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If I Could Tell Her

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Requested: By absolutely no one, at all
Pairings: Jon Snow x Reader
Summary: You have been in a black mood, even after the Great War has ended. Jon had made it his mission to remedy the situation. 
Warnings: An overall bittersweetness 
Word Count: 1,290
A/N: So I have been kicking this idea around for about a month. I was really insired by If I Could Tell Her, which is from Dear Evan Hansen. You definitely don’t have to be familiar with the song to read this, but I did include the link in case anyone was interested!

The hall was full of music and lively dancing, but you could not feel more empty inside. The war was over, Winter had come and gone. And it had taken too many members of your family with it. The Starks had raised you after your mother and father had perished during Robert’s Rebellion, and you had been raised by the Starks as one of their own.

In fact, you were to be one of their own. The day that Robb proposed to you was perhaps the happiest day of your life. Catelyn had insisted on throwing a huge banquet in honor of the engagement. It was one of your last truly happy memories. You had been angry after Robb forbade you from attending the wedding at the Twins, where his uncle Edmund was married to a Frey girl. You should have been there with him, what with your own wedding on hold until the war was over.

You shook the memories away, closing the long forgotten book that was still resting in your lap. Ghost was nestled by your feet, the direwolf a constant companion since your reunion with the rest of the Starks. Everyone was taking the time to breathe, to relax. You all needed the time to adjust to a new era of peace, after so much war. After all of the fighting, it was strange to spend your days lounging about Winterfell.

Everyone did their best to stay occupied. Sansa was up to her knees in new dresses and lemon cakes, and Arya was still in the process of sorting through the armory. And Jon, Jon was ruling the North during his days. And throughout his nights, he was somehow managing to find time to pull you out of the dark hole that you had fallen in. Piece by piece, smile by smile. It was working, but not as fast as he would have preferred.

Ghost was by your side throughout the day, a warm presence helping to combat against the cold wind of the North. And in the evenings, Jon was by your side. The two of you didn’t really speak of the war, or of the people you had lost. Sometimes, he would read to you while you played with Ghost’s fur, sometimes the two of you would stare into the fire, content to be silent and simply enjoy the company of the other.

But today was different. You had found a small locket that Robb had given to you when you were young. The pain of missing him felt fresh and new.

Jon found you in your chambers, Ghost curled up at the end of the bed. It was not unusual, but when Jon saw the piece of jewelry in your hands, he knew that you were hurting. He chose to pull you into his side, slipping the locket out of your hands and setting it on the table before tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

“He loved you, you know.” Jon said quietly, breaking the silence.

You could only bring yourself to bury your face farther in his neck.

“He never shut up about you.” Jon laughed.

“What did he say?” You had somehow managed to shock the both of you. You usually preferred not to talk about him, but hearing Jon talk about how happy he was made your heart feel as if it was a little less hollow than the day before.

“He thought that you smile was perhaps the purest form of happiness available in this world.” He said, ghosting a kiss over your forehead. When you didn’t respond, Jon thought it better to continue. “He thought about how wonderful your sons would be, and how you would be the perfect mother.”

You smiled, a true genuine smile. One of the very few smiles that you had allowed yourself recently.

“He loved you too, you know.” Jon smiled, eyes once again drifting to the locket that was sitting on the bedside table.

“Of course I know.” Jon’s said, holding back tears as Ghost came to rest his head on your lap. You scratched him behind the ears, grateful for the sudden warmth that was filling his heart.

“What else did he say?”

Jon was silent for a moment, attempting to calm his quickening heart. Robb had talked about you incessantly, but Jon had found himself refusing to listen. It was painful to hear his brother, the trueborn first son of Eddard Stark speaking about his betrothed, the woman that Jon had found himself in love with.

Jon had to improvise. “He said that your eyes were the clearest pools in the seven kingdoms, and that he would tear apart this world and the next if it meant protecting you.” Robb was sure to have thought something of the sort at one time or another, had maybe even voiced them. “I brought you something.” Jon said, hoping that he might be able to pull you out of your black mood.

“You didn’t have to bring me-” you tried to insist that a gift was not necessary, but a withering look from Jon was all that it took to make you fall silent. Instead, you resigned yourself to watching him pull a small piece of parchment out of his pocket.

“I know that Robb has a portrait of the two of you painted for this.” He gently took the locket from the bedside table and gingerly opened it. You didn’t miss the flash of pain in his eyes as his thumb stroked over the small portrait of you and Robb.

“I thought that you might like to add this to it.” He handed you the parchment, and as you unfolded it,, you found a new portrait. One of Jon. And Arya. And Sansa and Bran and Rickon. “I know that you feel alone. But you still have a family.”

You could feel tears beginning to well up in your eyes. But they were different tears than the ones that you had shed earlier that day. It was easy to forget that even though the war had taken so much from you, that you still had so much to live for.

Jon carefully slipped the new portrait into the locket across from the old one, before fastening it around your neck. The familiar weight against your chest was soothing. You pulled Jon to you, holding him close. The two of you sat in silence, thankful for the other’s warmth, the comfort that flowed between you regardless of the silence. The fire had died, and the sun was setting over Winterfell before the two of you, accompanied by Ghost, made your way out of your rooms and down to the Great Hall.

You were surprised to find your family there, laughing over their meals while a roaring fire made the large stone room feel warm and homey. Exactly as it was before.

You took your place beside Arya before pulling her into your side. You had been locked up in your rooms for a few days, and you knew that they must have been worrying about you. Arya’s sigh of relief as she nuzzled into you was enough to bring about another round of tears. Sansa tucked herself against your other side, and Rickon and Bran found their way into the hug as well.

You reached out your hand for Jon, who was still standing behind you, and you smiled through your tears when his rough hand had captured your own.

Your family may have been a bit broken, and a little bit smaller. But as you all huddled together, you couldn’t help but smile, thinking of how happy Robb, Catelyn, and Ned would have been to see you all together again.

Lost Soul (Jon Snow)

word count: 3, 819

request: Hey! Could I request a Jon Snow one shot? Maybe where the reader was Ramsay Bolton’s prisoner and Jon saves her and it’s all fluffy? I love your writing btw! Much love ❤️

requested by: anon

warnings: ramsay, suicidal thoughts, rape, violence against a woman

a/n: I can never back a short one-shot when writing game of thrones fanfics. Like, I go all in. I’m extra af. There’s a lot of build up, I am so sorry. Part Two of Queen in the North will come out soon, and then Part Two of Loyalty.

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You have to be smarter than Father, you need to be smarter than Robb

Everything that happens will be something that you’ve seen before.

As this article pointed out, this is invaluable advice from Littlefinger, not only for Sansa, but even more so for the audience. And it was never more relevant than when Jon spoke the words: “I would bend the knee, but…”

Countless others have already pointed out the possible connection to the “everything before the word ‘but’ is horseshit” quote, but what stood out to me, is that it was reminiscent of a scene we saw way back in season 1.

I’ll put the rest under a cut.

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My take on episode 3:

Oh my! I actually really enjoyed this episode. I honestly didn’t think I would, but I did.

Starting off, we have Tyrion and Jon meeting again. Awhhh. Then, we have Tyrion bringing up Sansa, asking if she’s well, Jon responds that she is. Tyrion then cracks a joke, that Jon does not find funny. 

“Does she miss me terribly?” Needless to say, Jon glared down at the man, making Tyrion turn, and immediately try to right the statement, saying they never consummated the marriage.

“I didn’t ask.” Jon snaps, not even letting Tyrion get the whole sentence out. Oh Jon, you didn’t ask, but you thought about it.

This is the THIRD time a ‘suitor’ of Sansa’s has suggested something sexual with Sansa. First was Ramsay, second was LF (I love Sansa, as I loved her mother, which means…hey wanna fuck your sister) third is Tyrion, (we never consummated the marriage.) 

I’m sorry but the mention of Sansa sleeping with these men, really gets to Jon. Also, he knows the marriage was a sham, Sansa said as much. She also said she respected Tyrion. He respected her, didn’t touch her, etc. So, Jon doesn’t go in snapping at Tyrion. It was just the little jest that bothered Jon. 

Now, the meeting between Jon and Dany. I don’t know, it fell flat to me. Just…not very…enticing? Maybe it’s because Dany is self absorbed, while Jon is trying to get her to understand what is coming for all of them. She tries to go through the history of house Stark bending the knee to house Targaryen. Saying the last Northern king did. Well, Dany, you’re wrong because ROBB STARK was the last king in the north. 

Moving on: She tries to get Jon to bend the knee, because the stark ancestors did. Well, when they meet, she asks him not to judge her by her father. Yet, she expects Jon to bend the knee because HIS ancestor did. Uhhh, hypocrite much? 

I don’t know, Dany’s ferocity and stubbornness, not to mention her arrogance really gets on my nerves. She’s like a child throwing a temper tantrum, all she needed was the foot stamp. She’s just so…cold now. Fine by me honestly, I’d rather see Targbowl then Targcest.

Jon refuses to bend the knee. 

He’s now, basically a prisoner. 

Also, shipper goggles all the way off here, I saw no chemistry between Daenerys and Jon. With Sansa and Jon, I saw it instantly, it jumped off the screen, slapped me right in the face. That’s what made me ship Jonsa. I was DRUNK last night ya’ll, and saw no chemistry. Jon was wary of her. Cause honestly, Dany is getting that ‘crazy’ look about her to me. 

Oh, and this analysis will NOT be in order. 

Mel and Varys talk when Jon and co. show up. She ‘claims’ she got fire and ice together. Which is not accurate. Jon by himself is ice and fire. He’s not full ice. He’s half. Anyway they talk, Varys telling her she should leave. Mel said she would return to die in Westeros. Also saying, he has to die here as well.


Euron is a riot to me. He’s just so…joker-ish? 

“Did you see little Theons face when he jumped overboard? Oh noooooo. Twat.” I’m sorry but that was hysterical. I laughed for a good two minutes at that line. He’s such a character, completely mad, but damn…completely hot. TO ME.

External image

He delivers the sand snakes to Cersei. Asking for his reward. She says she will give him whatever he wants, when they win the war. 

Now, I personally think the sand snakes deserve what is coming to them. They murdered Doran, Trystane, and Mrycella. All innocent people. Oberyn died in trial by combat, his arrogance killed him, he should have dealt the finishing blow. Not paraded around and played with the mountain. So….they’re a shrugged shoulder to me.

Cersei poisons the daughter of Ellaria. The same way she poisoned Myrcella. Now that’s poetic justice. And for a split moment, when Cersei is talking to Ellaria, asking her why she killed her daughter, we caught sight of human Cersei. The woman who has been killed and buried beneath grief, and hate. I love Lena, she is so amazing. The sand snakes did well here too. The acting was intense on all fronts. 

Sorry Sand snakes, but Cersei will draw your punishment out until the very last breath leaves your body.

Tyrion stumbles upon Jon Snow brooding. Shocking huh? Well, he’s back in  his cloak. He’s thinking. He’s thinking about Winterfell ‘cough’ Sansa. And he thinks himself a fool, and says he should have listened to his counselors, because he is now a prisoner. 

Well, Jon, you should have listened, lol.

Tyrion tells Jon that he should talk things out with Dany. Jon says he doesn’t believe him, but Tyrion says he does. Tyrion props up Dany. Of course…

External image

Jon walks down, still in his northern cloak I might add, to talk to Dany about mining the dragonglass. Before this, Tyrion and Dany discuss letting Jon mine the glass. Tyrion tells her it’s not a big deal, and she didn’t even know it was here. Tyrion lets her know that Jon is not a liar. And to let her allow Jon to mine the dragonglass, hopefully wooing Jon over to their side, having him bend the knee.

Jon and Dany talk, both facing away from each other. Hmmmm. Still, the chemistry fell flat to me. Dany always has this resting bitch face now, it is annoying me.

Anyway, she allows him to mine the dragonglass.

External image

Winterfell! Best part of the episode to me. We get a scene of Sansa overseeing food, shelter for the Northern houses that might flee to Winterfell, incase the war starts. She is walking around Winterfell, making sure armor is being made right. 

“Aren’t these supposed to be made with leather on them?’ Yes, they should. It keeps the cold out a little more. 

Gah. Foreshadowing? Sansa is the only ruler, right now, well, her and Jon, who are thinking about the smallfolk. Dany and Cersei are to busy fighting over the iron throne. Sansa and Jon are concerned about the people who are being effected by all the madness. Sansa is insuring that food is stocked, so when the families flee, they don’t have to worry about packing any. 

Bran comes home! I cried ugly tears, even with Bran being a frigid shell of his former self. Sophie stole every scene she was in. She’s become so good! Her reaction was so powerful!

“I wish Jon were here.” :( Yes Sansa, we wish Jon were there as well. He is not having a pleasant experience in the south at the moment. 

Sansa tries to talk to Bran, asking him what the three eyed raven means. She doesn’t understand, but he decides to ‘show’ her, of sorts. He tells her sorry about all the terrible things that have happened to her. And apologized that they had to happen in their home. 

He then tells her about her wedding night, and how she looked beautiful.

Poor baby :(

She gets choked up and leaves. 

You know what I love though? The leak said he would tell her the Night King was real, and that they must prepare. Well, she believed Jon, and has been preparing! I loved that. Even with Baelish, he tries to dismiss the threat, but she says, “As they should be.” She trusts Jon. She misses Jon. She wants him back home….


The unsullied ‘take’ casterly rock, with Tyrions knowledge of the sewer systems. But, they really didn’t. The Lannisters were too busy setting up shop over at Highgarden. GW then looks out at the sea, to find the Greyjoy fleet destroying the last of the Targaryen fleet. 

That was so damn clever.

Tyrion has vastly underestimated Cersei. 

Euron is her wild card. He’s dominating right now, lol.

So…the unsullied are trapped. They have no transportation out of Casterly Rock. 


Jamie talks with Olenna, after sacking Highgarden. Now, people are saying this was way too easy. Well, you have to remember that Randall Tarly pulled his armies out of Highgarden, backing Cersei and Jamie now. So, that was a good chunk of her army. 

They talk. Olenna tells Jamie that Joffrey was a cunt. She tells him that Cersei will destroy him, and that she is truly terrible. 

Jamie gives her poison, she drinks it. Unlike the strangler, this poison is painless, and works quickly. 

She admits, before Jamie leaves that she is the one who poisoned Joffrey, and to tell Cersei. 

R.I.P Lady Olenna, say hi to Margaery for me!

Well, that is it really. I enjoyed this episode, I liked how after meeting Dany, Jon put his cloak back on immediately, and he also had it on when he talked to her the second time. I liked how Sansa was mentioned. Sansa was just…amazing. A TRUE QUEEN my peeps, she’s actually focused on the real threat, not some pointless squabbling. Not on the iron throne, but on her home, on Winterfell, and the people that will need sanctuary if something were to happen. I like that Cersei is coming out on top, because Tyrion underestimated her and her powers of persuasion. She really did pick up a few things from Tywin. He’d be proud.

Hope you enjoyed!

we can brave the dark

Written for @dialux in the @jonsaexchange. Sorry to post late, I had a busy day at work. Pre-canon, not exactly a romance, but a lot of family feels (I hope!).

we can brave the dark

Summary: When Arya dares Sansa to spend the night in the crypts, it’s Jon who comes to her rescue.

Sansa Stark was eight years old, and Winterfell, the ancient castle of the Starks, was her home. Her father was the Lord, and her mother was his Lady Wife, and the castle was never scary, not even for a little girl.

Except for the crypts.

Sansa hadn’t been to the crypts since Robb and Jon scared them, she and Arya and Bran, with Robb telling scary stories to spook them and Jon jumping out from the crypts, pretending to be a ghost.

Arya had been brave and stayed put, but Sansa had run shrieking for the stairs. After, the others had come to find her, and they had laughed and laughed about how funny it was, her loud scream and the way she dashed off.

But Sansa hadn’t thought it funny, and ever since, the others had poked fun at her, teasing her about the ghost in the crypts, and how even baby Bran was braver than she.

Sansa knew it was shameful, to be a Stark and to be frightened in Winterfell. Winterfell was her home, and nothing could hurt her inside its walls. But still, the crypts haunted her dreams, her dead ancestors laughing at her, just as her brothers and sister did, for being the most timid Stark ever to live.

But she was determined to prove her bravery, so when Arya dared her to spend the night in the crypts, just to show she wasn’t really afraid, Sansa had readily taken the dare. There was nothing to fear down in the crypts, not really. Robb and Jon had tricked them after all, and nothing like that would happen again.

Which was how Sansa found herself alone in the dark, in the middle of the night, in the crypts of Winterfell.

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Just oblige...

Summary: You are one of the Starks and travel with them to King’s Landing were you will start losing your family and some tragical facts will  lead you to a not so unhappy relationship with the youngest one of the Lannisters.


You were born a Stark and you always enjoyed spending time on the North, you loved your land and your family dearly.

You were daughter of Ned and Catelyn Stark, you were younger than Robb and Jon but older than Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon. You loved them all and although you weren’t the oldest one you usually played the role of the most sensible and responsible out of them all.

It was you who tried to keep all the siblings together and ensure none of them felt out of place, specially Jon, he worried you sometimes, your mother wasn’t too kind to him and you always ran after him whenever you saw he was upset.

You were kind of a rock to Jon but it was completely different with Robb, the both of you seemed almost twins sometimes, mentally at least, you always enjoyed spending time together and as he was the oldest one and was admired by the youngest ones you had to go to him everytime you wanted to organise something.

Your relationship with Sansa was complicated, you loved her dearly but you didn’t understand how she could be so bubbly sometimes, her innocence was one of the reasons which made you love her of course, but you wondered when she would start realising not everyone was good. You both loved doing things together though, you liked spending time alone with her and just gossip about the things happening in the North.

Arya was explosive, she admired you a lot as you had asked father his permission to be allowed to learn how to fight before her, you never understood why Robb and Jon would be allowed to do so but you weren’t. Of course you would never say that aloud, you weren’t that stupid.

It had been hard to convince him but finally and behind your mother’s back you started learning how to use a sword and a bow. When she started practising too the both of you would spend hours rolling on the ground and stopping the other’s attacks, Arya was like fresh air to anyone’s life, she was so active she would always get you in the mood to do something.

Bran and Rickon sometimes saw you as a second mother, specially Rickon. You would spend lots of time with them, either climbing and hiding with Bran or playing with Rickon.

Anyway, you had to admit the best moments would be when all of you were together, you knew you could achieve anything if you were with them and you wanted them to know they could always count on you.

You loved your siblings dearly but you also enjoyed spending time on your own, unlike your brothers you had a very strong interest on knowledge, you loved learning and at your young age you already spoke five languages quite fluently. You loved the feeling of understanding what the wisest people explained, whenever they would be talking and you would know the subject and get their references you would smile to yourself.

You enjoyed reading, studying and had developed a huge interest on art too, you tried to improve your skills on most of them and your life was basically dedicated to your septa’s lessons, spending time with your brothers and sisters and learning on your own.

That however, would change too soon.

One unfortunate day your Lord Father received a letter, if you had just known what it would have brought to your family you would have thrown it into the fire right away.

Jon was joining the Night’s Watch and heading to the Wall the next day. You couldn’t believe your family was being torn apart.

You spent the whole night by his side biting back your tears, you couldn’t stand the thought of losing him, he might not be your brother, but you felt that he was just like Robb or Arya.

You were leaving with Arya and Sansa the next day too. You didn’t like that either, you couldn’t stop thinking about what would you do when you had to leave. You didn’t like your father was forcing you to leave Winterfell either. You wanted to stay with Bran, he hadn’t woken up yet and you wanted to be there for him when he did so.

Father hadn’t listened to your begging though, he was forcing his three daughters to leave towards a foreign land and the worst of all was that Sansa was excited about it. You had met Jaime and Cersei Lannister already, you didn’t like that family at all, they were too twisted for your liking, fortunately for you you were clever enough to keep the woman on line, but you were afraid of what you would find in the South.

You didn’t know what you would do without Robb, Bran and Rickon, but your greatest worry was Jon, he was leaving to never come back and you couldn’t understand why, he was part of your family, why would he head to the Wall and leave you?

Your siblings hadn’t really reacted to Jon’s department, Arya had complained sure, but the one who had surprised you the most had been Sansa, he was so innocent and yet he hadn’t reacted to the department of a person who had been raised as her brother.

You hugged Jon tighter as he put his arms around you.

“You shouldn’t worry so much you know?” He said stroking your hair while you fought back sobs.

“Everything is tumbling down Jon, I have this bad feeling… It feels as if we aren’t going to be together ever again. I don’t want you to leave, you are my brother…” you said, the last part came out as a whisper because you had no air on you lungs due to all the sobbing.

“Everything is going to be okay, it’s just a trip, in some moons you will be back here with all of your brothers, and I promise I’ll come back to see you someday”

“I don’t understand why you are leaving Jon. Aren’t you happy here?”

“Not all of you want me here you know? But I don’t care as long as I know you’ll miss me”

“ You can’t even imagine how much” after that you fell asleep but it was a restless sleep, you had nightmares and when they got too bad Jon would wake you up softly telling that he was going to be alright and you needn’t to worry about him.

You knew if someone found out you had spent the whole night in your step-brother’s bedroom you would be in trouble, but you valued more your last hours with your brother than a conversation with the septa about how unlady like your behaviour had been.

As always time ran out, and you had to say goodbye to Jon. It was the hardest thing you had ever had to do, the worst of all was that in a short amount of time you would have to face things which were way worse.

Jon was the first one to depart, you hugged him as if you knew you would never see him, and who knew, maybe it was true.

As soon as he left you went to your chambers and allowed the tears you had been holding back for days to come out. You cried for what seemed like hours until you realised you would have to leave the rest of your brothers and as soon as you decided you were decent you left towards Bran’s room. You spoke to him, told him you would miss him and you would always be with him as you kissed his forehead, at least mother would stay with him.

You went to Rickon after that and he was devastated, he was so young… he was almost a baby and didn’t understand why 4 of their siblings and his father were leaving one day without an explanation. You took him into your arms and hugged him as you stroke his hair. You would miss him so much… but you had to fight your tears, he couldn’t see you cry or he would get worse.

After you left Rickon you headed to where you expected to find Robb, and you did.

You had trouble finding a way to approach your brother, he had always protected you and when you were by his side you felt protected, just like you did with Jon. You were losing both of them now. On the same day. You weren’t sure your heart would be able to cope with it.

“Hello Robb” he turned around fastly, as if you had startled him.

“Hello sister mine” He said smiling sadly at you.

“Robb promise me you will protect mother, Rickon and Bran.”

“You know I will, don’t worry, nothing will happen.” he said walking towards you and ruffling your hair.

“Take care of yourself, I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you too.”

“We aren’t in war dear sister, in some days you’ll be back and I will even allow you to fight me” he said as the corners of his eyes wrinckled.

“You haven’t allowed me to do so yet because you know I would beat you” you said as a giggle escaped your lips.

“You wish dear sister” he said laughing.

“I will miss you so much Robb” you said sighing as he hugged you.

“I will miss you too, let’s just hope you don’t catch any nobleman’s eye or I’ll have to have a word with him about my sister” he joked.

“Oh Robb I can’t believe our family is being torn apart like this”

“This is just a temporary separation, we will see again.”

“Farewell Robb. Take care.” you said as you hugged him tightly.

“Take care dear sister” he said kissing your hair.

After saying goodbye to your mother you found yourself in a carriage which would bring you to the most dangerous place for your family.

You arrived to King’s Landing after a too long trip. There your father was supposed to become the Hand to the King, unfortunately for you you seemed to be the only daughter able to keep her mouth shut when she had to. Sansa was the perfect lady, but she was easily manipulated and Arya was too feisty to be able to hold herself back.

That forced you to go to many acts your sisters could miss. The only thing you liked about King’s Landing was its library which had been kindly opened to you by the king himself, that made you like him a bit more because most men wouldn’t have considered appropiate to allow a woman to read for pleasure.

While your father fulfilled his obligations as the King’s Hand you would spend most of your time on the library until one day happened the obvious, the library wasn’t empty and you realised that when you heard someone clear their throat.

“Oh excuse me, I didn’t see anyone coming, if you wish for me to leave I will immediately” you said standing up.

“No, no, don’t worry, I didn’t want to bother you, I just wanted to know if you would be so kind to allow me to keep you company as I would like to spend some time reading too.” the unique figure of Tyrion Lannister told you.

“Of course sir, for as long as you wish” you said smiling lightly and going back to your  book.

“I’m sorry to bother you again, but I believe we haven’t been introduced properly, I’m Tyrion Lannister.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m y/n Stark”

“So you were the sister I had yet to meet” he said smirking.

“I’m afraid so.”

“I was with your half-brother recently”

“You were? And how is he?” you asked maybe to excitedly.

“He is doing fine, being a member of the Night’s Watch is pretty tough but he is doing well.”

“I’m glad he is, I want you to know I’m truly grateful about you telling me about the wellbeing of my brother” you said and you didn’t miss the frown he couldn’t hide for a few seconds when you used the word brother.

“Are you attending to tonight’s dinner”

“I’m afraid so” you said internaly crying because there wasn’t a thing in the world you you wouldn’t be rather doing that night.

“I have to admit I’m not very fond of those kind of festivities myself.” he said.

“I would say it’s too well-mannered for me”

“Come on you don’t have to lie to me,your manners are impecable, the unsufferable thing about this things is hypocresy.”

“I haven’t really attended many of these parties I’m afraid”

“You don’t need to, living on court is the exact thing”

“A game”

“Exactly, you can either fail…”

“Or success and everything depends on your hability to manipulate or be manipulated.”

“See how you don’t need to attend those to know what you’ll find” he said grinning.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand why you don’t like this kind of acts if they are organised by your family”

“That’s right, by my family not by me” he said smiling. Evidently you had noticed his height, but you didn’t really pay attention to it as you were too focused on his smart eyes, you knew they were trying to read you, and you weren’t giving him that power.

“I’m sure you would be able to skip them if you wanted to, it’s not as if anyone would blame you for that.”

“Well I can drink as much wine as I wish to”

“That’s a good point sir.” you said holding back a giggle.

“You can skip them too if you want to, I’m sure.”

“I’m afraid I’m not that lucky, it seems I came here to find a husband and tighten the relationships between the North and the South so I need to walk around like a doll. You know greet and smile.”

“It’s a shame such a sharp mind is wasted on such activities, they don’t know the conversations they are missing” he answered smiling.

“I’m sure you can find better chatters than me sir”

“I assure you manners keep people’s tongues tangled here in King’s Landing, you can’t even imagine how hard it is to find someone who is even willing to keep a conversation.”

“I bet there’re lots of people wishing to entable conversations with you.”

“Only if they can get something out of it, you already know this.”

“Well that’s how interests work here sir, I’ll only pay attention to you as long as I need something from you”

“May I talk with you for a minute?” your father said from the door.

“Of course father, if you’ll excuse me for a while lord tyrion.”

“Evidently, it was a pleasure talking to you.” he said kissing the back of your hand and leaving the library.

“You cannot trust the Lannisters, I thought you were clever enough to know that” your father told you.

“ I remind you father you brought me here to find a husband so I should try to be liked by everyone.”

“Not the Imp y/n”

“I’d rather you not call him that father.”

“You are playing with fire y/n”

“No father, we all are playing with lions, we did as soon as we stepped in King’s Landind and now we have to play sheeps otherwise we will be attacked.

Hope you liked it! I plan on time-skipping quite a lot on the next chapter but I thought it was quite important to introduce the story well enough, depending on the support this gets I’ll write part 2 ( which I hope) and finish the story on 3 or 4 chapters. After this I’m planning on a fanfic with Petyr or Sandor, if you have any preferences, please inform me! Thank you lots!

anonymous asked:

For someone who claims to be a Jon fan you post a lot of Catelyn. She hated him and was awful to him. Why the fuck do you post a character who was a bitch to one of your 'favourites'

Wow, I’m sorry. I didn’t realise I wasn’t allowed to post whatever characters I like. I didn’t realise I wasn’t allowed to like certain characters just because they don’t get along with other characters that I like. By your logic then, I shouldn’t like Jaime Lannister because of the awful thing he did by crippling Bran, a character that I love, but Jaime is one of my favourites too. Should I not post any Jaime related posts? I don’t judge whether I like characters based on their relationship with other characters, I like them for themselves. I love both Jon Snow and Catelyn Stark, and completely disagree with the amount of hate Catelyn gets from many fans. Catelyn is a character who has among the best morals in the show/books and there are many other characters who have done much, much more awful things than she has. I don’t think I need to list them. To be honest, when the worse thing you’ve ever done is ignore the product of your husband cheating on you, you’re not really that much of a bad person when you consider how the other characters murder each other.

First of all, I can post whatever characters I like, if you don’t like what I post, you can unfollow. I post a variety of characters and fandoms, and they’re not always going to be everyone’s favourites. I love Catelyn Stark and I think that she is a fantastic character. The show massively cut her role down, but she was still great in it, Michelle Fairley was very good at playing her, and I loved her POV chapters in the books.

Second of all, one of the biggest misconceptions is that Catelyn hated Jon. She never ‘hated’ Jon, she resented his presence at Winterfell and hated what he represented. She hated Tywin Lannister, Cersei and Walder Frey. That’s what it means to hate someone and Jon Snow certainly does not fall in the same category as those people to her. Jon represents a threat to her children, that’s why she resents him. History is filled with bastards who try to usurp their trueborn siblings (Blackfyre Rebellions for example), and she worries for her children, something all mothers do. Deep down she probably knows Jon won’t do anything to prevent Robb from inheriting Winterfell (even if she won’t admit that), but no one can know about his potential children and grandchildren. She also says that she doesn’t care that Ned has a bastard, she mentions that he could’ve had many so long as they were fostered elsewhere, as is the custom for bastards. Seeing Jon everyday must’ve really hurt her, even as the years went by and she and Ned came to love each other, every time she looked at Jon, she probably had doubts about Ned’s love for her, and it’s painful being in love with someone who loves another person more than you. In regards to her being awful to him was whilst she was grieving. Bran looked like he was dying and she said it in grief. It wasn’t right what she said, and it really hurt Jon, but it wasn’t something that happened everyday. We all say things we don’t mean in grief. She never abused him, she just ignored him, which probably did scar Jon because he would’ve seen the five Stark kids have the love of their mother when he got coldness, but she never laid a hand on him. I know the show added in the scene where she says she prayed for his death and then stayed by his side whilst he was ill, and that was awful (a beautiful scene though), but beside that and the scene in Bran’s room, she just ignored him. 

She could’ve made Jon feel even more excluded at Winterfell by poisoning her children with words of the evils that bastards can pose. She could’ve told them from when they were talking that bastards are evil and turned them against Jon, but she didn’t. She allowed Robb to eat with him and play with him. She never forbade any of her children from being with him. Yes, Sansa picked up on her problems with Jon, but I think Sansa was getting to an age where she realised what Jon being at Winterfell meant for her mother. And she loved and admired Catelyn so Sansa would’ve realised how much Jon being there hurt. And I’m sure, despite the fact that Robb and Arya loved Jon, there will be a part of them that feels for their mother and what she has to go through being forced to see Jon each day.

Yes, Catelyn’s treatment of Jon was not good, but it certainly could’ve been worse. Imagine if she was Cersei, Lysa, Selyse or even Olenna or Margaery. None of them would tolerate their husband’s bastard in their home, threatening their trueborn children. In fact, when Robert was considering bringing Mya to court, Cersei told him the city was not safe for her, implying that she would harm her. Cersei would’ve had Jon killed the moment he arrived in Winterfell. Did Catelyn ever harm Jon? No, she didn’t. Jon’s treatment by Catelyn is far nicer than what any other woman would’ve given him. Jon’s childhood wasn’t the best, but in comparison to other bastards, he got very lucky.

Take a look at the other bastards we see on the show: Gendry had absolutely no idea that his father was the King. He has a better claim to the throne than Joffrey, Tommen and Myrcella but he didn’t know about it because Robert didn’t even bother to claim him. Ramsay is only brought to the Dreadfort after Domeric dies because Roose has no trueborn sons and, at that point, no wife. Otherwise Roose would’ve left Ramsay with his mother and Reek. Neither grew up among family, whereas Jon did, so in that aspect he is very lucky.

I’d also like to point out, that Jon was not the only victim of Ned bringing him to Winterfell and naming him bastard. Catelyn was also a victim in this choice. She was wed to a man she didn’t want to marry and didn’t know, but she still did it. She would’ve been under a lot of pressure to produce an heir considering House Stark had only two living males, one about to go to war and the other very young. But she did that, gave her husband the male heir that House Stark needed. And then she gets to Winterfell after birthing a child while Ned fights a war, she finds that Jon is already there. That really hurt her. Furthermore, he looks more like Ned whereas Robb looks like her and she worries that the Northerners will see Jon as more of a Stark than Robb. Then, when she begins to make a bit of peace at Winterfell, she calmly asks Ned about Jon’s mother, which she is within her rights to do, and he shouts at her to the point of frightening her, probably making the situation worse. Ned was only looking out for his nephew’s wellbeing, but he could see what his choice did to both Cat and Jon and chose not to tell her the truth, making BOTH Jon and Catelyn the victims.

In a modern day society, if this happened, she would’ve divorced Ned, as most other women would. A husband/boyfriend coming home with another woman’s baby and forcing you to live with it would definitely make you leave, but she doesn’t have that potion and instead has to see Jon everyday so it’s a massive slap in the face to her.

I realise I’ve gone on a lot here but I just have a lot of feelings about this and I’ve probably repeated myself but it just annoys me when people hate Catelyn for this one thing and can’t see what an amazing, well-rounded character she is. Yes, she has flaws, and her ignoring Jon is one of them, but I love characters who have flaws, it’s what makes them human. That’s why Catelyn, Theon, Sandor etc. all appeal to me. So, yes, I do love Jon but that doesn’t mean I can’t love Catelyn too. This post might make me receive hate since Catelyn is hated by some fans but I just wanted to explain why I love her in spite of the Jon Snow situation, and explain that I can post about whatever character I want.

The Wolf and The Fox (Robb x Reader)

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Fandom: Game of Thrones

Character: Robb Stark

Persona: Female

Word Count: 1,228

Request:  You should write more fics about Game of Thrones, really, they are sooooooo goooooooood. Can you do something with robb stark? Where he don’t want to marry the “frey girl” because he is in love with the reader? And they win the war? Thats a lot, I know. Thanks love XXX

A/N - For bessieoofiotaurothings, for this to work I had to make up my own House so hopefully it’s still understandable.

“Mother-” Robb started to reason again with the Lady of Winterfell but she was not going to hear it, “Robb you must marry into House Frey, it is the only way we will win the war. They have the Twins. We need them to win”. Robb growled, turning away from his mother he ignored her advice once again, “I cannot and will not marry some girl whom I’ve never met, I will never love her”. Cateyln Stark reached out and touched his shoulder gently, this time she pleaded with him to hear sense, “You’re making a mistake Robb”.

“Then I shall have to bear the consequences, I’m sorry mother” Robb sighed, he had always been stubborn. With that he gripped the back of his cloaked, he pulled it against his chest and left his tent. He needed to think and he needed advice on what to do, right now he was torn.

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Northern Arrangement Pt. 5

Imagine being married to Roose Bolton and one day Ramsay Snow over steps his bounds and gets what he deserves.

Word Count: 2,276

Warning: uhhhhh I don’t know. Harrassment?

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If You Stay (robb stark x reader)

request: Hi there! I’m so happy I found your blog! May I have one with Robb x Reader. They’re married but fighting each other all the time because they both are too stubborn. But one day Robb went to war and came back injured. Reader is super worried and says something beautiful, kinda like ‘please-don’t-leave-me’ things, she is afraid of losing him and think he can’t hear it(but he heard everything obviously *wink*) Thank you! I love Bucky and Robb so much I really happy I found your works. :)

pairing: robb stark x reader

a/n: thanks for the request anon, I might have changed the request a little but I hope it’s still alright also I’m super busy this week since I’m working full time shifts but I’m currently writing more parts to Hateful Attraction and trying to get all requests written so keep sending them in :) also for this imagine I followed a storyline from the book where Roose Bolton secretly betrays Robb Stark and Lord Tallhart by sending the Lannisters word of secret battle strategies that Robb had planned, resulting in the loss of over three thousand of Robb’s army and the death of Lord Tallhart. 

p.s: I have the vomiting bug and am very unwell so I apologise if this is really bad

War is no place for a woman. That along with many other sayings in Westeros was a common one you had been hearing all your life, told to you by your father, your brother and any other man who had ever heard you voice your opinions on the subject.

You had grown up watching the boys of the North learn how to wield a sword and shoot arrows and how to use daggers, while you sat inside sewing and learning how to embroider with your Septa.

It hadn’t been something that had interested you very much, but it had always made you curious to know why war seemed so dooming to a woman. Why your father, brother and uncles had never talked about battles or their pasts in front of you or your mother.

But in the last few weeks, you had learned that war, was no place for anyone.

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The Winds of Winter was possibly the best GoT episode to date.

I honestly can’t think of another episode of the series that was so goddamn satisfying, had so many reveals, so many pay-offs, and a brilliance on narrative, technical, and musical levels. This was very much a curtain call on the second act of this sprawling play, setting up very nicely the final third act, that will comprise the (highly shortened) last two seasons.

  • R+L=J Reveal - I couldn’t ask for anything better for this. One of the most iconic and beloved sequences in the novels, it was translated to screen perfectly. Dialogue was fantastic, music was beautiful, the actress cast as Lyanna was spot-on, and the perfect editing how it cut from baby Jon to adult Jon was spectacular. Beautifully, beautifully, executed, and will definitely go down as one of the best scenes in the series’ history.  
  • The King in the North - Very much an echo of Robb’s coronation, and yet so very different, under very different circumstances. I watched this particular scene about 10 times (and will watch it repeatedly) because I adore how masterfully written and shot it was. From that initial segue from the Tower, the initial arguments between the Northern Lords and the Knights of the Vale, to young Lyanna Mormont’s badass speech (there’s absolutely no one who doesn’t love this girl right now), and the Stark theme swelling up to the chants of “KING IN THE NORTH!”. I watched it with a couple friends, and we, like so many, were absolutely cheering as Jon was crowned the new King in the North, and it just goes to show how far he’s come as a character - and from death even. Here was a bastard who thought he accounted for nothing (or as Littlefinger described him, “a motherless bastard from the South”), and now he’s ruling the North, and possibly has a higher claim on the Iron Throne than his aunt, who’s setting sail for it and has her eyes on it. It’s worth noting that in the books, I recall a passage from Jon’s POV where as children, Robb and Jon would play together, and Jon would claim himself as “The Lord of Winterfell!” before Robb corrected him. It’s thus that after so long, he’s got what he always dreamed of, but never expected. 
  • I especially loved how they were sure to include shots of the snow falling outside the windows of Winterfell, the most apt place in Westeros imaginable for such a coronation, really to emphasize the fact that “Winter is Coming”, and the fight is only just starting. Bravo. All hail Jon Snow, the White Wolf, the King in the North!
  • The slimy sleazeball that is Littlefinger couldn’t have been expecting Jon to be crowned King, and it’ll certainly be interesting to see how he reacts to this in Season 7. Maybe he’ll try and manipulate Sansa, to undermine the relationship between the two siblings (cousins), but Sansa, like she did today, should be able to rebuff Baelish’s machinations. The last thing we need is a civil war within the family.
  • Arya serving Frey Pies - Ridiculous teleportation devices in Westeros be damned, this was yet another fantastic cheer raising moment. Arya is back, and is definitely on a warpath - her sadistic smile was more than slightly worrying, as was Sansa’s last week after she set the dogs on Ramsay. I loved the shout out to the Rat Cook story and Wyman Manderley’s infamous Frey Pies from the novels. It does appear that Arya has taken on the role of Lady Stoneheart - which was to kill the Freys responsible for betraying Robb, and now with the Freys more or less destroyed, LSH role is pretty much over with - House Stark’s treacherous enemies are all dead, and only Cersei truly remains. 
  • Mad Queen Cersei - The hints and clues leading up to the explosive finale were peppered throughout the season, and the pay off we got for them was stunning. The opening scenes of the episode could not have been more perfect. It was cinematic brilliance of the highest, highest, order. There’s hardly any dialogue spoken, and tension is raised by the beautifully eerie score’s (the track, which I just can’t praise enough, is called “The Light of the Seven”, I believe) cello, organ, and choral music. Through Lancel’s eyes, we witness Cersei’s masterplan at work, as he discovers the Wildfire caches - with just a small wick of candle keeping it from exploding. In the sept, it’s only Margaery who realizes that with Cersei’s absence, something is amiss, but it’s far too late, and in one fell swoop, Cersei has managed to eliminate all of her political rivals in King’s Landing - destroying all of House Tyrell in the process, with the exception of Olenna. Margaery, Loras, Mace Tyrell, Lancel Lannister, Kevan Lannister, the High Sparrow and his followers, along with Pycelle at a different location, were all killed in just one day. She even gets revenge on Septa Unella, subjecting her to the horrific abuse of the Mountain, something that’s properly Tywin-like in its depravity. But even Cersei’s greatest victory yet is short-lived, when Tommen commits suicide by jumping out of a window - really poetic justice when it was Jaime who shoved Bran out of one. With all 3 of her children dead, Maggy the Frog’s prophecy comes true (”gold will be their crowns, and gold will be their shrouds”), and Cersei becomes Queen of Westeros, gaining the power she’s always wanted - but losing almost everything she held dear to gain it. Since her children are gone, she really has nothing to lose at this point - leaving her free to indulge in the insanities and evil she will unleash upon the world. Even Jaime, the only person arguably in the world left she loves, is disturbed by what he sees, bringing him troubling flashbacks to Aerys’ reign. Perhaps he’ll have to kill her, fulfilling Maggy’s valonqar prophecy. Though the odds are she’ll run into Dany and her other little brother again before that. What a meeting that will turn out to be. 
  • Daenerys and the Narrow Sea Crossing (at last!) - At last, at long last, after 6 seasons and 60 hours of television, and almost 20 years for book readers, we get this fantastic scene everyone’s been waiting for. I really appreciate that it took this long actually, because throughout the course of the show, we’ve seen Dany grow and change as a character - she certainly isn’t the same young girl from Season 1. She’s had glorious victories and grievous defeats, conquered cities and lost cities, loved people and lost people, and learned a great deal about the nature of people and the nature of war. She’s finally in the ideal position to invade Westeros just like Aegon did three hundred something years back, with an enormous army, a huge navy, three powerful dragons, and possibly the best advisor she could ask for in Tyrion. It was a huge moment for him as well I think, and I really appreciated the moment we saw Dany appoint him as Hand of the Queen. Throughout the books and series, Tyrion has always been ostracized by society on account of his dwarfism, and most of his family hates him. Despite that, he’s always been compassionate to those less fortunate than him, as he sees them as kindred spirits. He repays in scores the kindness people show him, like the loyalty and political prowess he proved to Dany while she was away. In joining her, he finally finds a cause that he actually believes is worth fighting for, and his relationship with her couldn’t be more different to the one he has with his biological sister, who despised him. With Dany’s military might and charisma, and Tyrion’s considerable political acumen, they’re an unstoppable force, especially in a greatly weakened King’s Landing that’s ripe for the taking. Something tells me Cersei won’t be Queen of the Seven Kingdoms for much longer. 
  • One final note - we can all agree Ramin Djawadi was on fire this week. Every single scene couldn’t have been what it was without his incredible score - the mournful cello and violins in the opening, during Cersei’s bombing and later coronation, the music that played during the Tower of Joy reveal and it’s eventual segue into Jon’s coronation, and lastly, that unforgettable score set to Dany setting off into the sunset, with an army, a navy, her shrewd team of advisors, and her 3 dragons, off to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. We’re truly lucky to have him scoring the show. Give him the Emmy right now ffs. 

So to briefly summarize - “The Winds of Winter” was a fine cap to a brilliant, unusually optimistic and upbeat season, that may have had a few missteps (looking at you episodes 6-8) along the way, but otherwise delivered to fans the things they’ve always wanted - action, spectacle, revelations, plot twists, and moving their characters along trajectories that are incredibly exciting for the future. To quote a wise wizard from that other famous fantasy series - “the board is set. The pieces are moving.” Winter is truly coming, and Season 7 can’t come soon enough. And now begins the painfully long wait for it. Or perhaps, if we’re really, really, REALLY lucky - Book 6. And if the story seen on television was spectacular, you can only bet the literature will be a doozy.

Starks, vengeance, and Needle

This is partly a response to this post on asoiafuniversity, but it ended up being 80% tangent and not really reblog material. But the post hit on a lot of interesting topics about vengeance, violence, and Stark identity.

I disagree with the premise that this is a book-to-show adaptation problem, and especially not one of Benioff and Weiss missing the point. How does one watch that scene - Arya’s lip quivering in her young little face, the Stark theme (the actual saddest violins in the world) swelling over the lapping waves, ending with a cut to the weirwood face, the weeping eyes of the old gods looking down on her, the whole sequence sandwiched between scenes of her brother and her sister back in the North - and think that it was made without consideration of what it means for Arya to be a Stark? Admittedly I’m not generally big on authorial intent, but I find it bizarre to give more weight to one throw-off comment in an interview than to every single choice that went into the construction of such a memorable scene.

Still, to each their own. More substantively, though, I think it really undersells the complexity of both book and show to try and compartmentalize the bad (vengeance) from the good (sentiment). 

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Jonsa Week Day 1 Entry - Children

Summary: The Seven Kingdoms are back as they were pre-Conquest. The War for the Dawn is done, and Jon comes back to Sansa, who is now his wife after a hasty marriage. Only he is not alone, he has a motherless newborn in his arms. Sansa wonders whether this is how her own mother felt all these years ago, only this wasn’t just some nameless woman’s bastard. But in this new world, they can cope, heal and fall in love. 

Sansa was not sure what to feel when she saw Jon for the first time since he left to fight beyond the Wall. She was certainly elated, as any proper wife would be in this kind of situation. But it wasn’t like they had a typical marriage in the first place, and that greatly added to her confusion.

He somehow seemed taller than when she had seen him last, maybe it was because the weight of the world was no longer on his shoulders. She ran towards him, her arms outstretched. Yet, even as his eyes filled with warmth and his arms jerked, Jon did not return the gesture.

And then she saw it. The tiniest baby in his arms, barely breathing. When Jon returned, Sansa thought that her life was about to get less complicated, but looking at the child’s black, messy curls and muddy-violet eyes, she knew that that would never be.

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