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Camping- Part 3

here’s part 3. part 4 will be up on sunday. I hope you guys are enjoying it so far. 

Part 3

Robbie’s Point of View

It’s past 11pm when we finally get our things in order at the campsite. The guys and I set up the tents while Y/N starts the fire and works on dinner. Whatever she’s making or heating up smells amazing and my stomach growls in response. “Y/N, do you want your sleeping bag in your tent?” I ask as I secure her tent through the dirt. “No, not yet. Just leave it out Robbie.” I wipe my hands on my jeans and make my way over to her by the fire, smiling at the little table she’s set up already with our plates and drinks.

I grab a beer from the cooler and stand next to her as she splits some sweet buns down the middle and places them over the makeshift grill. “Smells good” I say, looking her over carefully. She really did look exhausted. I wish I could just lean down and kiss her tired eyes softly. Obviously I can’t do that so I just stand there like a chump. “It should taste even better” Y/N replies, pulling up a side of the tin foil wrapped tray. “Is that pulled pork?” My mouth waters just looking at the juicy shreds of meet in dark sauce.

“Yes, it is… chick food isn’t so bad now, is it?” she says, glancing up at me and giving me a small smile. I immediately feel bad about my quip earlier. “You know I’ve just been busting them, right? I was just joking earlier.” Y/N eyes are focused on the fire as I talk to her. “Guys, dinner’s ready. Use the water from that jug over there to wash your hands.”

I watch as Y/N zips her hoodie all the way up and puts her hood on. Her nose is a little red from the slight chill in the air. I grin at how cute she looks, I hardly ever see her wearing anything casual. She’s always been one of those fancy girls with her heels and makeup and frilly shirts. She barely made it past my shoulders with her flats on.

“Need any help?” I offer, hoping it would help her warm up to me again, she was being so quiet since we got to camp. “Sure. Can you pull out the containers with the coleslaw and veggies in them?” she asks as she leans over the grill and puts the buns on the top of the tray, still not looking at me.

“As you wish.” I reply softly. Y/N turns to me quickly, looking flustered. “Don’t say that” she says, looking straight at me now. “What, as you wish?” I ask her, surprised by her reaction. I always thought she loved it when I said that to her.

“Yes, that. It trips me out. It’s from one of my favorite movies.” She looks down at her feet and rubs her forehead. “I know, that’s why I say it.” I see her shake her head slowly. What the fuck did i do? I think to myself “Hey guys, where’s the food? My stomach is going to start eating itself.” Caleb says as he joins us. Y/N puts some mitts on and removes the tray from the grill. “Let’s eat, I’m starving too” she says in an all too perky voice.  

I take a long swig of my beer. “What was that about?” Caleb asks me once Y/N is gone, looking confused. “I don’t know. I clearly pissed her off about something.” I sigh deeply and look out at the lake in front of us. It was a pretty awesome view. “That’s probably not the best way to get her to like you, Robbie.” Caleb offers. I roll my eyes. “Yeah, thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.”

Do You Want to Give Me Your Heart? (Pan Cover)
  • Do You Want to Give Me Your Heart? (Pan Cover)

Do you want to give me your heart

Come on I need it now

I really want to keep my youth

That is the truth

I promise I know how

To Neverland we will go

Just you and me

We’ll be young forever

Do you want to give me your heart

The heart of the truest believer

Peter, I can’t…

Are you sure…

Do you want to give me your heart?

Or would you rather I stole it?

I think I’m starting to fall for you

I know you like me too; I know I can be a shit.

But that is why you love me

Don’t you deny it

We both love that I’m an asshole

Do you want to give me your heart?

You probably can tell–I don’t sing:P All apologies in advanced. Just thought us Robbians needed a version of this since most fandoms already have one. Hope you guys enjoy it:)

After receiving a few asks about my promo policy and a few compliments for my “justrobbianthings” I’ve decided to do something different and hopefully fun!

I really encourage you all to try this! Even if you’ve never made a post before, feel free to step out of your comfort zone:) You’ll be surprised at what you are amazing at and you can take it up as a hobbie. Hopefully we can expand our fandom and the number of posts!
It will be fun!:)


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  • Make any “justrobbianthings” you’d like
  • Tag your post as “peterpaneyebrows” (my URL), “justrobbianthings” “robbians” and “just robbian things” This way I know for certain who is participating
  • I will only be considering posts made by my followers so must be following me:)
  • May enter as many as you want!
  • I’ll decide how many winners and when I will announce them depending on how many people participate


  • Make it look awesome:)
  • It can be any type of artwork
  • Come up with something authentic! (If more than one person comes up with the same idea I’ll look at quality and time posted to make the decision)
  • Have fun!!

Winners get:

  • I will reblog the winning posts (and probably many others)
  • A place on my blog for a period of time (TBD)
  • A gif request, URL graphic, or anything within reason:)
  • Status/promo when I post a list of the winners
  • Personal satisfaction (of course!)
  • My admiration and eternal love<3