Woman evades from home intruder by hiding on the roof. She managed to grab her phone and call 911 while hiding. She said her biggest fear was that the invader would come hide where she had decided to hide. This photograph is the definition of fear.

Soon the cops had the area surrounded and the man is now in jail.


One day back in the late 1970s, French photographer and former Vietnam War paratrooper Albert Spaggiari got up and said, “You know what? Wedding photos really aren’t my ‘thing.’” So he gathered up a group of professionals including some former paratrooper pals, an attempted assassin, and a jewelry appraiser, and he planned up a heist that, if successful, would land every last one of them on the swanky end of Easy Street. … For months, the men pulled 10-hour night shifts to dig a 30-foot tunnel under [the Societe Generale bank in] downtown Nice, digging at the snail-like pace of six inches per night. … Once they got in there, they welded the vault’s door shut from the inside and presumably donned their striped sailor shirts and red berets while laughing like “oh-hoh-hoh-hoh,” busting out the bread, cheese, and pate, and having themselves a full-on Frenchman party. They popped bottles of wine and drank it from priceless chalices; when the urge struck, they dropped big ol’ deuces into antique silver tureens. Oh, and somehow, during all that, they also found time to break into hundreds of safety deposit boxes and retrieve “$8 million to $10 million in gold, cash, jewelry and gems.”

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