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Things the ASOIAF Fandom taught me:
  1. Gendry doesn’t own a shirt.
  2. Jon Snow knows nothing, except how to give really good head (no matter what gender the receiver is).
  3. Robb Stark didn’t die. He was reincarnated in the modern world, where everything is cupcakes and mostly nothing hurts. (yes, that is a reference)
  4. Ned and Catelyn had hot sex whenever and wherever they were able to.
  5. Ned also gives really good head.
  6. In fact, all male Starks are cunnilingus pros.
  7. Sansa, too, if she’s with Margaery.
  8. Speaking of which, all Starks have a latent gay side.
  9. Theon has, or has had at some point of his life, a deep, soul-bonding, heart-breaking, why-does-this-happen-to-me crush on Robb Stark.
  10. More likely than not, said crush is reciprocated (see #8).
  11. If there’s a cat, Tommen owns it. Especially if it has a ridiculous name that Jaime won’t say outloud.
  12. Tyrion Lannister is a matchmaker at heart.
  13. And he ships Jaime/Brienne.
  14. Also, Jaime and Brienne are proof that true love is real.
  15. Asha likes kinky sex.

Vanishing Point | Official Fanfic Trailer [Jonsa]

→ Please watch in HD (huge difference)
→ I decided to make a small trailer for my fanfiction - ‘Vanishing Point’.
I’m really excited about this fanfic! It would mean the world to me if you could check it out! (:

► Summary:
Jon knew that he was not a hero. Killing bad people didn’t make him a hero.
The Targaryen family’s primary objective was to take out organized crime families, but that didn’t mean they were better than them. In the end they all had blood on their hands.
[Jon/Sansa, Modern AU]

► Vanishing Point:

Robb x Reader!

Robb Stark x Reader ship meme!

Who’s more dominant: Robb

Who’s the cuddler: Reader

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Robb(Big) Reader(Little)

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Sword Fighting

Who uses all the hot water: Robb

Most trivial thing they fight over: Who’s the better fighter

Who does most of the cleaning: Reader

Who leaves their stuff around: Robb

Who remembers to buy the milk: Reader

Who remembers anniversaries:  Both

Who cooks normally:  The cooks (Sometimes Reader)

How often do they fight: Mabie once a month

What do they do when they’re away from each other: Both try to write to eachother

Nicknames for each other: Love(Robb) My King(Readers)

Who steals the covers at night: Robb

Who kissed who first: Robb kissed reader first

Who made the first move: Robb

Who remembers things: Reader

Who started the relationship: Your parents you were to be married to eachother to join the houses

Who cusses more: Reader

Who is the dirty talker: Both

(I don’t own this meme I just could not do all the things cause they don’t suit Game Of Thrones)

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BEYOND THE SEA: The Birth of BioShock’s Little Sister

MILD SPOILERS WARNING: If you’ve never played BioShock before, would you kindly wait a little bit before reading this behind-the-scenes look at the Little Sister?

The remaining survivors of Rapture all fight for one thing: ADAM. Harvested properly, people can use it to rewrite their genetic code. It became the central currency for Rapture. It became everything that led to society’s downfall. And the Little Sisters that still roam the rusting, leaking hallways of the decaying underwater city are its chief gatherers.

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