robb and theon best dudes forever

Things About School Of Thrones I Loved

• Dany: We’re young, we’re hormonal, we all love the sh*t out of dragons-

Robb: We’re actually more of a dog family.

• Jon Snow just going around school with a fur cloak thing, even during sunny days.

• Jon having a crush on Dany- I didn’t realise how long the Jonerys thing has been going on for, like, how long people have been shipping that.

• Theon and Robb being “best dudes forever”.

• Tyrion just being that one kid who’s always on something.

• All the movie references

• Stannis vs Renly. Just, that whole thing.

• Theon’s attempt to sneak him and Robb into the Baratheon party.

• Jeoffrey: Sansa Stark made out with a hot dog?

The Hound: Oh my God, that was one time!

So many other things, but that’ll do for now.