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Headcanons for a Throbb Hunger Games-esque au?

Okay, this took me a while to get to because I was looking through the throbb archive to find a fic that’s a throbb Hunger Games au. It’s called Salt and Iron by Cheerynoir ( @cheerynoir on tumblr I believe). It’s super well done and super angsty. At the moment, it is still a WIP but I still highly recommend reading- just heed the warning of no foreseeable happy ending.

So while I love the premise of the above mentioned fic, I’ll give you some throbb HG headcanons with a different premise :) 

  • They would both get their names drawn and meet there.
  • Theon’s name is drawn and for Ironborn it is a huge deal to get your name drawn. It is seen as a honor instead of a punishment. They are trained from birth for this moment. Theon has been trained up to do this like his siblings (Rodrik died during his games and Maron died training to get his name drawn. Asha never got her name drawn). When your name is drawn on Pyke, no one will ever take your spot. They believe you were chosen for a reason and to take that away is a high offense. Theon was trained, but he doesn’t want to go. On the same note, he knows he has to so he just gives the crowd a smirk while he feels like his world is falling apart.
  • Robb doesn’t get chosen but Bran does. There are no rules about needing to have a minimum physical requirement so whether Bran can walk or not makes no difference to the Games. No one cares that Bran is disabled and the only way he can get out of it is if someone takes his place. Robb does so without a second thought, Jon willing to do it seconds after him. Robb makes Jon back down because Robb is the oldest and therefore thinks it is his responsibility.
  • Theon and Robb briefly see each other during the interviews. Theon talks about how eager he is, being a cocky bastard despite wanting to die before he gets thrown into the ring. Robb is very genuine (as per his adviser’s insistence) and wins everyone’s hearts as he talked about his siblings that he is going to fight for and go back home to.
  • During the training, Theon is an utter showoff, ruffling the feathers of nearly everyone (but especially Ramsay). His advisor Dagmer is very insistent that Theon makes himself into a top player to he can last longer, everyone hunting the weaker players off first.  
  • Robb focuses on trying to learn as much as he can and find out how he can just survive while everyone else is killing each other. His plan, while very naive, is to wait it out as long as possible before he has to kill anyone. He knows he has to kill, but he would prefer if it was just once.
  • Theon gets amazing scores which just puts a larger target on his back. Robb’s score is rather modest and somewhere in the middle, just as he wanted. He wants to skate by as long as he can. The only thing holding Robb above others is that he has been marked as a fan favorite because of his heartfelt interview. Other contestants grow jealous and want to snuff him out.
  • Speaking of other contestants! Here are a few: Margaery Tyrell, Samwell Tarley, Joffrey Baratheon, Jeyne Westerling, Ramsay Bolton, Ygritte, Edric Stormborn, Mya Stone, Lommy Greenhands, Obella Sand.
  • When they get dropped on the field, Theon manages to kill one contestant fighting over the bow and arrows. Robb just grabs the nearest packages and runs off. He figures he’ll find other things he can use later; he just doesn’t want to die finding what he wants.
  • Both escape as the other competitors (Joffrey and Ramsay) fight, acquiring gangs or killing off other competitors. However, Ramsay has marked Theon as his hunting target and will soon begin tracking him.
  • Robb gets a lot of gifts from viewers in the early days of the competition. A lot of people want him to make it. Theon gets no gifts (customary for Ironborn contestants).
  • Eventually the two meet, Robb and he tussle before hearing Ramsay’s group coming and team up to hide. There they become allies until they decide it is better to split up. They bond quite a bit but both know in the end there can only be one. Robb thinks that if they had met outside the games, they could have been friends. When he says this, Theon feels like dying even more than before.
  • Before they separate, Robb asks that if it does come down to the two of them, that they will make it as painless as possible for the other. Theon doesn’t agree out loud but he does give Robb a knife.
  • Theon eventually is caught by Ramsay who doesn’t want to kill him outright. He wants to make it last. As a result, Ramsay kills all the other contestants who had been following him around.
  • Meanwhile, Robb encounters Joffrey and thinks that he is finally going to have to actually kill someone. Fortunately, someone (Margaery) had poisoned Joffrey prior and he dies before Robb can lay a hand on him. Joffrey’s followers become Robb’s followers and he has no idea how to get out of the situation.
  • More stuff happens and I wont get too detailed because this feels like it is getting too long. BUT Robb finds Theon, saves him when Ramsay is gone. Heal him in sweet h/c montage style. The two plot to get rid of Ramsay before realizing all that is left is just the two of them.
  • With Ramsay gone, they have to turn on each other. Theon knows Robb has something to go home to and Theon doesn’t and he offers Robb to kill him. Robb can’t bring himself to do it.
  • At this stand still, Theon takes back the knife he gave to Robb earlier in the Games. 

I’m sure I could come up with more, but at this point I am just writing a whole story ^.^ So we’ll leave it here and your minds can go on whatever tangents they want :D

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So, say Robb is never named King in the North and the Starks and Tullys aren't trying to establish independence from the IT. What does Stannis do in this instance? Does he go for an alliance or does he still see them as enemies?

Stannis was considering an alliance in OTL even though Robb had been named King in the North, so yeah, he’d be trying to recruit them onto his side right off the bat. 

And given Robb’s sentiments, had the decision still been open when Stannis’ letter arrived, I think he would have gone for Stannis, especially with Catelyn there to link Stannis’ letter to Ned’s investigations.