love this mashup, love pan, love kay… i can’t even. *sigh*


“Oh, you said you never fail. Well, i never loose.” you said, walking off, arrogantly.

“Cut! Perfect!” The director called out. You smiled and did a little leap of happiness in the air. A few of the boys giggled and laughed at your action. You rolled your eyes, and made a fake pout face. Robbie walked up to you, “You’re great in acting.” He said. You felt butterflies flutter around your tummy, but you tried taming it. 

“Want one more take?” Parker asked the director. The director shook his head saying no. “Let’s continue.” He said. The boys whined. You looked at the boys and the director. The director smiled “Alright, alright. A 15 minute break. She earned it for you all.” The director said, pointing at you. You waved your hand, and placed one on your lips. Acting all modest. The boys cheered and threw you random thanks.

“Wanna explore the studio?” Robbie asked you. You raised your eyebrow. “Um, Since you’re new here, right?” He asked, scratching the back of his head. You smiled and accepted the offer. He walked ahead and motioned for you to follow him. You looked back to see Parker talk to one of the boys.

You walked ahead, following Robbie. “Well, there’s gonna be a new ship on Once.” Robbie said, looking at you. You smiled, and felt your cheeks heat a bit, but he didn’t notice. “Oh, This is break area, you can sleep, play with your phone, eat etc.” he said. “Cookies!” you yelled out of nowhere, lunging for the cookies in a jar on the table.

You could hear Robbie chuckle as you stuffed your face with cookies. After finishing the cookies, Jennifer, Jared, Lana and, Freya walked to you. You greeted them, and they took photos with you, somehow, being here makes you feel good, they are so welcoming!

Lana whispered something in Robbie’s ear, and Robbie blushed beet red. You raised your eyebrow and walked to them. “What?” You asked Lana. Lana smiled and handed you the script. You reread it, and you found yourself blushing now. You had to kiss Robbie. You were his love interest. And how come, you just noticed?

“OI! Back on set!” The director called out. You grabbed Robbie and Jared’s hands and rushed off to the set.

“Alright, I want you to act as if, you’ve just won, which you did, then, Robbie, whisper the lines in her ear, and raise her hand, as if to say, she won, but we’ll film you fighting at night, rematch.” The director said. You nodded, and stood on your position.

“And Action!” The director called out. You smirked, looking at Robbie groaning on the floor, as the boys cheered. Robbie stood up slowly, and grinned, walking up close to you, and leaning in. “I want a rematch, at night.”  He whispered, seductively.

You couldn’t help yourself. You burst out laughing. “CUT!” The director called out, looking at you. “I’m sorry! The whisper was tickling me!” You said, still laughing, coming to realize that your laugh was contagious.

“Okay. Okay. One more.” You said, straightening up. “Action.” The director called out. You stood up tall, with him coming up from behind.I want a rematch, tonight.”  He whispered, softly. You closed your eyes a bit, then you raised your neck and gave a proud smile to the audience. 

Robbie raised your hand, cheering you, as the boys yelled out encouragements. “Where is Henry?” Robbie asked, putting your hand down. Parker pointed at where Jared was, He was sleeping on a hammock, peacefully.

“We will celebrate the coming of the new lost girl, tomorrow. There will be a big party, for the lost girl.” Robbie announced. The boys agreed and cheered once more.

“Cut! Good. Good.” The director said. “Continue tomorrow you guys, now it’s time for the others.” The director said.

“Hey, um.” Robbie said, scratching the back of his head. “Do you wanna, um…” He stuttered. You raised your eyebrow and smiled, nodding. “Really?” He asked. You nodded again, laughing playfully. “Today, after changing?” he asked. You nod, playfully punching his arm.

After changing, he took you out, and showed you around.

And minute by minute, you felt your feelings for him grow. 

It’s been a while since you first came, on the set on ONCE. And you had soon developed a mutual friendship with them all. Especially Robbie, after all, he was the first one to meet you, on set.

There was a time, when you got sick, and the others kept on calling you. Especially Freya and Jared. They called you twice in every 2 hours. Meanwhile Robbie brought you ice-cream in bed. You lived quite close to him, that’s why.

“Posting on Instagram.” Came a voice, and a giggle. You sleepily opened your eyes, finding Lana snickering. You then realized what position you were in. your head was placed on Robbie’s chest, both of you somehow fell asleep, after the long shoot, with his arms around your shoulder.

You slowly put your head up, not wanting to wake Robbie up. “Oh. You guys have to shoot by the way.” Lana informed with a whisper. You put your head up higher. But Robbie groaned, pulling you back down. You let out a small giggle. Good he’s awake.

“I’m not a teddy bear.” you said, laughing, pushing his hand off, slowly. You suddenly realized that Lana had took a picture of the pair of you, and you yelled. “Lana! Delete that!” Robbie slowly woke up, groaning, sleepily opening his eyes.

“Robbie! Y/n! Get over here” came the director’s voice. You stood up, but Robbie was still on the ground. He held his hands up. You grabbed it, trying to yank him up, but he wouldn’t budge. “Get up fatty!” You nearly yell. “You’re calling me fat?” Robbie asked, raising an eyebrow. “No, You’re stick thin, now get up!” You yell. Robbie groaned, and got up.

“Robbie! Y/n! Get over here! What are you doing! Jared, Parker and the boys are already here!” The director yelled. Robbie smirked at that, and grabbed your hand, rushing the both of you outside. As soon as you entered, hand in hand, the director laughed. “Where you two practicing for the scene?” he asked, teasing you two, till you two blushed. You realized, that in this scene, Pan had to kiss you.

“OK, You know what to do in this, so take your positions.” The director called out. You and Robbie took some time, calming down, but you did.You took your position, with you pinning him against the tree. “Ha. Looks like i’ll always win.” You teased, eyes glinting.

“You really remind me of someone, and everyday, it’s more clearer.” Pan answered back.You rolled your eyes, and that set you off guard. Pan took that moment, and flipped the pair of you around, with him pinning you against the tree. He didn’t say anything though. He just looked into your eyes. He leant in to whisper something in your ear, and you put your head up, and smiled.

“Really? I remind you of her so much?” you tease, raising your eyebrow. He nodded, cockily. Then he just looked into your eyes, for such a long time, that you burst out laughing. Robbie pulled away, himself laughing, along with some of the crew

“CUT!” The director yelled. You stopped your laughter, holding your stomach. “I’m sorry! He just looked at me for too long!” You claimed, snickering slightly. Robbie smiled. “Okay. Less time staring.” The director instructed. You two nodded, getting ready. You took your positions.

“ACTION!” The director yelled. You were pinned against the tree. He whispered something in your ear, and you tried not to laugh. His breath was ticklish. “Don’t mess up this time” you vowed.

You laughed slightly. “Really? I remind you of her so much?” You asked. He nodded, looking into your eyes, and slowly leaning in. You hesitated a bit, but leaned in too. His grip on his blade loosened, so you could stretch your neck a bit more.

You looked into his eyes, then at his lips. How soft they looked, and how you’ve always longed for this moment deep inside. You breathed in slowly, looking at him, waiting. 

Finally, he kissed you. His lips pressed against yours gently, and then he roughed in, more passionate. You kissed back, with equal amount of passion. He pulled away shortly, smirking and panting. “Yeah. Just like her.” He said.

“CUT!” The director yelled, snickering. Lana watched the whole scene, laughing at the end of it. “Finally!” She yelled, everyone laughing along, as you two blushed a deep red. “You two can go now. It’s Jared and Parker’s turn.” The director said. 

Robbie grabbed your hand, and pulled you backstage. “I wouldn’t mind doing it again you know.” He said, playfully. You rolled your eyes and smiled, pecking him on the lips, and going back in, for a change. And as you came out, you saw Robbie already fully dressed, waiting outside for you. 

“Starbucks?” You asked him. He nodded. “With you.” He said, taking your hand in his.