SO my penpal Safia just released her book, “The Life and Times of Susie Knuckles”. I am absolutely infatuated with her art, so in celebration I drew her, AGAIN!  To get a copy, go to her book release party at the Nuyorican Poets’ Cafe in NYC, Nov 15th from 6:30 to 7pm, OR if you can’t make it, purchase it online, here!

Robalu’s WUTANG-RAP/PROLOGUE: Be prepared to drown in ol’ dirty metaphors/ that won’t wash off;  your soap ‘bout to be hella bored/ when the tub rings, your shower will get snuffed/ your bathwater can’t sink the craftmanship of Susie Knuck/

Came across Durand Bernarr aka alcoholharmony through Love is the Law Magazine earlier this summer. He has an addictive remix of “Lost & Found” with Lianne La Havas and Marques Toliver that I swear is chiseled into my eardrums.

I made this piece listening to his “8ight: The Stepson of Erykah Badu” project. Durand is a fun, creative singer with a range crazy enough shake the angels out of heaven! I’m not surprised that he ended singing with Badu. Definitely the embodiment of freestyle soul.

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The wonderful people at Love Is Law Magazine Have taken so much of a liking to my work of Lianne La Havas, Marques Toliver & Liam Bailey that they featured me on their website! I’m so happy! This is my FIRST official online feature. I’d LOVE to meet these people soon!

Check it out!

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*For-sale art prints coming soon!

New Lianne La Havas illustration drawn listening “Tease Me” on repeat before driving up to Alexandria and finally meeting her! SO MUCH POETRY & LOOOOOOOVE!!! I’m still amazed at how many doors opened up just by tweeting two sketches.

Let this be encouragement for any aspiring artists. Set goals. Keep creating. Be diligent. Work hard to put yourself in the right positions. Center yourself around the right people. Ask questions. Be bold but respectful. Stay inspired. And soon, your dreams will solidify into realities.


Kendrick Lamar stops the concert and holds up my artwork at 1:37!!! This is why I keep creating, for moments like this. Thanks PS for telling me to make a shirt. Thanks Niqko for filming it. And thanks Heli for blogging about it. Please share! @robartistic

Came across Jennah Bell’s music, watching poetry on The Striver’s Row youtube page. Miss Bell definitely lives up to her last name; her bright voice, colorful lyrics, & mesmerizing melodies instantly drew me into her world. Thus, I drew this piece listening to the acoustic “Shot Gun City” on repeat!

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