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“Arya, the lone wolf, still lived, but the wolves of the pack had been taken and slain and skinned.”
Vengeance for her pack burned within her, she’d set the Seven Kingdoms on fire to light the emptiness they left in her heart🐺


Any man Grey Wind mislikes is a man I do not want close to you. These wolves are more than wolves, Robb. You must know that.

Direwolfweek - Day One: Grey Wind & Robb

crustyfun  asked:

To what extent do you think the Direwolves' names foreshadow the outcome of their corresponding Stark Children?

To a considerable extent. Robb is a Grey Wind now–a story and myth about the fallen Stark king. Bran will help bring about and lead the way into Summer. Arya will be a dedicated warrior and guardian of her people like Nymeria, though I don’t think she winds up as queen. Sansa is a Lady, the Lady, the best possible version of that archetype. Rickon’s whole life is a Shaggydog story. As for Jon…well, “Ghost” is self-explanatory.


Grey Wind, her son had named him. A direwolf large as any elkhound, lean and smoke-dark, with eyes like molten gold. When the beast padded forward and sniffed at the captive knight, every man in that hall could smell the scent of fear. Ser Cleos had been taken during the battle in the Whispering Wood, where Grey Wind had ripped out the throats of half a dozen men.

Grey Wind - Robb Stark x Reader

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Fandom- Game of Thrones 

Character- Robb Stark 

Word Counter- 432 Words 

Drabble Friday- This is a Robb request and jon request.. How would they react to their bestfriend/girlfriend/secretlover (you pick) if their direwolf wouldn’t listen to them and prefered you more? And would always go to you and give you puppy kisses?


You watched Robb stare at Grey Wind in complete confusion. 

“Grey Wind, come here,” He says slightly more firmly than he previously had, but the Direwolf stayed at your feet. 

“(Y/N), get him out of whatever trance you put my Direwolf under immediately,” He says and you laugh at him. 

“What am I? Some kind of Enchantress?” You joke and he smirks. 

“Maybe, theres a lot I don’t know of you yet,” He says and he takes a few steps closer, Grey Wind’s head lifts at the sound. 

“Grey Wind, come on, we have to go,” Robb says and you lean over and stroke the wolf. 

“C’mon Grey Wind, Robb needs you,” You say and the wolf jumps up so his paws are pressed into your lap and the animal plants warm licks over your face and you giggle at him, causing his tail to wag. 

You look over at Robb and see him looking unamused at the two of you. 

“Will you two hurry up, we have places to be,” Robb says and you stand up and Grey Wind follows you. 

“Oh so you’ll follow her but not me? Thanks Grey Wind,” Robb says, a slight jealousy in his voice. 

“Are you jealous of me?” You tease and he laughs. 

“No,” He says and you chuckle. 

“Yes you are…King in the North jealous of a servant girl like me,” You say and he rolls his eyes at you. 

“Just come on,” He says and he grabs your hand and pulls you along to his meeting tent. 

Grey Wind stays by your side as Robb sits down at the head of the table and everyone looks at the wolf beside you. 

“Looks like he’s got a new master, aye Robb?” One of the leaders asks and you smirk at Robb and he sighs. 

“Grey Wind is my direwolf,” Robb makes sure it is clear and you stand with the wolf lying at the bottom of your feet for the whole meeting. 

Once everyones left Robb orders you to him and you do as he asks. 

“Grey Wind is mine, just like you’re mine,” He says firmly and you smile at him. 

“Were you thinking of what you were going to say the whole meeting?” You ask and he chuckles. 

“Maybe,” He says and you smirk. 

“You were, weren’t you?” You ask and he nods, pulling your lips harshly down onto his. 

“I love you,” You tell him and he smiles. 

“I love you too…But Grey Wind is still mine,” He chuckles and he pulls you even closer to him. 


“ I believe that Grey Wind loves me more than you…” you tease Robb

“Oh, do you?” he relies raising his eyebrows smirking at you.

“I do.” you say as you took your hand stroking his cheek, before walking off as Robb looked at you with nothing but love for his teasing wife.

game of thrones preferences - what being with Robb Stark would involve

  • Meeting Robb’s direwolf Grey Wind for the first time. At first he would be hesitant, but after recognizing how much Robb cares about you Grey Wind starts to love you and follows you around when he can’t find Robb.
  • Coming to him after he’s been outside in the freezing Northern winter all day, and cuddling to warm him up.
  • Getting approval from Catelyn and Eddard about your relationship, seeing as it is one of love and not an arranged one. Catelyn would be wary at first, but she agrees once she sees Ned is immediaty on board.
  • Having to get used to being called “Lady Stark” and “the Queen in the North,” and Robb chuckling at your confused looks when you forget.
  • Chatting with Robb’s siblings, whether it be talking with Sansa about the new dress designs, discussing with Arya and Jon the advantage of having a longsword as opposed to a blade when fighting, and telling scary stories to Bran and Rickon when they can’t sleep. Robb constantly jokes that his siblings like you far better than him.
  • Helping Robb with his military plans, and him finding no shame in telling everyone that his wife assists his battle endeavors; in fact, he’ll proudly tell people of it regardless of if they’ve asked.
  • Walking into the throne room every morning and smiling at the sight of the Stark direwolf next to your own sigil.
  • After a close victory in a battle where Robb almost lost his life, Robb comes back and kisses you hard, telling you that he loves you and how he needs you to never forget it.
  • Always kissing Robb before he leaves to a distant kingdom. You joke for him not to lay with another woman while he is away, but he firmly insists he would never dream of doing such a thing when he had the most beautiful wife in the world. 
  • Robb encouraging you to do whatever you wanted. If you wanted be a housewife he’d give you the North’s finest dresses and the best handmaidens he could find; if you wanted to be a fighter he would order the greatest smith in the kingdom to make you a sword and armor that fits you perfectly. He never forced you to do anything you didn’t want to do.
  • Having two beautiful children with Robb; fraternal twins with the girl looking just like your husband and the boy looking just like you. Robb insists they take first names from your family, seeing they already have the Stark last name.
Grey Wind {Part 2} - Robb Stark x Reader

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{Credit to gif creator} 

Fandom- Game of Thrones 

Character- Robb Stark {Mentions Arya Stark} 

Word Counter- 346 Words 

Drabble Friday- Robb and Jon request with the direwolves again..where they don’t realize that the reader has been letting them into her room at night..but returning them before they wake up..but she sleeps in one day and they catch their wolf in bed an what they’d do

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You let the direwolf into your room as you had been doing this for a good few nights now, of course Robb didn’t know because you know he would just moan at you about it and tell you that you shouldn’t do that. Grey Wind jumped up onto your bed and circled for a moment before flopping down into his usual sleeping position on the furs and you walk to your bed after closing the door and you climb back into bed. 

Usually you returned him to his kennel before everyone was awake, part from the one time young Arya Stark caught you, but you were both very fond of each other and delared to keep it a secret. 

However, this morning was different. You’d managed to sleep in and you totally forgot about the direwolf who slept on the other side of the bed. You looked up and saw Robb standing at the bottom of your bed with his arms crossed. 

“How long have you been standing there watching me sleep?” You yawn and then it hits you- Grey Wind was lying next to you still. 

“What’s my direwolf doing in your bed?” He asks and your cheeks blush a light pink. 

“Grey Wind loves it up here with me, and you’re so mean so you don’t let him go to your room,” You say and he smirks. 

“Well it should be me sharing your bed, not an animal,” He says and you can’t help but laugh. 

“Are you jealous of a direwolf?” You ask and his arms unfold and he looks over at Grey Wind and back at you. 

“Maybe…” He admits and you smirk. 

“I love you, you know that,” You tell him and he smiles and grabs your hand. 

“I love you too,” He says and he pushes his lips on yours. 

“Now, shall we go for a walk?” You ask and he nods. 

“And maybe tonight, I’ll be the wolf sharing your bed?” He asks and you laugh at him. 

“Maybe,” You say and he pushes his lips on yours again.