“Life is better when you share the ride.”

“June” is the story of a woman who becomes more connected to her community through ridesharing. Chromosphere was approached by Academy Award-winning director John Kahrs and Lyft to provide complete design and animation services for this project. We worked directly with John from the earliest concept designs through to the final frames, making sure that everything we did enhanced the story that he wanted to tell.

In the beginning we see only a small slice of the world around June in Chicago’s southside, but by the end we are taken on a whirlwind journey through all of Chicago’s diverse and colorful neighborhoods. For visualizing these environments we first tapped designer Théo Guignard whose rich color sensibilities brought out the beauty in every single place June visits.

One of our biggest challenges was to design, build, and rig June, our central character. She needed to be appealing and fit in with our graphic style, but also have the ability to exhibit subtle emotions. For her design, as well as all of the other characters in the film, we enlisted Tiffany Ford to capture her personality. Tiffany’s designs have an authentic and specific feel that is often hard to come by in mainstream animation.

To bring the characters to life we had to assemble a team of animators who could embrace the visual style of the short and also understand the subtlety of acting required to make the piece feel authentic. Leading this team was Nelson Boles, who lent his extremely sophisticated sensibilities to June’s movements and facial expressions.

The final product is a vibrant mix of 2D and 3D assembled by our skilled team of international compositors and animators. We’re incredibly proud to have been a part of this beautiful project. Check out our full production credits below:

Kevin Dart

Myles Shioda

Théo Guignard
Arthur Chaumay
Tiffany Ford
Jasmin Lai
Emily Paik
Sylvia Liu

Pedro Vergani
Feed Me Light: Felipe Hansen, Denis Bodart, Denis Bouyer, Richard Kazuo Maegaki
Mattias Bjurström
Theresa Latzko

Nelson Boles
Claudio Salas
Alex Grigg
Jonathan Djob Nkondo
Bill Northcott
Vitaliy Strokous

Camille Perrin

Stéphane Coëdel
Rob Ward
H. Kristen Campbell
Alasdair Brotherston

Nate Funaro
Keiko Murayama
Rachel Chu
Jim Levasseur

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Sorry to bother but what do u think happened in Jan '16???

Hi Nonnie. It’s no bother at all! Many of us thought that Sam and Cait were planning to reveal their marriage at the Golden Globes in January 2016. They had been acting like giddy newlyweds for much of the year, especially at the PaleyFest in March. 

Sam asked Cait where her ring was. She’s showing it to him here:

Sam kissed Cait in front of everyone several times:

After Cait turned to Sam (off mic) and said, “You’re my favorite husband,” Sam responded with a huge grin and replied, “Yes!”

There were many interesting tweets as well:

Sam was increasingly referring to Cait as his wife, a step up from “wifey” (which some construed to mean his TV wife), and “the Mrs.”

Their giddiness reached an all-time high on Flirty Thursday, the day before IFH Friday. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other, and Sam’s body was completely in Cait’s space. Look where his right leg is here! (This is not my gif, and I don’t know who to credit.)

They continued to act like this until the morning of the IFH (Interview From Hell). Based on what I heard mentioned from people who were there, they were happy when they entered the building then were immediately called into a meeting with RDM and Chris Albrecht, CEO of Starz (and maybe others). Sam was visibly upset when he came out. Shortly thereafter we were given the denial during the IFH. We were expecting a reveal, and Kristin dos Santos, who was doing the interview, was expecting the same. She was visibly shaken. 

Here’s what I think went down: Sam and Cait were vacationing in Costa Rica the week before the Golden Globes. Due to bad weather, they were unable to get back to Los Angeles for the People’s Choice Awards. Since they had been tweeting about looking forward to it, they were definitely missed. I believe someone (RDM?) informed Chris Albrecht, who forced them to do the denial. Look carefully at both Sam and Cait during the IFH. Sam looks like he’s been crying, and Cait looks like she’s trying to pretend it doesn’t matter. Instead of looking like newlyweds, they looked like someone had died. I did the following comparison of the difference between Flirty Thursday and IFH Friday. We’re talking about one day. Something drastic happened, and his name is Albrecht.

Lionsgate Films (LG) was looking to acquire Starz at this time, and LG has a long history of not wanting their leads together (think Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart of the Twilight series). They didn’t want anything to jeopardize the potential $4.4 billion deal. Add in Chris Albrecht, who has a history of abusing women. He was arrested for one assault, and his previous employer, HBO, paid settlements for at least one other. I’m sure you’ve been reading about Harvey Weinstein. These industry heads have unlimited power and can literally ruin an actor’s career if they don’t follow orders. Enter the narrative with fake SOs. 

I was upset for several days after viewing the IFH. It was like a punch to my gut. Luckily, it didn’t take long for my logic to reassert itself. I saw it as a power play by TPTB (The Powers That Be). This was the last thing Sam and Cait wanted. Sam was so excited, it appears he told his stylist, Mr. Monty Jackson, about their marriage before the IFH. Mr. Monty apparently didn’t get the memo about the denial and posted this photo of Cait and Sam with the caption: MR + MRS. I heard it previously said MR + MRS HEUGHAN, but the Heughan was removed. 

To summarize, I believe Sam and Cait were planning to announce their marriage around the time of the Golden Globes. They were not only prevented from doing that by Chris Albrecht, but were forced to deny their relationship and pretend to be with others. In my opinion, both Sam and Cait are the good, kind, generous and compassionate people that everyone who has met them has described them to be. Having to pretend to be something you’re not – especially in Sam’s case – has taken a toll. It’s no wonder Sam looked exhausted and on the edge during the Outlander premiere week in New York. 

I pray that the revelations of Harvey Weinstein’s decades of abuse will lead to a change in the culture in Hollywood, including removing known abusers such as Chris Albrecht from power. No one should be able to destroy someone’s career for not yielding to their every demand.

Thanks for your Ask, Nonnie. Sorry it is so long, but I felt the details were important for newbies who weren’t around then.


• Imagine an AU where Jake and Amy are famous movie stars. Jake Peralta’s famous for doing action movies while Amy Santiago’s famous for doing romantic movies. Director Holt works for the movie company Hollywood 99 Productions. He’s directing a movie called “Johnny And Dora” a buddy-cop rom com. He casts Jake and Amy as his leads.

• Rosa is Amy’s bodyguard. Terry is Jake’s bodyguard. Jake and Amy and their bodyguards meet and Terry fangirls over Amy. He’s watched all of her movies. Rosa would never admit it but she was secretly hyped to meet one of her favorite action movie stars. Jake and Amy instantly get into an argument over who’s more famous. They compare amount Instagram and Twitter followers and their success in the box office. They both start to feel like the next few months of filming are gonna be hell.

• Amy almost considers dropping out of the movie. She’s known for doing serious, romantic movies, not romcoms. She tells Rosa about how she’s feeling. Rosa lectures here. “You work in an industry dominated by white people. You know how often we get a Latina character that isn’t a maid? You need to do this movie on behalf of those Cuban little girls out there that want to see themselves represented on the big screen.” Amy realizes that Rosa’s right, she has to do this.

• Director Holt wants to promote the movie so he hires PR manager Gina Linetti. It’s her job to get fans excited for the movie. Gina comes up with the genius idea to have Jake and Amy pretend to date to get publicity. “Zac and Vanessa pretended to date during the High School Musical era, Rob and Kristen faked their relationship during Twilight. Why can’t Jake and Amy do the same?” Jake and Amy are horrified by this idea. Then Jake starts to choke back his tears. “Zanessa was fake? My whole life is a lie!”

• Jake and Amy hang out in the open where fans and paparazzi can find and film them. They force themselves to laugh and smile and look as in love as possible. Fans and magazines speculate that they’re dating. Peraltiago fan accounts are already starting to form, although most of those are Gina.

• Jake and Amy start to have fun with this. Their forced smiles start to become more genuine. Jake goofs around and pulls out chairs for Amy, holds open doors, gives her his jacket. Amy kisses him on the cheek. Sometimes they do it even when they don’t see any fans or paparazzi near by. They start having genuine conversations. Amy tells Jake about the time she went to a dinner party at Angelina Jolie’s house. Jake tells Amy about the time he threw a party in Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s beach house when he was out of town. They’re really starting to enjoy fake dating. More Peraltiago fan accounts are made on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and they call can’t wait to see Jake and Amy on “Johnny And Dora”

• One day, Jake and Amy are out and about and Amy notices Charles Boyle hiding in the bushes with his camera. Charles runs all the biggest celebrity gossip blogs. If he snapped a scandalous picture of them, Peraltiago would be on ever single magazine. Amy wants that promotion, so she grabs Jake’s face (and his ass) and kisses him hard. Jake’s startled at first, but starts to kiss her back. He wraps his arms around her waist. Amy pulls back when she sees from the corner of her eye that Charles scurried away.

• Jake regains his composure and says, “Amy, I knew there was something between us, but I wasn’t sure if you felt it too.” Amy realizes that she never really cared for PR. She kissed Jake because she wanted to. They start dating for real. Now that they’re actually dating, they crave more privacy. It’s hard to have special moments to keep to yourself when fans are filming you on their phone wherever you go. Peraltiago fans go crazy. There are Peraltiago fics all over Tumblr, Wattpad, and AO3. Gina and Rosa read this fics and laugh over how poorly written some of them are. Then they come across one really good fic and realize that Terry wrote it. He’s been posting his own Peraltiago fics on Tumblr. They confront him about it. He says, “Terry can’t help it! Terry loves love!”

• Months pass and it’s finally time for the red carpet premiere of “Johnny And Dora” and Gina sets up a livestream of the red carpet so fans can watch from home. It goes great until a drunk Teddy stumbles onto stage. He’s done movies with Amy before and hooked up with her once, years ago. He’s been pursuing her ever since.

• He slow claps and walks towards Jake and Amy. He faces the camera. “Unbelievable. I can’t believe you people actually believe this charade. This is all clearly PR!” Amy calls for security but Rosa (and Gina) were elsewhere.

• Jake steps between Amy and Teddy. “How dare you! I love Amy!” the crowd gasps. Amy faces Jake. “Jake, I love you too!” the two of them embrace in a passionate kiss. Teddy starts laughing and hiccuping. “Wow, Amy, no wonder you have two Oscars! I actually believed that you were in love with Snake Peralta!” #SnakePeralta starts trending on Twitter. Amy gets in Teddy’s face. “Yes, I do have two Oscars, because I had to pick up the slack whenever we did a movie! You’re acting’s so bland that all you have is a Teen Choice Award!” The entire room goes DAAAAMMMMNNNNN!!!

• Jake pushes Teddy off of Amy. “She’s not into you, Teddy Bear!” Teddy puts up his fists. “Oh yeah? How about this? We fight. Winner get’s Amy!” Jake’s disgusted and lectures, “Women are not prizes that can just be won! They can make their own decisions, and Amy chooses me!” #FeministPeralta starts trending on Twitter. Jake decides to declare his love for Amy right then and there in front of all of these people. He gets down on one knee and reaches into his pocket. “Amy Santiago, will you–”

• “–JAKE NO STOP IT!” Amy yells. Jake stands up and whispers into her ear, “Thank you so much for rejecting me, I didn’t have a ring in my pocket. I was going to tie a string around your finger.” Terry finally gets a hold of Teddy and gets him to leave the premises.“ After that, everybody knew for sure that Jake and Amy are in love and nothing about them was PR. #PeraltiagoIsEngame starts trending on Twitter.

• “Johnny And Dora” is a huge success, it gets great reviews and does well in the box office. Charles never stops stalking Jake and Amy and selling pics of them together to celebrity gossip sites. Jake and Amy’s careers continue to grow. They become the new Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Jake proposes for real five years later and they have a daughter named Jenny two years later.

• Gina Linetti gets her own reality tv show of her life in the Boyle-Linetti house. Keeping Up With The Boyle-Linetti’s exposes the glamorous life of Gina Linetti, her step brother that she’s banged, Charles, and her girlfriend Rosa Diaz. Charles uses this opportunity of living with Rosa and Gina to constantly snap pics of them together, because fans sure do love them some Dianetti.

• Amy wins three more Oscars. Jake wins two Oscars. Director Holt wins several awards for his directing. Gina breaks the world record for winning the most Teen Choice Awards. Rosa becomes a bisexual icon. Terry cries tears of joy because Jake arranged for him to meet his idol, Meryl Streep. The 99 rule Hollywood.

Reasons why the small Twilight fandom of 2017 is great…at least on Tumblr (and like always….TYPOS):
1.). You post anything under the twilightsagaedit tag, it’s going to be seen. It won’t get lost in a ton of other edits. Sure, it may not get hundreds of likes because there aren’t that many active Twi fans on Tumblr to make that happen, but if you get about 30 notes, that means everyone has seen it. All art and edits are appreciated. Your hard work and effort doesn’t go unnoticed.
2.) You basically know everyone?? Like by name….it’s so great.
3.) We can have discussions about literally anything where no one gets butt hurt unlike the old days. We can bring up our opinions on characters, plot, cast, the writing, the movies, parts of canon we don’t like, headcanons, dynamics of the creatures, literally ANYTHING! You pose a question or a discussion, YOU WILL GET AN ANSWER! You don’t get ignored. All opinions and points are seen as valid and are respected. It’s seriously so great.
4.) Team Edward/Jacob still exists, but it’s not intense. You can state your side without being attacked.
5.) We are mature and intelligent enough to recognize the not so good things of Twilight (unhealthy relationships, exploitation of the Quileute tribe, touchy backstories, all vampire are canonically white, etc.) without hating on it and being 100% negative towards the series as a whole. (Check out @panlight and @kyilliki for discussions)
6.) We have poc and lgbt+ edits for like anyone. You say “_____ is trans” no one will argue “No they’re not !1!1!1!” Headcanons will be throw out immediately, along with edits because we aren’t disgusting homophobes. Or if you post something like “Here’s the Cullens as poc” it will get nothing but love cause we aren’t racist idiots. (Check out @alilaro for poc/lgbt+ Volturi art and @midnightsuntrash for lgbt+ funny posts and headcanons)
7.) We have Keeping Up With the Cullens!!! It’s hilarious. We are so blessed. (Check out @keepingupwiththecullens )
8.) All new Twilight blogs are like 100% accepted in and it’s like they’ve always been there. I’ve literally never been so accepted into a fandom so quickly and felt so comfortable. It’s great. Completely toxic free and so inviting. No one cares if you’ve been there since 2005 or if you just became a fan yesterday.
9.) We think the hate people reblog on our posts is funny (well I get super annoyed but others are cool with it)
Check out this post:
10.) Our shitposting is honestly so pure and hilarious.
11.) If anyone seriously needs anything like everyone is so quick to help. There’s been countless times where I’ve needed something and immediately I had people in my inbox and replied giving me what I needed. And when people are going through rough times, there’s always love given to them. It’s so sweet and pure and I love it.
12.) We all just love. Twilight. So. Much. So much nostalgia and good memories are shared. We have nothing but love for this series and it shows in everything we do.
13.) We support the cast still today! Yes, some of us don’t like everyone, but everyday I see posts of various members of the cast, not just Kristen, Rob, and Taylor. We even support the directors. I saw some posts from people in the fandom who went to see Beauty and the Beast were just like BILL CONDON!!!!!!! while everyone else was like Emma Watson!! (He directed Breaking Dawn Part 1&2 and BATB) It was so cute.
14.) Side characters are appreciated SO MUCH. The love triangle is not the only focus. Minor characters get so much love. Basically all characters in Twilight are talked about and edited.
15.) We all like collectively hate imprinting and Breaking Dawn in some way. It’s great.
16.) In our edits we don’t whitewash!
17.) Twi hards are still the geeks and fangirls/boys they were many years ago…it’s just more low key.
18.) Editing skills have evolved. Twi fans make some of the most beautiful gifs and images I have ever seen. So much heart goes into them.
19.) We have accounts dedicated just to the atmosphere of the series. This is one of my favorite things. Just scrolling though these blogs makes you feel like you’re in Twilight AHHHHH. And it’s a lot of blogs really, not just atmosphere dedicated blogs, that reblog posts like these. I. Love. Them. !!
20.) Last but not least: We defend Twilight with everything we have. Doesn’t matter if its characters, the plot, cast, etc. We are defensive and protective of what we love. We argue and we attack. No one comes to talk trash about Twilight and it’s characters without being intellectually and respectfully shown why they’re wrong. We own up to the faults of Twilight…we don’t argue these points. We argue those who are wrong and go off basis of opinion/the movies. We protect our beloved series!!!

The Myers Briggs Types as Ridiculous Donald Trump Tweets













(pictured English serial killers responsible for the deaths of at least twelve Fred and Rosemary West)




Veronica Mars Boss Rob Thomas Shares 'Six-Episode' Revival Update
With the Gilmore Girls revival behind us, it’s time to reopen our investigation into a second Veronica Mars reunion project.
By Michael Ausiello

At the Television Critics Association winter press tour last week, Thomas — who was promoting iZombie Season 3 — revealed that the potential continuation would consist of a half-dozen hour-long episodes. “Kristen and I both want to figure out some way we could do a six-episode Veronica Mars mystery,” he shared. “If I were a betting man, I bet that it will happen. I just don’t know when it will be.”


March 13th, 2013. The day when they announced Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter Project. The euphoria and the emotions! Happy Anniversary!

I know, I know...we’re crazy


As you all know….this is my couple this is my STAN (i really don’t get this term but I hear this is what the “kids” say now days)  In my terms they are my crack.

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Follow train time!

Hi! I’m new to the Twilight fandom and thought I would make this follow train to meet other Twilight-loving fans. So if you love and blog about Twilight/Rob Pattinson/Kristen Stewart, please like or reblog this post so I can follow you and others in the fandom can check your blog out too ♥

Oct 16 2017: Juliette Binoche took and shared a photo of the cast of High Life when they were filming in Germany.

My imagined conversation with a typical Robsessed “fan” :

Sessed: Gasp! Rob is newly single again who shall he fall for next? So glad to see him happy here….

Me: Dude he has been exceptionally happy since Good Time started promo some time ago.

Let’s see…how about that blond one on his left. Agata Buzek?

Me: Nope, already married, high profile Polish actress. Next…

On his right? Claire Tran? They look kinda cosy together…

Oh you mean Kristen’s co-star in Clouds of Sils Maria? One who adores Kristen? (see Claire Tran’s old IG posts)

Sessed : Maybe Rob is secretly gay…. you know he has been pretty wierd and artistic in those androgynous magazine shoots lately. Wasn’t there a rumour once while filming Little Ashes….?

Me: You mean with Lars Eidinger? Yes another co-star (TWICE : for Clouds of Sils Maria and Personal Shopper) and admirer of the great Kristen. You might want to check out the press conference in Cannes last year where he openly gushed about his admiration when asked about Kristen.

To cut down your work I will summarise what he said about working with Kristen. He said Kristen inspires him, explained that a long scene in Prague with Kristen is the best experience EVER acting wise for him. Lars was an invited jury of Cannes previously, an older (41 years old) fellow actor, who had heartfelt admiration of Kristen´s ‘ideal acting’ of being in the moment, even when he confessed that they both differ in the way they work.

‘She is truthful in every moment´says Lars. 

Sessed: Hmmm… maybe he will fall for an older women this time. All those young girls who don’t know how to treat him right. Yeah, Juliette worked with him before, they even had a hot sex scene in Cosmopolis, that’ll work.

Me: You mean another co-star of Kristen’s? The one Kristen worked with that got her the cesar’s? How about watching a Rolling Stone interview with the both of them and conclude for yourself (like Peter Travers) that they genuinely like and admire each other. The great multiple award winning Binoche admires Kristen Stewart… go figure.

Sessed: Mia Goth looks like a good match! Both being londoners and actors like Rob. I am sure they fit nicely.

Me: Dude, she is married to Shia LaBeouf who is also Rob’s friend. Get a grip with your awful Rob matching skills. Huh!!!? Kristen with Mia Goth (2nd Left) at MET 2014.

The only thing that match is Kristen’s connection with Rob.  And more than half of the people in this photo like/admire/love Kristen (including the person taking the photo : Juliette Binoche)

So give up on shipping “anyone else but Kristen” with Rob already. RME

Lurking is enlightening

So I’ve been bored…so I checked to see what some of the crazies think.

It continues to amaze me how some continue to insist that HKN & I are the same person. I think they’re desperate to think that there’s only one major “babygater” blogger rather than the fact that there are several, with HKN & I having more heavily trafficked blogs.

HKN & I agree on the big picture regarding Rob & Kristen but we don’t agree on all the details. Which is no big deal since we have our own perspectives.

But be clear… I AM NOT HKN, she is NOT ME. I don’t have enough time to keep up two RK blogs, twitter accounts etc and keep up my business.

My fandom nick name is MamaNails or as most know my first name is Phronsie.

I share this because I saw ppl talking about HKN and something she said today. I went to go check to see her comment because since her illness she makes minimal appearances and I was curious to see what she was sharing today. Alas she’s still MIA and hopefully using her energy to get well.

There’s so much goodies coming our way in regards to RK we need all hands on deck to party….

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Happy sailing….

New pictures like this are just around the next bend.

In the meantime I’m enjoying a fabulous red wine on the lido deck.


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