Promise (Robb Stark x !Female Reader)

Prompt: Hi, can i request a Robb x reader where Y/N is a true born Baratheon and has gone to join Robb, but she thinks he hates her? X Love you’re writing

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At first you came to the Young Wolf because you knew it was the best thing you could do to infuriate your mother, but you had quickly come to respect the oldest Stark son. It had been hard work trying to convince him that you had no ill intention, but as the daughter of Cersei Lannister, you had anticipated his reluctance.

You had turned up, in a torn and muddied dress, on a half-starved horse - and you weren’t in a much better sate yourself, you had begged for him to let you stay, and he had begrudgingly acquiesced

You did everything you could to prove to him that you would be a loyal friend to Robb, as his father had been to yours. You cleaned up after his men after their victory celebrations, and treated their wounds as they lay in fields, broken by Lannister blades. You had even cooked for him when the kitchen boy was injured in battle.

Sometimes Robb would stand and watch, as you furiously scrubbed at the pots and pans left over from last night’s meal. His cool blue Tully eyes sweeping over you couldn’t deny his gaze made you feel things, but instead of taking part in his Game you would turn away.

You wanted him to trust you, and if he happened to want to fuck you on top of that, then it would be an added bonus. Gaining his trust was your priority.  

You had always been a skilled seamstress, and your Septa had constantly doted over you needle work when you were younger. On the battle field, you were grateful for her tutelage. It seemed that stitching dresses and quilt work was an easily transferable skill, so you a lot of time stitching up wounded soldiers.

During your time spent amongst Robb’s army, you had formed an unlikely ally in the form of Catelyn Tully. You had expected her to hate you, as her son seemed to, but instead she had gladly welcomed you into the camp.

You supposed it was due to Catelyn’s fondness of you, and your skill with a needle, that it was you Robb was sent to when he was injured during battle.

When you first found out that your king had been injured, your heart had almost stopped in its chest, but when you saw him walking over to you, your heart rate slowed. It was his arm, he would live.

Catelyn had been fusing over him at first, batting away the other nurses, however once her son had been delivered into your capable hands, the other woman suddenly announced that she had to retire to bed. You wandered what she was up to, as you sat alone with Robb in his tent.

Once Catelyn had been gone for several seconds, Robb quickly stood up “It’s just a bloody scratch Y/N, I have important matters to attend to… if you don’t mind- “

You cut off the Stark, pushing him back down onto a chair, and he winced at the pain in his arm.

You rolled your eyes “Well if it’s just a scratch then you ought to show me, so I can dress it and be out of your way.”

You took a step back from Robb and expectantly waited for him to take off his armour. He raised his arm to begin undressing himself, then let out a frustrated groan. Just a scratch my arse you thought to yourself.

“Do you need assistance my King?” You said, in an attempt at a soft tone, though Robb would always remember it as sultry.

He let out a disgruntled sigh “It’s just a flesh wound. My men need your talents more than I.”

You blushed slightly at the complement, and began removing your king’s armour. Your nimble fingers worked fast, slipping off his breastplate and the layers of chainmail. Once he was stripped down to just a shirt and breeches you saw the magnitude of his injury.

You quickly unbuttoned his shirt, to revealing a chiselled torso. You were careful to avoid any awkward eye contact. The left sleeve of his shirt was soaked through with, and there was deep gash, going down the length of his bicep.

“Robb, you idiot what were you thinking!?” You cried “Do you know how easily wounds like this get infected?” Robb had gone a dark shade of Red, to match his hair. You quickly joined him in embarrassment as you realised you had forgotten to call him by his title.

You let out a shaky sigh “I-I’m sorry your majesty. It’s just I care a lot for you, you’re the kingdoms last hope.”

You looked down at your feet, shame faced. What if all you work had been for nought? You expected to be reprimanded, but instead you felt a calloused hand on your skin. Robb tilted your chin so that your gaze met his, and you felt a flutter in your chest.

“Lady Y/N, by birth you are Princess, you shouldn’t have to call anyone King.” Robbs voice was deep and velvety “I’ve seen how hard you work for my men, for me. Why? What does a Princess have to gain?”

Your answer was immediate. “Your trust…” You hesitated for a moment before adding “Robb.” The Northern king smirked at your informality.

You knelt beside your king, and began to clean out Robb’s wound. He grimaced as you rubbed the salt solution across his arm. He grimaced but continued to probe.

“But you had everything you could have wanted in Kings landing, why leave?”

You were threading the needle as he asked the question, and froze. These Starks could learn a thing or two about subtlety, you thought to yourself, as you tried to continue with what you were doing.

“Cersei was never fond of me growing up, and when Father died things got a lot worse, she made Joffrey look like a kitten…” you shrugged “It’s in the past now. Here is where I belong.”

You worked in silence as you continued to Suture Robbs wounds. he would wince, and mutter the occasional curse word under his breathe, but aside from that he remained stoic.

“You work fast Baratheon” The king said, looking down at his freshly sewn up skin. You smiled at the use of your surname. It felt good not to be associated with the Lannister’s.

Robbs next request surprised you “You ought to stay Y/N, I have some Wine, and you’ve earnt it after everything.”  He flashed you a slight grin, and you knew you had no chance of leaving.

You sat in one of the arm chairs in Robbs quarters, and watched as he poured two glasses of red wine. He pulled his chair closer to yours when he sat down.

You had always been a very self-assured person, if you wanted to do something, you did it, like the time you stole your fathers bow, or when you had run away from your life as Princess to join the Starks; but as Robb smiled at you for the third time that night, you felt a wave of uncertainty wash over you.

How was it that he could go from total mistrust, to indifferent to… whatever this was?

“The thing is Y/N,” His cheeks were red and he was looking down at his feet. “I haven’t treated you as I ought to treat a high-born lady-”

You cut him off “Don’t be stupid Stark, everything I’ve done a base born girl would be expected to do. Birth shouldn’t come into it.”

Robb chuckled “I see why mother is so fond of you Y/N. You truly are something special.”

You arched an eyebrow “I thought you despised me? One of Cersei’s hell spawn, remember?” you said playfully.

Robb shook his head “You intrigue me Y/N, your nothing like your parents. You’re… Good, to everyone. To me.”

You shrugged, and opened your mouth to reply, but before you got a chance to speak you had been cut off.

“Y/N, when we were children you visited Winterfell, you were five and I was six. You may not remember.” You did remember, it had been the first time you had seen snow. He had taught you how to make a snowball. You smiled at the memory, and waited for him to continue.

“Well Mother reminded me when you first arrived, that when we were children, I promised I would make you my wife, and I doubt I would forgive myself if I broke that promise.”

A month later you were married, and Robb Stark had fulfilled his promise. The wedding had been small, your dress had been simple, and instead of an elaborate veil you had let the local peasant children weave flowers in your hair. It was perfect.

You had been married on camp, struggling to find a chance for a traditional wedding as Robb fought for his kingdom. With no father to give you away, you decided that the next best thing would be Catelyn Stark.

You had never seen Robb look so good, the joy radiating off him; though he insisted that all of the eyes had been on you.

You lay curled in bed with your new husband that night, you back pressed close to his chest as he cocooned around you. There was no safer place to be than in his arms.

Robb squeezed you tight, kissing your forehead “You, Y/N Stark, are beyond perfection. You were made for me to hold you.” You let out a contented sigh, pulling you furs closer around your body “And you were made to hold me.”

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Request: Or also a Robb Stark x reader where he and reader where married but Robb loves Talisa but then realizes that she wasn’t right for him and falls in love with the reader? Obviously in more detail lol thank you!!

Requested by: @xkaciesearlex

Pairing: Robb x Reader

Warnings: none.

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“We are married!”

“I understand tha-”

“No, clearly you don’t.” You interrupted, shaking your head disappointed up at Robb. Staring down at the ring on your finger, you shook your head pathetically, taking it off your finger and placing it on the table before you. Robb’s own gaze fell on the ring, his mouth opening in shock.

Taking a deep breath, you turned to the exit of the tent. “You keep that until you realize all that i’ve done for your family. I don’t care if you love her, you are married to me so you do best to understand that.” You explained quietly to Robb, before leaving his tent. 

Robb stepped forward, his gloved hands grabbing ahold of the small ring. With a distant look he picked up the ring, bringing it up and looking at it. He wasn’t sure why, but staring at the ring brought a foreign feeling he hadn’t known he could feel. He felt empty and he wasn’t even sure why. He’d been sure he loved Talisa, but seeing the ring he’d given you not on your finger, he found himself confused.

Whatever these feelings were he didn’t care, all he knew was he needed to talk to you. Talk some sense in you. He needed you by him, not Talisa. Then something clicked. He’d been a foolish, a foolish boy when he’d always prided himself in being a man beyond his years. He’d been seduced by Talisa’s beauty, not that you weren’t but she was new, extravagant. Because of this, for the past month he’d been blinded by her and not seeing all that you’d done for him and his family.

He’d been a fool. An idiot. Something his mother would yell at him for.

He gripped the ring in his hand with force, stepping forward and out of his tent. When he reached outside, his gaze fell across the field searching for you. He was bombarded by Talisa who looked up at him and smiled. He nodded in response, giving nothing more than that and trying to ignore the look of confusion that fell on her faces when he did not smile at her.

Instead, Robb continued to walk on, looking around him. He stopped when he found you near one of his men, smiling and laughing as you patched him up. Something burned within him seeing you happy by another man. He picked up his own pace, marching towards you as you jumped in surprised. Clearly you were surprised to see him so soon, you’d at least expected him to take a little bit more thought than this.

“Would you excuse us?” Robb spat, looking over at the man. His arm gripped your bicep gently, pulling you away so you were in a bit more secluded area. You feared his answer, unsure of his feelings as you could see on his features was anger, Despite your nerves, you held your head high, raising an eyebrow at Robb.

You confidence faltered slightly as he held out your ring. “Put it on.” He ordered and you gasped in indignation. “You can’t ju-” He interrupted, grabbing your face and pressing his own lips against yours. You gasped once again against his lips, not expecting such force and when leaned back you panted. “I made my decision.” He said, panting as well. “I was a fool, blinded. I know all you do for my family, I value you. I care for you. And I want to be married to you not Talisa.”

You were stunned by his words, expecting the opposite of what you received. You paused, thinking over what to say but instead just smirked. “That was less than five minutes, you must really love me.” 

The Groom’s Gift

Pairings: Robb Stark x Reader

Summary: Robb carries on a Stark wedding tradition by giving his new bride a gift

Warnings: Enough fluff that you would probably knit at least one quilt out of it

Word Count: 940

Author’s Note: My first GoT and Robb Stark fic!! P.S. this is a happy fic, so that means STARK FAMILY = LIVING

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Your eyes slowly drifted open, your sleep being disturbed by the first sunlight of the morning finally reaching your eyes. When you first awoke, you had nearly forgotten where you were, but the arm tightening around your waist quickly reminded you.

Beaming, you turned around to find Tully-blue eyes already staring back at you, small crinkles at the corner giving away your new husband’s cheerfulness. Still a little drowsy, you decided to close your eyes again and snuggle into Robb’s chest. He kissed your hair, and you mumbled a sleepy “good morning” in response.

That was how the two of you stayed, newlyweds cuddling as the first light of morning crept upon the walls of Winterfell. Unfortunately, despite your desire to stay in bed, breakfast was awaiting the two of you downstairs, as well as the Stark family. Your family you reminded yourself. It had only been a few days since you and Robb had been married, and you were still adjusting to the things that came with being a Stark and a wife.

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Pairings: Robb Stark x Fem!Reader

Summary: Colors highlight significant points in your relationship with Robb

Warnings: None. PS: (Y/F/N) = your father’s name

Word Count: 2,085

Author’s Note: So I’ve seen some people do imagines where they do one significant color and how it has been a part of a ship’s relationship over its duration. But I didn’t want to just do one color, so I thought I would do several colors and their significance. Ps, sorry if the timing of winters/summers is off cuz idk when the seasons were/how long they lasted in the past. Also, I made up a holiday because lol I needed one for the feast.

***Gifs are not mine***

White. White was all you could see for miles as you and your father rode to Winterfell. It was your first time seeing snow, as you had been born during the summer. Plus, your home was hundreds of miles from the Stark keep.

Your father and Lord Eddard had fought together during Robert’s rebellion. Unbeknownst to your parents, they had conceived you right before your father left to fight. By the time your mother knew, he had been gone for weeks. Safe to say, your father was overjoyed (although very surprised) when he came home to find his first child, a beautiful baby girl, had been born.

At the time you and your father visited Winterfell, you were seven years old. Whispers of a betrothal had been exchanged, but both parties wanted to give you two a chance to meet before any plans were made. You knew you were to be gracious and ladylike as you had been raised. But for the time, you just stared at the snow in wonder.

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Robb Stark

Jealousy, dominance, smut, fluff, love

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Request: “hello could you write a robb stark x reader imagine where the reader is jealous over robb spending time with talisa so later that night she decided that she will be the “dominant” in their making love? it suprises robb but he likes it. kind of rough please, thank you!”

Word count: 1131

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Chapter One: Winter is Coming

~So basically I am going to rewrite each episode of Game of Thrones as if Robert Baratheon had a legitimate daughter who was betrothed to Robb Stark (we’ll see how well this goes)

~PLEASE let me know if I should continue to write this story. I have a lot of ideas and a storyline for season one planned out so please let me know!!

~For this story, I am casting Emily Rudd as Leina Baratheon


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It had been two months since Jon Arryn, my father’s Hand, had died. It had all happened so suddenly and we had been on the road to Winterfell for almost a month now.

My father, King Robert Baratheon, was going to ask Lord Eddard Stark to be the new Hand of the King. We all knew that he couldn’t say no, which was why my siblings were confused why all of us had to go to Winterfell. 

But to me, it was pretty easy to see why I was here. I had been betrothed to Robb Stark since I was born 15 years ago and due to the fact that my father had insisted that I pack most of my dresses and jewels I had assumed that I wouldn’t be returning to Kings Landing with the rest of my family.

It’s not like I would be missed back at home. The only ones that would truly miss me would be my father and my two younger siblings. My mother, uncle, and older brother were always cruel to me. 

I suppose my father did treat me differently than my other siblings. He would take me to meetings with him about war strategies and other important things, wanting me to be informed. I would go hunting with him sometimes as well. My father was one of my best friends and I would definitely miss him the most if my suspicions were correct.

For most of the journey, I had traveled on horseback right behind my father, but my mother, Cersei, demanded that I ride in the carriage for the rest of the way. She wanted my older brother, Joffrey, to be seen riding in with my father. And these past few hours in the carriage with my mother, Myrcella, and Tommen had been absolute torture.

To say my mother wasn’t fond of me would be an understatement.

We would be arriving in Winterfell soon, I could already hear the crowds getting closer and as I looked out the window, I saw the castle coming into view.

“Get away from the window, Leina,” my mother said sternly, grabbing my arm and roughly pulling me back to my seat.

“I was only looking,” I huffed. 

“Well don’t,” she responded. Myrcella and Tommen giggled at the scrunched up face that I made, which obviously didn’t sit well with my mother. 

“You are a lady,” she almost growled as she grabbed my wrist with a grip so tight that her knuckles turned white. “Act like one.”

Not wanting to anger her anymore, I sat up straight and fixed my gaze on the floor as I cradled my soon-to-be-bruised wrist. Thank goodness this journey was over.

I peeked out the window out of the corner of my eye and watched as my father got off his horse and approached the Starks. My nerves suddenly kicked in. I hadn’t seen Robb in nine years, and I was only six so I barely remembered anything about him.

The carriage door suddenly opened and I exited the carriage behind Tommen and Myrcella, our mother following us. I saw my father greeting Lord Stark before he turned to face us and motioned with his hand for someone to come over.

My mother took a step forward before he called my name.

“Leina!” he boomed from across the courtyard. “Come here!”

I ignored the glare my mother gave me as I stepped forward towards my father.

“You remember my daughter, Leina,” he introduced me to Lord and Lady Stark.

“Of course,” Lord Stark responded as he bowed and kissed my hand. “You have grown up quite a bit since the last time we saw you, Your Highness.”

“Well it has been almost ten years, Lord Stark,” I acknowledged as he chuckled and my father pulled me down the line.

I greeted Lady Catelyn and bent down slightly to greet Rickon, who gave me the cutest little smile I had ever seen. Father guided me back past Lord Stark and in front of Robb.

The nerves rushed back as he bowed and kissed my hand. He gave me a small smile as he greeted me and I could feel my cheeks turn red as I tried to move on to meet Sansa, Arya, and Bran, but father stopped me.

“Now, Leina,” he chuckled. “No need to be shy! You might as well get used to each other considering you’re going to be married in the next few years.”

It was then that my mother decided she’d had enough and walked purposely over to us, thrusting her hand out to be kissed without saying a word.

“Take us to the crypts!” Father exclaimed. “I want to pay my respects.”

“We’ve been on the road for a month, my love,” my mother responded. “Surely the dead can wait.”

There was a brief pause and you could feel the tension between them. 

“Ned,” Father responded, walking towards the crypts. Lord Stark followed him quickly.

“Leina, this way,” Mother said as she grabbed my bruised wrist. 

“Leina!” Father yelled from across the courtyard once again. “Have Robb escort you to the crypts with us. I want to show you something.”

My mother’s face dropped and her grasp on my wrist tightened and I winced before she let go.

I glanced over to Robb, who looked concerned.

Oh, great. Just what I needed. My betrothed seeing my mother abuse me in front of an entire town.

Robb offered his arm and I gladly took it as we walked towards the crypts.

“Any idea what your father wants to show you?” he asked after we were far enough from the crowds, but not close enough to our fathers that they could overhear us.

“I am going to assume it has something to do with your late Aunt Lyanna,” I answered. “He speaks of her quite a bit. He says that he named me Leina to remind him of her. He really loved her.”

“I’ve heard the stories, Your Highness.”

“Oh, just call me Leina,” I told him. “I mean, we are betrothed.”

“I suppose we are,” he laughed.

At this point we had made it to down to the crypts. My thoughts about Lyanna were correct. My father showed me her statue and to say she was beautiful would be an understatement. She was absolutely gorgeous. I could see why my father was in love with her.

 I only hoped that Robb could be that someone to me.

What I pictured Leina wearing:



Imagine: Being best friends with Robb Stark and falling in love with him. He manages to escape from the Red Wedding and confesses his feelings to you once he reunites with you.

For: Anon

A/N: This is supposed to be quite different from the plot, so what happened between Robb and Talisa is going to very different. Also, season 3 spoilers in case you’re not caught up!

You had grown up in Winterfell; your father was close friends with Ned Stark so you had been best friends with Robb since you were a child. You two had learn to walk together, talk together, and fight together, and it was no surprise that as you grew up, you had started to fall in love with the eldest Stark boy.

When Robb’s father and sisters had been taken by Joffrey, Robb had decided to march to Kings Landing and fight, and you went with him.

As time went on, Robb was declared King in the North and he was faced with two difficult decisions; marry a daughter of the House Frey and cross the river, or marry Talisa of House Maegyr and build a solid alliance against the Lannisters. Desperate, Robb chose the lesser of two evils and married Talisa.

If the heartbreak of seeing the man you loved marry someone else wasn’t enough, you had to constantly be around the couple as well, and on top of that, you discovered that Talisa was now pregnant. Having had enough, you decided to leave, you told Robb you’d go back to Winterfell and make sure that Bran and Rickon were alright. Reluctantly, Robb agreed to let you go.

Ramsay had taken over Winterfell, Bran and Rickon had been killed by Theon, and you had been taken prisoner by Bolton’s bastard son. According to him, you were ‘too pretty to die like the others’ and he wanted to keep you all to himself. After countless escape attempts, you remained unsuccessful, you gave up when you heard what happened to Robb at the Red Wedding. The Freys had betrayed them. They had killed the love of your life. There was no point of fighting anymore; you had nothing left to live for.

Ramsay’s torture was put on hold when he married Sansa Stark. You tried everything in your ability to help her, but at the end of the day, there was nothing you could do.

Eventually, Sansa finally got Theon to help her and they planned an escape. The three of you were standing on one of Winterfell’s walls, preparing to jump when you heard heavy footsteps coming towards you. Sansa and Theon exchanged a fearful look, “You two go! I’ll distract whoever it is!”

“Y/N, we can’t leave you behind!” Sansa urges.

“Go! I know how to deal with Ramsay. I’ll be fine! Just go!” You turn away from them and hurry towards the sound of the footstep.  

It had been a few days since Sansa and Theon escaped. Roose Bolton and his wife had been murdered, and Ramsay was more torturous than ever before.

Sansa and her half-brother, Jon Snow, had come to reclaim their home. You managed to escape the castle and make your way to the scene of the battle. You’re watching from a safe distance when someone sneaks up behind you and puts their sword to your neck. You turn to see one of Ramsay’s men standing behind you, “What are doing out of the Castle darling? Lord Bolton would not be happy to know that his kitten is trying to escape.”

Lord Bolton is not going to live to see another day after today,” You hiss before spitting at him. He is taken aback for a moment but he quickly regains his composure and applies more pressure to his sword, breaking through the skin on your throat. You wince in pain and know that this is the end for you.

Suddenly, the man cries out in agony, you look down to see a sword piercing through his stomach, he falls to his knees and you’re shocked to see who’s standing behind him. Your eyes fill with tears, “Robb?!”

He nods gently, “When we were kids, I promised to protect you and a Stark doesn’t break his promises.”

Before you can respond or ask him any of the many questions that flood your head, he rushes off to join his brother in the battle.

Ramsay was defeated, and Sansa made sure that he suffered for his crimes. You finally got the chance to talk to Robb.

He met you his old chambers after meeting with his siblings. Though you’ve been trying to think of what you’re going say to him for hours, when he’s actually in front of you, you can’t manage to form a proper sentence, “H-how…?”

“How am I alive?” He smiles, finishing your sentence for you, just as he used to do when you were younger, he sits you down on the bed and begins to explain, “When the Freys disposed of my body they didn’t realize that I was still breathing. They killed my mother, my wife, and my unborn child, but they were not able to kill me.”

You nod, taking in everything he was saying, and you have no idea how to respond. He gently takes your hands into his and runs his thumbs over your knuckles; this small act brings tears back to your eyes and your voice shakes, “Where have you been all this time?”

“They may not have killed be, but they might as well have. I was incredibly weak, and without knowing who I was, a kind family took me in. They helped heal, they helped build up the strength that I used to have, and they told me my brother was going to fight against Ramsay,” He sighs, “I’m sorry that all this happened to you Y/N, I should have never left your side.”

Unable to contain your emotions any longer, you wrap your arms around him and cry into his shoulder, “When I found out what happened, it broke me. I-I just couldn’t imagine a life without my best friend, without my lo-”

You stop yourself from finishing your sentence and Robb just stares at you for a moment, “Without your what Y/N…?”

You shake your head and wipe your tears away with the back of your hand, “Nothing.”

“Alright, if you’re not going to say it I will, because I spent all this time thinking you were dead as well and my biggest regret was not telling you,” He takes a deep breath and looks you dead in the eyes, “I love you Y/N Y/L/N.”

You gently touch his face, “Robb, I love you too. I have for years.”

“As have I my love,” He sighs, “The Gods know how much I wished to marry you; if it hadn’t been for-I’m so sorry for everything I put you through Y/N.”

“Don’t be My Lord, you’re here now, and that’s all that matters,” You say softly.

He smiles at you and pushes your hair away from your face. Robb presses his lips against yours, you’ve been waiting for this moment for years and you feel like you’re on top of the world. You can’t stop smiling once he pulls away. He places another kiss on your forehead and whispers, “I love you.”


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Grey Wind, Ghost and you go missing for several hours and no matter how hard Robb and Jon look for you, they can’t find you. Then one of the stable hands approaches them and beckons them over wordlessly, not being allowed to talk to the Starks, and they find all three of you cuddled up together behind a barrel of hay.

Ghost looks up and bows his head in acknowledgement before going back to sleep.

The men share a fond smile before going back the way they came, content with the knowledge that you were in good… paws?


“ Gods  be  good , why would any man ever want to be king ?  When everyone was  shouting  King  in  the  North , King in the North , I  told myself … swore to myself  …  that  I would be a good king , as honorable  as Father, strong , just , loyal to my friends and brave when I faced my enemies … now I can’t even tell one from the other. “    -Robb Stark