Mistakes (Part 2)

Robb Stark x Reader

Requested by: @unicornofdanger

Request: 26, 25, 22, 19, 13, 10, 8 & 4 with Robb Stark please!! I really love your writing and I’m willing to wait!

Words: 798

Drabbles List

26. ‘‘Oh sorry, was I supposed to be listening?’‘          (Part 1)

25. ‘‘This. Never. Happened. Got it?’‘          (Part 1)

22. ‘‘I should run, shouldn’t I?’‘

19. ‘‘Why have you been avoiding me?’‘

13. ‘‘Oh god, he’s serious.’‘

10. ‘‘Just sleep with one eye open, that’s all I’m saying.’‘

8. ‘‘Yell at me, throw a tantrum, just say something!’‘          (Part 1)

4. ‘‘You love me as if I deserve you.’‘

Part 1

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The three of them had been growing close over the past few months after three painful years. Then, after an evening of alcohol-fueled courage, they give in to the growing tension and experience a night of pleasure and debauchery.

The next morning, Jon and Robb wake up hoping to develop their relationship with Sansa further but she’s disappeared. Luckily for her, they aren’t willing to give up quite so easily.

leomatrem  asked:

Misconceptions with Catelyn and Robb?

Right, the biggest one that tends to go around, admittedly it tends to be with show-only fans, is that Catelyn is meddlesome, controlling, the typical overbearing Mother type, and oh my God could this not be further from the truth

Yes, Catelyn is protective of her children, fiercely so, the woman will literally cut throats to try and save her children’s lives, she will release her enemy to bargain for their lives, but she is not controlling. 

The first reason people always give for this is the betrothal to a Frey daughter. First off, she is sent there as envoy, it is her job to make an arrangement that allows them safe passage. Walder is prickly, prideful and demanding and knows they have no choice but to give him everything he asks for if they want to have the Crossing. Catelyn is there from day to nightfall, she is there literally hours bargaining this man, so we can safely presume she did haggle him down considerably and did not accept his first demands. God only knows what his original demands were when the final ones included two betrothals, squires, titles etc, but as far as it goes, it’s a pretty decent deal. 

Catelyn’s constant mentioning of Robb’s betrothal is not a controlling display, it is a protective one and a practical one. Robb is fifteen at the time, and fifteen year old boys are not like to remember girls they’re meant to marry whom they have never met, especially when they are suddenly king and leading a full on war. Catelyn knows the weight of a wedding pact, it’s so heavy that even when one side of the party dies a sibling is required to take their place (as Ned did with Brandon), she also knows Walder Frey far better than her son or any of the Northmen, and she knows the danger of breaking a deal with him. The constant reminding is her attempt to ensure Robb never strays from it, never forgets it. And it works. Until he’s away from her for a length of time, and then boom, he marries someone else. Cue Catelyn head-desking. 

Another thing people say is how she constantly ‘butts in’ or wants her own way, and wants to tell Robb what to do. This, again, could not be further from the truth. Her whole entire attitude is never to over-take her son, she even reminds herself in the books, when she arrives from the Vale, that these men must look to him as a leader and so he can’t be seen as a little boy coddled by his Mother so she waits until the men leave before she hugs him. Catelyn knows the importance of appearances (even her own ladylike demeanour comes more from expectation than true nature as whenever she isn’t in the public eye or things don’t matter, she is far less proper and cares little about her appearance) and Robb has to appear strong, confident, a grown man and a leader. She advises him, reminds him to think on the qualities of his men, reminds him to think of what his Father might do, turns to her own Uncle to give him advice; in many ways she acts as unofficial Hand, and I do basically consider to have been Hand to the King (a lovely parallel to Ned). 

And she is politically savvy; she knows more of the south than her son does, knows of southron politics, she knows southron lords better, she is both a daughter of the riverlands and a lady of the north, and so is respected by both, and she was raised as heir apparent for years. It is stated in the book that for many years ‘she was son and daughter both’ to her Father. She was taught how to read maps, she visited bannermen with her Father, she helped him in his work etc; she is a very intelligent, savvy woman, and her advice is something that should often be heeded. 

The final argument always is that releasing the Kingslayer was her reaction to not getting her own way; no. This is a woman who has just been told two of her sons are murdered, her third son is away fighting, and her daughters, as far as she knows, are both in the hands of the enemy. She has realised that men do not put as much weight in girls, she recognises and is infuriated by the fact efforts will be made a boy but not a girl (parallel to Arya who has the same indignation); she knows to play by the rules will never see her daughters back, so she takes matters into her own hands. This isn’t her controlling Robb, this isn’t her being petulant, this is her grieving, fearful and having had e-fucking-nough.