Come for Jon Stewart, Stay for Aasif Mandvi: The Best Daily Show Correspondents of All-Time

As a fan of The Daily Show since its inception, I have often pondered this question: “who is the best on-air correspondent in the show’s history?”  I’ve seriously asked myself this. It’s a disease.  If you’re reading this, you may suffer the same affliction.

When you watch a show as many times as many of us have watched The Daily Show, it’s a fair question.  Roughly 50 repeat players have come and gone and more than 30 of them have had the title “correspondent” – the men and women who ask uncomfortable questions and carry out the shtick.

With the show coming to an end – at least in its Jon Stewart form – I set out to create my favorites list. A number of recent long-haul flights gave me a little bit of time, but more importantly, I just felt like I had to do this.  The Daily Show gave me countless nights of entertainment, accounted for roughly 50% of my DVR playback since the DVR was invented and it even provided me with new ways of looking at political issues of the day – a tough ask for a comedy show.  More than anything else, though, I realized that as much as I love the host of the show, the players that contribute off to the side are often times the best part. Come for Jon Stewart, stay for Aasif Mandvi.

As I pulled together the list, here’s what I discovered:

1) When you start dissecting the show, you remember bits that you long ago forgot: Produce Pete, Out at The Movies, Even Stephven.  These were laugh-out-loud skits that made us all come back time and time again in the early years.

2) Much like Saturday Night Live, although perhaps less prolific, The Daily Show launched (or seriously helped along) the careers of many performers.  We all know what it did for Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell, but to that list we must include: John Oliver, Ed Helms, Mo Rocca, John Hodgman, Olivia Munn, Demetri Martin and many others.

3) Over time, Jon Stewart and his production partners made a concerted effort to become younger and more diverse.  Around the time that Colbert and Carrell departed in 2005, Aasif Mandvi, Larry Wilmore, Wyatt Cenac and Kristen Schaal joined as recurring players.  They modernized the show and kept it relevant for the second half of its run.


To start, allow me to wend us down to 20.  These are great talents that didn’t make my personal Top 20, but we must include them in any discussion of the show.  They’re listed in alphabetical order.  Read them slowly.  If you’re a fan, you’ll remember a lot of them.

Dan Bakkedahl (2005-2007)

Mary Birdsong (2002)

Lewis Black (1996-2015)

Michael Che (2014)

Nate Corddry (2005-2006)

Vance DeGeneres (1999-2001)

Susie Essman (1996)

Josh Gad (2009-2011)

Stacey Grenrock-Woods (1998-2003)

Beth Littleford (1996-2000)

Demetri Martin (2005-2008)

Hasan Minhaj (2014-2015)

Olivia Munn (2010-2011)

Trevor Noah (2014-2015)

Caroline Rhea (1996)

Lauren Weedman (2001-2002)

Lizz Winstead (1996-1997)


#20: Dave Attell (1999-2002)

Known for: The Ugly American

Attell was an early cast member who many instantly recognized for his stand-up act.  He was friends with Jon from years earlier and Jon repaid that friendship and obvious respect for his work, by making Dave a recurring feature.  Attell had an authentic edge to him that carried over from his stand-up.  In my opinion: he was a more enjoyable player than Lewis Black to carry out that angry voice.

#19: Frank DeCaro (1996-2003)

Out At The Movies

DeCaro was a showbiz reporter before (and after) The Daily Show, so the shift from mainstream media to comedy wasn’t too wide.  In a way, Out At The Movies was one of the early pieces that made it difficult to determine if the show was life imitating art or art imitating life.  Here is DeCaro’s review of “The Gladiator”:

#18: Nancy Walls (1999-2003)

We Love Showbiz, Dollars & Cents

Walls might be best known for her stint on Saturday Night Live (Her Wake Up and Smile skit with Will Ferrell is one of my favorites) as well as being Steve Carrell’s wife.  But, she did some terrific turns on The Daily Show including one captured in the clip posted to #17 below.

#17: Mo Rocca (1998-2003)

Mopinion, Dollars & Cents

Rocca went on to be a contributor in a number of other forums including CBS Sunday Morning (an all-time favorite of mine), but his work on The Daily Show brought him to TV homes who did not yet know who he was.  Here he is with Steve Carrell and Nancy Walls in a segment called Dollars and Cents.—the-return-of-nancy-walls

#16: Kristen Schaal (2008-2015)

Women’s Issue Correspondent

Schaal had been on the HBO show Flight of the Conchords, so she was recognizable to many when she started on the show in 2008.  She always seems to get Jon Stewart leaning forward during her pieces showing the hypocrisy of gender inequality.

#15: John Hodgman (2006-2015)

Resident Expert, Deranged Millionaire, You’re Welcome

Hodgman plays his characters and he plays them well.  His work as the goofy and aloof PC in the Mac and PC ads for Apple are how many people got to know him.  On The Daily Show, his persona is typically a continuation of PC – stodgy, expert and better than you.

#14: Rob Riggle (2006-2008)

Senior Millitary Affairs Correspondent

Riggle was an actual veteran of war and those experiences, crossed with his comic timing, certainly helped the show during the years when America was embroiled in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Here’s his News Team profile:—rob-riggle

#13: Jessica Williams (2012-2015)

Senior Youth Correspondent, Senior Beyonce Correspondent

I’ve loved Jessica Williams from the start.  I remember - perhaps correctly, perhaps incorrectly - that her first few reports were a bit shaky.  But she was young, aggressive with her comedy and you just wanted to root for her.  I hadn’t felt that way since I first watched Conan O’Brien.  Since then, she’s been one of the best and funniest voices on the show.

#12: Rob Corddry (2002-2006)

This Week In God, Come On!

A recent piece on Corddry in New York magazine suggested he plays the smug character really well – that it’s kind of become his thing.  Agreed. And it always worked.

#11: Jason Jones (2002-2015)

Are You Prepared?

Jason Jones was one of a handful of reporters over the years that you could call fearless.  No matter where he ventured: into the home or office of a racist or to cover on the elections in India as a US-centric reporter, he knew who he was and never seemed to reflect an ounce of discomfort in doing so.  In many ways, he felt like a real journalist (many on the show did, but Jones took that to the next level).  He is also the husband of Samantha Bee, #10 on this list.


#10: Samantha Bee (2003-2015)

Most Senior Correspondent, News I’d Like to F@ck

Samantha Bee was the longest tenured correspondent on The Daily Show.  At times, she was the only female in the cast – or at least the only woman with a frequent, recurring role.  Like Jason Jones, she was fearless is almost any situation.  And, she was phenomenally funny.  I’m not sure if she wrote the title to the segment referred to above or just performed it, but the idea of “News I’d Like to F@ck” pretty much sums up the satire of the show in the first place.  Check out her coverage of the 2014 Florida Governors Race, The Last Perspiration of Crist.  (Watch the whole thing as her portion is about two-thirds of the way through and is totally worth the wait.)—the-last-perspiration-of-crist

#9: Wyatt Cenac (2008-2012)

Senior Black Correspondent

Wyatt Cenac brought an edge to the show when he joined in 2008.  He was great from the start.  It’s hard to point to just one segment that catches his brilliance.  Here’s just one from the 2012 Presidential election, Swing State Hell:—ohio-votes

#8: Jordan Klepper (2014-2015)

Senior Caucasian Correspondent

I have Jordan Klepper rated very high on this list.  He may not have been on the show for very long, but I loved him from his first segment.  He exhibits total confidence whenever he’s on camera and he would have been my choice – had I had a vote – to replace Jon Stewart at the news desk.

Protecting Shooters:

#7: Al Madrigal (2011-2015)

Senior Latino Correspondent

Madrigal is wickedly funny and has the great comedic ability to say the most inappropriate things, yet have them feel like they were your idea all along. Along with Cenac and Williams, he came along at the right time to continue modernizing the show with both diversity and a new approach to the role of correspondent.  Here he is in Bro Choice:

#6: Ed Helms (2002-2006)

Ad Nauseum, We Love Showbiz, This Week In God, Mark Your Calendar

Helms, who went on to star in The Office with fellow former Daily Show cast member Steve Carrell, was incredibly versatile on the show.  He was a hired gun who could rise to any task.  Here he is essentially mediating a dispute in Clark, Texas which had just changed its name to take money from a huge marketer:

#5: Larry Wilmore (2006-2014)

Senior Black Correspondent

There wasn’t a single segment that Larry Wilmore was in where I didn’t laugh out loud.  He spoke the truth about race relations and the pieces he and Jon did at the desk might have felt a bit contrived, but they always had a message behind them. A smart, funny message. I just wish I liked The Nightly Show more than I do – I was so excited for it, but it hasn’t materialized the way I had hoped.

The Black Presidency:

#4: Aasif Mandvi (2006-2015)

Senior Middle East Correspondent

The brilliance of Mandvi is that he has the perfect makeup for his role – he’s Muslim and he’s an incredibly confident reporter.  That combination allows him to go down a line of questioning on a subject that others couldn’t touch or, if they did, it wouldn’t be as funny and deadly as it is in his hands.  My guess is that not many other people would rate him this high on the list (”What about Lewis Black?!  What about Ed Helms?!”), but he’s just too good not to be.

#3: John Oliver (2006-2013)

Senior British Person

When Stephen Colbert and Steve Carrell left the show, Jon Stewart needed someone with a mature persona to be his foil in so many desk conversations. John Oliver was just that talent. Here is is playing Sir Archibald Mapsalot III (of course) in one of his perfectly timed British person segments:

#2: Steve Carrell (1996-2005)

Produce Pete, Dollars & Cents, Even Stephven, We Love Showbiz, Ad Nauseum

I can’t imagine any list of favorite Daily Show correspondents that don’t include Steve Carrell and Stephen Colbert in the top 2.  They were the two most versatile players on the show.

Here’s Carrell doing his recurring character “Produce Pete” in a segment called “Eat It Raw”:—eat-it-raw

And then there’s Carrell doing a campaign piece from the 2008 primaries, On the Bus with John McCain.  At the time of this piece, the show wasn’t getting invited many places as a serious journalistic (or pseudo-serious) operation, so this was pretty advanced for them:—mccain-campaign-bus

#1: Stephen Colbert (1997-2005)

This Week in God, Even Stephven

The best thing I could say about Stephen Colbert is that I would up watching The Colbert Report first each night before I would watch The Daily Show.  It started out that way because I would want to eat the cupcake first and save the frosting for the end.  Over time, I came to think of Colbert as the frosting and couldn’t wait to sink into it.

I’ll end with 3 clips featuring his work.

Abu Cribs, his reporting on the discovery of an underground lair during the Iraqi war.  One of my favorite parts of his talent is his expressive voice.  He lands every intonation:—abu-cribs

Cultural review of The Gates, his coverage of the art installation in Central Park back in 2005:

Drink Responsibly, his memorable “kids, please don’t drink alcohol” public service message co-starring Steve Carrell:

Long live The Daily Show and all of its stars.  You are leaving a big hole in our DVRs.


Shining bright in the kingdom

Dear Maya
Today was Father’s Day here and even though mine is in heaven he still smiled down on us as we remembered him. I wish he was here to see our little princess. It was such fun seeing her Daddy enjoy his “day” for the first time! I know you see it in your own house because there is just something extra special about daddies and their little girls!

R: honey did you know they’ve been talking about coloring on twitter?

K: coloring? what kind of coloring?

R: coloring. You know. Like with colors. Like pictures.

K: whoa. Well that’s a vast improvement over the usual twitter shit. Coloring’s rad. I fucking love coloring

R: “ I see colors in a different way.” that’s a line from that song you’ve been humming.

K: ha ha you were listening? That song rocks dude.

R: It’s about you. The words are perfect. The universe is on my side and I get lost in your eyes.

K; It’s about us. Planets lining up right. I think the planets have done a pretty fucking amazing job lately

R: honey today was the best day. You made me feel like a King.

K: yeah well don’t get used to it. Tomorrow you have diaper duty in this kingdom. Throne’s been taken back by a couple of drawflings

R: I’m happy to relinquish my crown to them. Thanks for making it great though

K: guess all we need is to see a shooting star to make it perfect.

R: I know what would make it even more perfect

K: what? you’re going to sprinkle star dust on my pillow case?

R: I might. But I know something even better than that

K: of course you do

R: you didn’t say it

K: say what?

R: that I owe a dollar for my one track

K: you get a reprieve since it’s kinda your day

R: WHAT? then I’m going to go take out all the money I put in my jar earlier

K: you put money in today?

R: yeah cuz I was already thinking about tonight

K: oh really? how much did you put in?

R: a LOT

K: how ‘bout you leave it in there and I’ll just make it worth your investment

R: I love the way your mind works

K: yeah well I love you dude. Hey! happy father’s day

R: thanks for making today possible and hey! I love you more..

So sweet Maya
I’m spending the week with the princess. She’s the bright star in our universe! This is really just the cutest song. You must have a listen. It’s going to be OK.

I think the universe is on my side
Heaven and Earth have finally aligned
Days are good and that’s the way it should be

You sprinkle star dust on my pillow case
It’s like a moonbeam brushed across my face
Nights are good and that’s the way it should be

You make me sing oh, la, la, La
You make a girl go oh oh
I’m in love, love

Did you see that shooting star tonight?
Were you dazzled by the same constellation?
Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me?
I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right
'Cause now I’m shining bright, so bright
Bright, so bright

And I see colors in a different way
You make what doesn’t matter fade to grey
Life is good and that’s the way it should be

You make me sing oh, la, la, la
You make a girl go oh oh
I’m in love, love

Did you see that shooting star tonight?
Were you dazzled by the same constellation?
Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me?
I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right
'Cause now I’m shining bright (oh) so bright
And I get lost (oh) in your eyes

Did you see that shooting star tonight?
Were you dazzled by the same constellation?
Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me?
I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right
I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right
I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right*
'Cause now I’m shining bright, so bright
Bright, so bright
Bright, so bright
And I get lost in your eyes tonight

The way Veronica has looked at Logan and the way she looks at you, you know you aren’t going to be the winner. At the end of the day you can’t compete with what is going on between the two of them.
—  Rob Thomas on Veronica and Logan’s final interaction and the way he asked Chris Lowe (Piz) to handle it
Game Day Blues

He’d just gotten into his trailer for a much-needed break from shooting when his phone began to buzz in his hand. He smiled when he saw the caller I.D. as he plopped down on the couch. “Hey, love,” he answered expecting to hear his wife on the other end.

“Daddy,” the soft voice of his four and a half year old little girl met him.

“Oh,” he replied taken slightly by surprise, “Hey, princess.”

“When you comin’ home,” she immediately asked him. Just like her mother, she didn’t beat around the bush.

“Very soon.”

“You been gone forever,” she whined, “I miss you lots, Daddy.”

“I miss you too, sweetheart, so much, but I promise I’ll be home before you know it,”

“My first soccer game’s tomorrow. I want you there so bad. Mommy and Grandma and Grandpa and Unca Cam and everyone,” she emphasized, “is going to be there, but it won’t be the same if you’re not there. Please, come home to see it,” her little voice begged with so much hope.

It was going to kill him to tell her he couldn’t because he had to be on set. He wanted to be there so badly, it was her first ever soccer game and he felt like such a bad dad for missing it, but it couldn’t be helped. If he could find a way to make it happen, he would, but he just wasn’t sure it was possible since they were still filming.

“Angel, I’m so sorry, but I just don’t think I can get off and fly home in time. I promise, though, as soon as I’m home I won’t miss another match,” he swore because he knew he could keep that promise. “Tell Mummy and Harper to cheer extra loud for me, okay?”

“Okay,” he heard her sniffle dejectedly on the other end. He hated this moment. He felt his eyes water as his heart broke at the sound of her sniffles. He looked up at the ceiling of his trailer willing the tears not to fall. He’d been there for all her firsts, why couldn’t he be there for this one?

He willed his voice not to crack with the next words that he spoke, “Since I can’t make it tomorrow, will you try to score a goal for me? I don’t want to miss it, but it’d make me really happy if you did.”

He could sense her mood and face perk up at this question. “Yeah,” he could hear the small yet sniffled smile in her voice.

“I’ll tell Mummy to make sure she records it too, so I can still see it, okay,” he said trying to help cheer her up a little more. When the line was silent, he realized she was probably shaking her head. “You know I can’t see you shake your head, princess,” he chuckled swiping at the corner of his eye to catch a loose tear, “Will that make it a little better, though?”

“I guess so,” she sighed heavily, “Daddy, do you pinky swear not to miss another game once you’re home?”

“I double pinky swear,” he promised.

“Ooo, double pinky swear. Daddy, you really are serious,” she said her little voice full of awe at her father’s remark.

“I really am,” he swore. “I love you, baby girl.”

“I love you too, Daddy,” she replied.

“Can I talk to Mummy, now,” he wondered hoping his daughter would now pass the phone off to his wife.

“MOMMY! PHONE,” Eden hollered on the other end and though he was beginning to feel more homesick than usual, he couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh at his daughter yelling for Kristen as it just sounded like another typical day in their house.


“Eden! Come on, we gotta get your socks and shin guards on and go or we’re going to be late,” Kristen called up the stairs then let out a heavy sigh. “Harper, what are we going to do with your sister,” she looked down smiling at her three-year-old.

“I dunno, Mama,” Harper just shrugged her shoulders then giggled as Cole came over and began nudging her with her wet nose. “Colllee,” the little girl whined.

The sound of small, bare feet padding down the stairs came before the little girl appeared dressed in her blue and grey uniform holding her Nike shin guards in one hand and her bright blue socks in the other. She sat down on the second to last step silently handing her mother the items she was holding.

Kristen immediately noticed the change in Eden’s behavior. Last night and this morning at breakfast, her oldest was practically bouncing out of her chair with anticipation for her first game, but now, she was completely quiet and the look on her angel-like face wasn’t one of beaming excitement.

“What’s wrong, baby girl,” Kristen asked kneeling down on the floor in front of the stairs and placing hand on Eden’s leg.  Eden just shook her little head ‘no’ as tears filled her eyes. “You can always talk to me,” Kristen looked at her daughter with sincerity hoping she could fix whatever was causing her to be upset.

“I wish Daddy was here,” Eden’s voice wobbled as she tried not to cry, “Everyone’s going to be there ‘cept for him, and I just want him to be there. He’s always been there.”

Kristen looked over at Harper who was distracted by Cole then back to Eden. “Sweetie,” she sighed searching for the words to make Rob’s absence from her first soccer game not so bad, “He’s hates he’s going to miss it just as badly as you do, but I promised him that I’d make sure that everyone cheered extra loud for him. I know I will,” she winked, “and I promised that I would record your game and send it to him, okay?”

Eden just shook her head ‘yes’ as a few tears fell down her cheeks.

“He promised you he’d make it to every game once he’s home didn’t he,” she asked her daughter knowingly to which she got another shake of the head in response. “So, how bout this, you go out there and you play the best first game ever, so you can brag to him about it once he’s home, and then he has to come to your games to see it for himself.”

That idea put a watery-eyed smile on the little girl’s face as she finally spoke up, “Okay.”

“Alright. I love you, but we need to finish getting you ready or else we’re really going to be late,” Kristen said as she gently grabbed her daughter’s right leg and began to put the shin guard on.

As soon as Eden stood up ready to go, cleats on and everything, she was met with a hug from her little sister, “I love you, Eden. I be sure to cheer extra, extra loud for you.”

“Thanks, Harper,” she smiled as they embraced. After they released, Eden went over and hugged Kristen, who was, now, holding Cole on a leash. “Love you, Mama.”

“Love you too, sweet girl,” she rubbed her oldest’s back and kissed the top of her head, “Now, come on kiddos, we gotta go!”


“So, when’s Rob coming home,” her mom asked her from where they sat in the grass on the sidelines.

“He’s supposed to finish up next week, but you know how things can get, so we’ll see how it plays out,” she sighed missing her husband.

Her youngest daughter’s giggles filled the air behind her. “Higher, Unca Cam,” she squealed.

Kristen looked over her shoulder at her brother who was tossing Harper into the air and catching her. “Cam, please, be careful,” she warned her motherly instincts making her on edge.

“Alright, shorty,” Cam looked to the little girl in his arms, “we have to stop before your ole Mom has a panic attack.”

“Aww,” she pouted giving her uncle the puppy dog eyes.

“Oh, Kris, c'mon I’m getting the puppy dog eyes now. Someone help me or I’m going to cave to the cuteness,” he said jokingly looking away from his niece in his arms.

“Come here, you,” John reached for his granddaughter, “come see grandpa,” he took the little girl from his son who was standing next to him.

Kristen started to stroke Cole’s back as she laid asleep next to her then she turned her attention back to the game.

“Go, Eden,” she cheered realizing her daughter had just been put in the game and held up her phone to record her little girl. Her family chorused their encouragement too, and of course, they were met by Eden smiling widely and waving to them from the field.

“Eden, go get the ball,” Jules clapped giving her a thumbs up. With that, she took off after the rest of the children chasing the ball across the field.

It was by far one of the cutest things to watch, this clump of four and five year old children going after the ball and falling all over the place due to their excitement and lack of good balance. Every time Eden would run past her family, she’d get distracted and start waving and smiling at them.

“How’s she doing,” an all-too-familiar accent asked from behind them.

Kristen’s head whipped around faster than she thought possible as she stared at the man before her in shock. “What the…” she fumbled for words as she stood, “what the hell are you doing here?”

“Surprise,” Rob grinned pulling her in for a hug and kissing her lightly.

“DADDY,” they were interrupted as a small body crashed into their legs.

Leaning down, he pulled Harper up into his arms and peppered her cherub face with kisses. “I missed you, Daddy,” she giggled as he kissed her cheek one last time.

“I missed you too, angel.”

“It’s good to see you, Rob,” John came over to shake his hand in the friendly way they always did when they saw each other.

“So, you never answered my daughter’s question, ‘what the hell are you doing here’,” Jules laughed standing to give him a side hug while holding Cole’s leash.

“Well, I didn’t know I’d be able to come home until last night. When we finished scenes around one this morning, David came over and told me that my part was wrapped. So, I caught the red-eye out of Toronto and here I am.”

“Glad you home, Daddy,” Harper patted his cheek.

“Me too, baby girl,” he smiled at her before setting her down.

The family continued to chat and watch as a determined little Eden ran around the field with her teammates.

As the game was drawing to an end, one little boy kicked the ball in Eden’s direction. Eden began dribbling toward toward the other team’s goal. As soon as she got close enough, she kicked the ball as hard as she could. It went speeding across the grass, past the tiny goalkeeper and into the back of the net. All the cheering and excitement on the sidelines startled Cole from her sleep causing her to jump up and bark animatedly.

Eden turned to look at her family clapping and hollering for her on the sidelines a bright, enthusiastic smile spread across her face as the referee blew the final whistle. That’s when she noticed him. Her eyes went wide and her expression changed to shock then pure happiness as she sprinted toward the field’s edge.

“DADDDDDYYYY,” she yelled going straight past Kristen and Jules and right into the waiting arms of her dad. “You came,” she cried as she squeezed him tightly around his neck, “did you see me score,” she asked all in one breath tilting her head back to look him in the eyes.

“Yes, I did, sweetheart. You played so well. I’m so proud of you,” he smiled proudly at her.

“Now, you’re not going to miss any of my games,” her face lit up with that thought.

“No, I’m not. Home for good as of right now,” he said as he felt a tiny hand pull at his pant leg.

“Daddy, up,” Harper begged. He adjusted Eden in his right arm then scooped Harper up in his left. He was then greeted by two kisses, one on each cheek. He was so happy to finally be back with his girls.

“Good game, squirt,” Cam lightly patted Eden on the back kissing her cheek, “Now, I heard a certain grandpa promised two little munchkins ice cream after the game, and I was hoping he’d treat his loving son to some as well,“ Cam laughed eying John.

“ICE CREAM,” both girls yelled right in Rob’s ears.

“It’s good to be home, isn’t it, babe,” Kristen giggled as he winced.

“So good.”

Hey everyone! So when I asked, a lot of you said you enjoyed the stories with the kids more, so this was what I came up with. I hope you all enjoyed it! Consider somewhat of a Father’s Day story.

I’m trying not to take so long in posting these days as I have a little more time now than I did during the school year. Hopefully, I’ll have another one posted here in the next week or two, maybe sooner if the time and idea allows! As always, thank you all for your love and support for this blog. It really means a lot to me.

Also, of course, I try to put this after every story, but the RKStoriesRUs Ultimate Playlist is always taking song requests to be added to the page. Nothing new has been posted there in a while, so if you think of something, please, feel free to send it to my askbox or fanmail.

Lastly, I’ll be posting my Twilight Fanfiction idea right after this post, so if you see it and read it, please, let me know your thoughts and questions on it as well as if you liked it or not. Feedback on this will help me decide if I should spend the time writing it or not.

Until next time! Stay classy – Sam

Marshmallows beware!

I’m not proud, but I’m gonna be that person, the one who points fingers and says “that’s not cool, dude, don’t do that”.

If you are tracking the “Veronica Mars” tag, you may have noticed that there’s a certain blog which has been strangely prolific in the last week or so. Like TOO prolific. And if you pay closer attention to said blog’s post, you’ll start to notice how their post aren’t cohesively put together, let’s say.

That’s because this person is stealing other people’s work and reposting it. hanitjemars told me she tried to reach this person and tell them they shouldn’t continue doing this, but of course, their ask box is closed because they know what they are doing is wrong. 

So, as someone who spends a lot of time making gifs and knows how hard it is and who has invested a lot of time and effort in learning how to make them even if they end up looking like crap, I’m begging you not to reblog anything from this person. And it’s pretty easy to tell when someone is posting other people’s work, just take your time going through each gif in a post before reblogging, which is like two seconds. Do they all have different coloring? Do they all have different sizes? Do they look weird or stretched? Then they are stolen.

I know there are always gonna be reposters, but if we don’t reblog from them, if we don’t give them notes, they will eventually stop.

So yeah I’m gonna be that person. Sorry. 

Banana Pancakes & Morning Sing-A-Longs

Originally posted by daily-nibbles

This story is completely fictional and all for fun!

“It smells so fuuu-dging,” he glanced at his three-year-old daughter, who had wide eyes, as he entered the kitchen, “delicious in here,” he recovered making his way over to his wife at the stove and kissing her cheek.

“Oooo, daddy almost said a bad word,” little Eden piped up glancing at her mother, who was giggling.

“Yes, he did. Should we make him put money in the swear jar,” she answered while grinning at her husband.

“But I didn’t actually say it,” he pled his case looking at Kristen for help.

“Don’t look at me. I can’t help you,” she laughed going back to flipping pancakes, “It’s up to your daughters.”

“What do you think, Harper,” Eden asked her little sister, who was seated in her high chair.

“Bad daddy,” Harper squealed and hit her fork against her tray.

“I’ll show you two bad daddy,” Rob playfully growled as he sauntered over to the table.

The next thing Eden knew she was in her daddy’s arms being tickled and kissed all over. “DADDY,” her laughter filled the kitchen as he continued to attack her with tickles and kisses, “DADDY STOP!”

“All right,” he said planting one last kiss on her cheek before setting her down in her seat, “How’d this little princess sleep?”

“Good,” she replied giving her daddy a toothy smile.

He kissed Harper on the top of her head before pouring himself a cup of coffee and taking his own place at the table.

“Breakfast is served,” Kristen came over setting a plate down with a stack of pancakes and another with bacon.

“It looks so good, mommy,” Eden happily eyed the pancakes on the table as Harper banged her fork on her high chair tray again signaling she was ready for breakfast.

Both parents went to work fixing their children’s plates before settling in to make their own. “What kind are these,” Rob wondered looking over at Kristen after taking his first bite.

“They’re –,” Kristen went to say but was quickly interrupted.

“They’re banana pancakes like George makes, silly,” Eden replied matter of factly.

“George,” he questioned slightly worried and silenlty praying that ‘George’ wasn’t a little boy from her pre-school.

“Curious George,” Kristen explained feeding Harper a bite, “Eden begged me to make them for breakfast, so I figured we’d try something new.”

“Oh, yeah,” he remembered.

“They’re tasty aren’t they, Harps,” Kristen cooed at their almost two year old.

“Daddy, will you play the song after breakfast, please,” Eden piped up from across the table giving her daddy the puppy-dog eyes.

“If you finish your whole plate, I will, but no feeding the puppies,” he warned.

“Sorry, Bear,” she looked down at her furry brother, who was wagging his tail and sitting by her chair waiting anxiously for scraps; his tail rhythmically hitting the leg of the table.

After Eden announced she was done and Kristen approved her cleaned plate, Rob went and grabbed his guitar. Both of their daughters began to bounce in their seats with excitement; they loved it when either of their parents played music for them. Music was in their DNA that was for sure.

As Rob began to play the opening chords to the girls’ favorite song, Eden climbed down from her chair and began to shake her little bum to the music. “Down, down,” Harper cried from her high chair begging to join her sister.

Kristen laughed and released her other daughter from the confines of her seat, and quickly, both little girls were in the middle of the floor dancing to their song as Rob began to sing:

 Who’s to say

What’s impossible

Well they forgot

This world keeps spinning

And with each new day

I can feel a change in everything

And as the surface breaks reflections fade

But in some ways they remain the same

And as my mind begins to spread it’s wings

There’s no stopping curiosity

Eden and Harper jumped in at the chorus singing the words as best, and as loudly, as they could.

I want to turn the whole thing upside down

I’ll find the things they say just can’t be found

I’ll share this love I find with everyone

We’ll sing and dance to Mother Nature’s songs

I don’t want this feeling to go away

Who’s to say

I can’t do everything

Well I can try

And as I roll along I begin to find

Things aren’t always just what they seem

I want to turn the whole thing upside down

I’ll find things they say just can’t be found

I’ll share this love I find with everyone

We’ll sing and dance to Mother Nature’s songs

This world keeps spinning and there’s no time to waste

Well it all keeps spinning spinning round and round and

Upside down

Who’s to say what’s impossible and can’t be found

I don’t want this feeling to go away

Please don’t go away

Please don’t go away

Please don’t go away

Is this how it’s supposed to be

Is this how it’s supposed to be

As the final chords of the song faded out, the girls clapped and giggled excitedly. “Yay, daddy! Again,” they asked.

He leaned his guitar against the table and stood to take some plates over to the counter where Kristen had been standing watching the scene unfold before her as she cleaned up. “In a minute loves, I have to help mummy clean up.”

Once on her side of the counter, she pulled him closer by his t-shirt and wrapped her arms around him. “You just made those two the happiest little girls this morning,” she looked lovingly into his blue eyes. “You’re the best daddy,” she smiled as she reached around his neck to pull him in for a kiss.

“Ew! Kissing,” Eden exclaimed causing Kristen to giggle against Rob’s lips.

As they pulled apart and looked at the two little girls standing in the kitchen, neither one could withhold their laughter at the scene of Eden covering both her own eyes and her sister’s.

“You done,” she asked peeking at her parents through her tiny fingers.

“Yes,” they both groaned playfully at the same time.

“Good. Now about that money,” Eden looked towards her father.

“If I play the song one more time, can I get off the hook,” he tried his hand at bargaining with his oldest.

“Hmmm,” she tapped her pointer finger to her chin and turned her eyes to the corner thinking on the offer. “Deal,” she finally replied holding out her hand.

“Deal,” he grinned down at her taking her hand and giving it a gentle shake.

Song: “Upside Down” by Jack Johnson from the Curious George Movie

Link to song:

HI!!! I know it’s been awhile and I deeply apologize for the wait. Life tends to get in the way quite often, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to allow it to keep me from writing about these two. I’m still here and working when I can and as often as my schedule allows me. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your patience and support. You guys are the best for sticking with me and still reading what I have to write!

As you have now read, I have introduced a new character to the stories in this one, little Harper. I can’t wait to work more with her and see how this little sister character develops. I hope you all enjoyed this story! Let me know what you all think of this new addition to the stories if you want. As always, I love to hear feedback from my followers.  

And before I sign off, a final announcement. The RKStoriesRUs Ultimate Playlist hasn’t added anything new in a while and is always taking requests, so if you have songs that remind you of RK, feel free to send them to my ask box or fan-mail, so I can add them to the page. Song requests for additions to this list are always open, so please let me know if you come across any music to add.

Until next time, stay classy! Much love – Sam

PS: If I were to write a Bellward fanfiction and post it to the blog as well as to, would any of you be interested in reading it?

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Good Lord! People in the fandom need to calm their tits! People drop out of films for lots of different reasons. They're acting like it's the end of the world that Rob isn't in Brimstone. I admit, I'm disappointed because I was looking forward to it but geez, the sky certainly isn't falling because he isn't. How do you deal with all these worry warts & drama llamas? I'm watching online & want to bitch slap a few, LOL. Anyway, hoping for some big things to come. Have a great day Mama, love Lady T

Good lord there are some crazy over invested ppl on twitter!

This drama happens every time! By now ppl that follow Rob and Kristen need to get their head out of their asses and do some research about the movie industry and LEARN!

This shit happens all the time!

Just another version of pull up your big girl panties! If you can’t you don’t belong in a fandom especially not this one!

But as usual if there’s no drama going on in this fandom one of two things happens…

We create drama where there’s none…

Or fans/supporters start attacking other fans/supporters even if they were once your friends!

This fandom thrives on drama and doesn’t know how to deal with quiet times! And often many don’t know how to play nice with others! Lol

It’s a Monday where I am….almost noon……for some the day is over, getting ready fo dinner or their day is just getting started. 

Subject of this post: Trash Act Clickbait Tabloid Propaganda 

Posting this link once again as a reminder of what tabloids do:

What Does a Tabloid Smear Campaign Against Celebrities Look Like?

Interestingly enough….it was updated Jan. of this year. (Jan. 24, 2015)

Just WOWZA….is it ever full of more things about the tabloids and about what they are doing to BOTH ROB AND KRISTEN!!!!

The one thing that stood out like a neon sign was this statement right here:

When the tabloids have the emotions of their (many times young) obsessed fans stirred up - they make them money.

Yep….that is right…….by KNOWINGLY designing headlines and bullshit stories……they are hoping to STIR US hope in hopes they’ll make money off of US!!!!! 

Here are a few other things that caught my eye :

*Tabloids can be harmful on the life of an individual celebrity, the quality of life for fans, and even affect an entire society.

* There is one celebrity scandal that I have been following closely for two years, now… And I can tell you that what they do is frightening and wrong, if not illegal.

and guess what: THIS  IS TALKING ABOUT ROB!!!!! Yep…..ROB!!!!!

One Example of Subtle Tabloid Evil: Current Gossip Smear Campaign Against Robert Pattinson

Why on earth would there be a reason for doing this…….anymore then doing it to Kristen other then the fact they don’t SELL themselves to the yellow belly filthy low life pond scum lying roaches.

Both he and Kristen Stewart have been dealing with extreme mistreatment by paparazzi & tabloids since they were cast in Twilight in 2008.

Also, both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart personally do everything they can to NOT give the paparazzi any extra images or quotes beyond what is necessary to promote their films because they have always been so harassed by them. In fact, they very seldom speak to tabloid reporters - because their real words make them more money than any rumor they can come up with.

grrrr after reading this coming statement… will make you want to choke them and the best way to do that… to STOP reading their rubbish…..hit them wear it hurts the most: THEIR POCKETS!!!! 

Because Hollywood’s tabloids have a notorious reputation for lying among Twilight Fans; they don’t receive nearly as many hits as when Robert or Kristen give exclusives to them - because fans rush in to see what they really have to say.

Do you get that……do you understand……THEY LIE ON PURPOSE……to GET HITS OFF YOU….ME…..ALL OF US……because Rob & Kristen’s own words don’t do it… they just make this shit as they go. and make lots & lots of money by doing so!

OK…..let’s keep going:

That’s probably why this particular smear campaign specifically against Robert Pattinson happened - and it is probably one of the main reasons why the one they have going against Kristen Stewart still continues.

Did you get that…….basically because they don’t follow the same path as other celebs……they just say whatever they want… a 4 year old having a melt down in the candy isle of the grocery store so mom or dad will buy the thing they want….only…..most parents just ignore them…..and the whiny child….doesn’t get anything. Kind of like the paps & tabs…..they keep this shit up…..RK are like….nope….sorry… aren’t getting nothing from us.

Robert Pattinson Cops an Attitude Against Tabloids & Paparazzi at Cannes 2014

and he made a couple of slip-ups that tabloids & paparazzi probably didn’t like:

1) He declined to take individual images like the other Stars during the premier for MttS because he wasn’t one of the Stars

2) He made this comment in an interview, “I’m just trying to not be in stupid gossip magazines, basically, and I think the best way to do it is never be photographed ever.

Yeah, his fans have hardly seen him outside of work this year, and many of them have been complaining about it

How are Online Tabloid Stories a Little Different Than Print Stories

Because of the limitations of print along with the space of time in between stories; tabloids were still mean-spirited rumor-mongerers; but they couldn’t be so incessant about it - and they didn’t do NEARLY as much blatant lying.

Apparently, all you need to be able to publish a tabloid story is for ‘someone’ to have said it.

and this here statement……well it is the BIG one……..the one that so many on twitter have said a bizillion times……….

Did you know that MANY of today’s current tabloid 'rumors’ are started by FANS as they discuss rumors among themselves on Twitter AND in comments beneath their own stories? Tabloid reporters also seem to do things like just talk among their own friends and/or peers until an obvious 'direction’ a story 'could’ take comes up

I’ve been following the Kristen Stewart / Robert Pattinson 'cheating’ scandal since 2012. The number of times they have accused Robert of dating someone else or Kristen of 'going after’ an upcoming actor she is going to be starring in a movie with, is ridiculous.

Look how they using those quote marks by the word cheating….that is telling you that SHE didn’t cheat…..that it was MADE UP by who…..THE MEDIA!!!!

It’s been nothing but an utter insult to them, the people they are accused of sleeping around with; and their young (and young-at-heart) fans - whom tabloids are intentionally lying to about these things, for money

again….did you get that…..that they are INTENTIONALLY LYING about these things……for what……M.O.N.E.Y.!!!

There is a section on how printed tabloids are still surviving…..and at the end of that section…..there is this little tidbit:

After that week’s issue has passed, the 'hot’ printed story of the previous week is often published fully online since it has served it’s purpose of instigating hard copy magazine sales.

Now the story becomes useful online in mining pennies from clicks (and advertising sales) into the article by people who are still interested in it; AND it becomes a reference for future stories on the subject.

Next there is this:

Celebrity Gossip Affect on Fans

Tabloids have quite a dynamic system of manipulation established;

Why won’t they stop? Because obsessed fans ALMOST can’t stay away from the rumors, especially young fans. Plus, young fans (and women) are the most profitable demographic for movie and music producers - as well as entertainment industries related to them, like the tabloids

Next this is talked about:

What Do Celebrities Give Up to be Famous Aside from Personal Freedom?

This part is so eye-opening & you are going to have to read the article to see what I am taking about……answers those over the top fans who thinks if one is a celeb….it is our  right to all areas of their lives….ummmm NO IT IS NOT.

The Difference is Entertainment vs. Harassment

and there is how you can help out:
All Fans of All Celebrities Need to Unite for Tabloid & Paparazzi Reform

Tabloids & Paparazzi Don’t Deserve Absolute Protection from the First Amendment

Los Angeles Times: The Tabloids Don’t Deserve the First Amendment.Here’s a splash:

“The problem is that the culture of tabloid journalism in both Britain and the United States is deeply tied to criminal acts. Without illegal conduct, tabloids could not preempt the mainstream press, and they would not survive….

The root of the problem is our reluctance as a nation to accept that something can be criminal when it involves expression. Crime is crime. Tabloid journalism uses illegal tactics, and it does not deserve absolute protection from the 1st Amendment.”

Thank you for indulging me……as so many of us have been trying to say over & over…..along with the celebs……T.A.B.L.O.I.D.S lie on purpose and for money. They don’t care about who or what they are talking about as long as they get someone to read it and make money from it. It is that simple…….and makes them dirty rotten pigs for doing so. 

and as for me, myself, & I…..I am staying committed to the words of Rob & Kristen along with all the other celebs……..and what they have to say about these low-lives. 

heads back to my fort.

kristenmann7 by Rob Hammer
Via Flickr:
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omfg they aren't married with 2 kids!!!! I'm PRETTY sure the media would be all fucking over this. Just delete and save your dignity lmao.

I don’t need to delete…my dignity is GREAT!

I’m great and I’m very happy for Rob and Kristen. You might want to go slither back you dark basement and get prepared to lick your wounds!

They are married and they do have two baby girls!

Eventually you’ll learn to accept this!

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Dear last anon...FUCK YOU because this girl is an angel and a beautiful ray of sunshine and happiness that deserves all the goods in the world (unlike you). I love you baby 😘 ❤️

idk how many times i’ve said this today but i’ll say it again… I LOVE YOU