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I’ve been quietly working away on this short story for a while now.  Back in February, i signed up for the Santoro Correspondence Course for Comic Book Makers.  The course is run by franksantoro who has been working in comics since the late 80’s.  He knows his stuff.  He breathes comics.  He’s nice as Hell.  This is a guy i wanted to learn from.  Frank basically gets you thinking about comics in a whole new light.  Writing and making this story, i took a different approach than normal.  I started by making short sequences and built a story around the actions.  I wrote the dialogue waaaaaay after conceiving and drawing the story.  Everything i did to make this story was pretty much the complete opposite of how i would have done it all before the course.  And he got me to make a story in full colour!!!!  Frank gives some really valuable advice and is really supportive of the projects.  And now i’m seeing comic making in a whole new light, and with a (somewhat) new approach.  This course was really invaluable and I really liked it.

If you are serious about making comics, and may feel like you need some help, or guidance, consider this course.  It’s a lot of work, but i think its really worth it if you keep at it.

And here is my original post in case it’s too small to read on tumblr…

M is for Mudhoney.  

I’m seriously late to this game, but wanted to share my drawing anyways!  Mudhoney was a really important part of growing up for me.  They were seriously the coolest band to me, and i always wanted to jump around on stage the way they did.  And this record, Superfuzz Bigmuff really blew the doors of rock off for me at the time.  I wore the shit outta my CD!


Drawn with a brush pen and a fine black marker, and coloured in Photoshop.


AlphaBands is a weekly online collaborative project in which illustrators and cartoonists draw a band or musician for one letter of the alphabet each week for 26 weeks. See the art and find out more at the AlphaBands tumblr:

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Here’s my new mini comic fully finished!  There’s another comic on the back in the print version, but it occurred to me that if i didn’t post this online, barely anyone will actually see it!  I really love making these, and should probably go back and post the first two issues…..

i really wanted to have a strong female lead in a comic of mine.  Without thinking about it, my comics are always filled with dudes, so i thought it was about time we changed that up a bit, at least for one story.  Hope you like it, and send me a message if you want one in the mail (while supplies last!),

Oh the environment…. is it worth giving up for softer ass wipes? Sure i guess so…. but that’ll run dry… and we’ll be left wiping with pinecones….. ouch…. 4 ply is too many ply….

On another note, this comic was originally printed in my new comic that came out last month. There are still some available for sale, just get in touch (! And as a side note, the paper of the comic is soft enough to use as toilet paper, so get your copy today!!! Don’t delay!

Y is for Neil Young….

Okay, so this may be the most obvious music post I’ve done. You may say it’s cliche, or whatever you wanna say. I could have dug deeper for someone who we know less about. I’m sure there are lots of musicians and bands that start with “Y”, but after thinking about it, i just said fuck it! Neil is easily one of the most influential music figures around, at least in my life. I have spent so much time listening to and debating this man. Stylistically, i pretty much learned how to play guitar from obsessing over him (not that I’m anywhere near his talent). He has had a profound affect on me. I’m Canadian after all (and most of our mega stars are a joke – Bieber, Nickelback, the list of bad musicians goes on….), I’m supposed to be this way. So quit beating around the bush. He’s the man, deal with it…

X is for X Ray Spex…

X Ray Spex was an english punk band that formed in 1976. Fronted by Poly Strene, the Spex were part of the first wave of british punks, and what stood them out (aside from Poly herself) was the fact that they had a saxophone as a prominent instrument. I don’t know as much about the Spex as some of my previous posts, but listening to them it’s easy to see how they solidified their place in music history. Loud and fast, i need more of this in my life. Their first single “Oh Bondage, Up Yours” is so effing good, i can’t believe i missed this growing up. Well there’s no time like the present, so if you need me, i’ll be the one with the stereo cranked at 11…