robbed i tell you robbed

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: “how far i’ll go” is a song about yearning, ambition, and the hope for more despite not knowing what lies ahead, and the inner conflict a young girl feels over the duties she has and the need inside her to know her real limits, a song written by lin-manuel miranda, accompanied by a powerful instrumental, sung with three times the vocal power that la la land could never even dream of by a fifteen year old hawaiian girl, and it deserved best original track at the academy awards 2017

  • Jimmy: I wanne spice things up.
  • Thomas: You know I'm allergic to chili.
  • Jimmy: No I mean in the bedroom.
  • Thomas: Sweetie, it doesn't matter which room of the house I eat it in. I'm still allergic.
tonys thoughts

(i’m a little delirious)

  • thank god they put that wig on christian borle
  • Is it just me or did most of the numbers they chose to showcase the shows seem pretty weird? Like the hello dolly choice was terrible
  • hi gavin creel (me whenever i saw him)
  • kevin spacey was good and a great singer but why the impressions? i’m confused
  • is that person from rent? turns out I was right both times (rodney hicks in come from away and tracie thoms from falsettos)
  • i love denée benton more than i thought was possible
  • and whats his face the blonde guy is a real? butterface
  • the rockettes thing was weird
  • i do NOT care about broadway divas please stop bette midler from talking that was ridiculous
  • deaf west spring awakening was robbed
  • great comet deserved better
  • although the deh song was very pretty
  • daniel devito was also robbed but that’s more of a joke than an actual thought
  • that’s about it i hope you all had a lovely night regardless of whether you faves won because i love you
  • unless you’re a broadway diva i could not care less

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AU where when Nagito dies the day restarts to when he woke up and he gets killed at least once almost everyday. Sometimes he's able to figure out how to avert his death, whether with cunning, practice, or skill depends on the situation, but most of the time he's just has to wait until good luck finally kicks in and saves him. This has driven him slowly insane.

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when people say they saw chrobert last night, or at least when i say it, i don’t mean that robert is acting exactly like he did with chrissie, or that aaron is chrissie

but last night that dynamic, rather than the robron one, was exactly what was present for me. sure his motives are different, his love for aaron is very different than it was for chrissie, as is aaron’s love for him. but he still lied to and a played a (to me ooc) very gullible and oblivious aaron, and aaron just went along with it

it’s shit writing more than any deliberate parallel i would bet, but it was still there for me, even if it wasn’t for you. we don’t need to all agree on this, but there’s no need to tell people they’re wrong either…

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Are we talking about x files shit that pissed us off? Because I've got another one regarding Scully's pregnancy. It's obvious very quickly in Per Manum that Scully is going to ask Mulder to be her sperm donor, but the way it was portrayed was so....unemotional? Like I was hoping for a lot more declarations of love and crying and stuff. I don't know why I would expect anything another than what we got, but it could've been such a beautiful scene. Ya feel?

It’s one of the most monumental things I wish we had gotten to see. Not giving David and Gillian the opportunity to slay some of these heavy, emotional scenes is a huge travesty. Also, we never got to see Scully tell Mulder that her cancer was in remission. Imagine his face. Hell, literally the only times we got to see and hear them say the words “I love you” or some approximation of that was Triangle and IWTB.

We were robbed as a fandom, I tell you. Robbed.

  • Anna: Good morning.
  • Bates: Good morning.
  • Alfred: Good morning.
  • Jimmy: You all sound like robots, why don't you spice it up a bit?

@ruby-red-inky-blue well. A friend from my hometown informed me that “her boyfriend was from the East too but she liked him anyway” (especially charming when you consider my entire family is from the East and I now live there and she knew all that.)

in other news. Please come away from these people. There ARE nicer parts of the country, mentality-wise.

Wow. I’m insensitive as fuck sometimes, but even I wouldn’t say such stuff.

You should see how people react once the find out I take Slavic studies. For most of them, EAST begins at Hof and continues till Alaska.

Maybe there are. But that would require money.