesbiaaans: June is super intelligent and funny and draws LOTS OF LESBIANS. AWYEEE. She’s another one of my closest and oldest friends and I am so glad she’s gotten into homestuck fandom and joined Tumblr. :’D
  • Osedaxfloris: Jenna is the cutest person ever. Her blog is a magical place. Always makes me laugh. <3 Her writing is absolutely fantastic, too – her fics were some of the first I read when I joined this fandom and they remain on my top favourites list.
  • Acodanies: Dani is amazingly talented and has a super cool style. She is also one of the sweetest people in all of Homestuck fandom. <3
  • Cakeitup: This is Mida and Guzu’s John/Karkat blog. It is seriously one of my favourite blogs ever. Everything is SO CUTE AND FUNNY. Even the blog itself has an adorable design. Also, Mida’s gifs are the best thing since sliced bread.
  • Mctitties: I first fell in love with Battle’s art back when I first saw it on /coq/ on the HiNaBN thread. When I found out Battle was on Tumblr and was now into Homestuck as well I just about lost my shit. Dammit, Battle, I love your style so much. *_*

Since tumblr doesnt allow me to send links in my ask box anymore you can all view the weird (but hopefully still awesome) digital gifts I made the wonderfully talented & ever so nice robbicide for his birthday.

External image

Here is a hammer head shark stripper popping out of a cake wearing Eleven’s bowtie!


External image
COUNT OROB! This seemed like a good idea at the time but actually became unsettling to make so I hope you find this amusing and not insanely creepy!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ROB! I hope you have had a fantastic time! Thankyou for always being so helpful and kind! 

robbicide replied to your post: getting drunk and arguing with/informing people…

what does that… mean…

the topic poster was asking whether any of the gay men on the forum would consider dating a transman 

so by this logic the guy I quoted wouldn’t mind dating a woman if she had a penis
apparently that still makes him 100% gay
as opposed to if he dated a man who had a vagina because that wouldn’t be gay enough

makes perfect sense

 andy-ryman replied to your postgetting drunk and arguing with/informing people…

mark are you drunk though because if you are it’s the best thing i’ve heard all day

not yet but I have armed myself and am working towards it
as you can tell by all of the text posts which make not much sense
going to watch Torchwood now though