robb mirsky

M is for Mudhoney.  

I’m seriously late to this game, but wanted to share my drawing anyways!  Mudhoney was a really important part of growing up for me.  They were seriously the coolest band to me, and i always wanted to jump around on stage the way they did.  And this record, Superfuzz Bigmuff really blew the doors of rock off for me at the time.  I wore the shit outta my CD!


Drawn with a brush pen and a fine black marker, and coloured in Photoshop.


AlphaBands is a weekly online collaborative project in which illustrators and cartoonists draw a band or musician for one letter of the alphabet each week for 26 weeks. See the art and find out more at the AlphaBands tumblr:

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For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…Hourly Comic Day 2015 by Robb Mirsky! Hourly Comic Day 2015 is a 20-page, B&W, non-traditional mini-comic published by Life Without Parole Comics.

Robb writes that this comic was drawn over the course of 18 hours on Hourly Comic Day in 2015. Each page is broken up into three panels and labeled with the hour of the day. Throughout the Hourly Comic Day Robb documents the tedium of a lanky bird dad as he wakes up with a crying baby, searches for inspiration for his hourly comic, blows off family to work on his comic, waste time rather than draw his comic, deals with distractions, fantasies about getting high, and finally gives into exhaustion!

Robb’s comics are always a fun read with incredible craftsmanship and Hourly Comic Day 2015 is no exception! So much quality story and art is stuffed into these 20 mini pages that it puts many of the larger, big name, professionally produced comics to shame! See what you’ve been missing by turning on to mini-comic through the pages of Robb Mirsky’s Hourly Comic Day 2015 and other titles at and check out Robb on


Here’s my new mini comic fully finished!  There’s another comic on the back in the print version, but it occurred to me that if i didn’t post this online, barely anyone will actually see it!  I really love making these, and should probably go back and post the first two issues…..

i really wanted to have a strong female lead in a comic of mine.  Without thinking about it, my comics are always filled with dudes, so i thought it was about time we changed that up a bit, at least for one story.  Hope you like it, and send me a message if you want one in the mail (while supplies last!),

Over the weekend the last remaining member of the original line up of The Ramones past away. Tommy Ramone was the first drummer and their early producer. Their sound was largely due to him. I had to pay a little tribute, after all, The Ramones may very well be the most important band in my life. They opened the doors to punk rock and inspired pretty much everyone who came after them. Their songs are timeless pop gems that could only be made by them. I would have never stuck to playing guitar if it wasn’t for them. They couldn’t play when they started. They gave hope to people who just wanted to do something but didn’t necessarily know how. They are true originators of punk music, but they made it sound like bubblegum pop that somehow went horribly wrong.

Now that they have all passed (sorry Marky and CJ, we love you too!) i can’t help but think that maybe they are all jamming up in the sky together… Johnny and Joey didn’t really get along, but time (or death) heals all wounds? So this one is for the four “brothers” from Queens wrapped in leather. We love you and miss you…

excuse my sketchbook sloppiness!!

Oh the environment…. is it worth giving up for softer ass wipes? Sure i guess so…. but that’ll run dry… and we’ll be left wiping with pinecones….. ouch…. 4 ply is too many ply….

On another note, this comic was originally printed in my new comic that came out last month. There are still some available for sale, just get in touch (! And as a side note, the paper of the comic is soft enough to use as toilet paper, so get your copy today!!! Don’t delay!

Y is for Neil Young….

Okay, so this may be the most obvious music post I’ve done. You may say it’s cliche, or whatever you wanna say. I could have dug deeper for someone who we know less about. I’m sure there are lots of musicians and bands that start with “Y”, but after thinking about it, i just said fuck it! Neil is easily one of the most influential music figures around, at least in my life. I have spent so much time listening to and debating this man. Stylistically, i pretty much learned how to play guitar from obsessing over him (not that I’m anywhere near his talent). He has had a profound affect on me. I’m Canadian after all (and most of our mega stars are a joke – Bieber, Nickelback, the list of bad musicians goes on….), I’m supposed to be this way. So quit beating around the bush. He’s the man, deal with it…