“Speaker of the House John Boehner and many other republicans are accusing Barack Obama of launching a "war on religion.” This claim is almost as idiotic as the myth that Obama wasn’t born in this country. The president’s desire to give everyone adequate health coverage, including contraception for women, has nothing to do with religion. God knows the GOP would never let the truth get in the way of righteous indignation.“

Nitpick one: ‘Darth Trump’ is so much better than ‘Trump Vader.’ It just is.

Nitpick two: The choice of characters makes no sense. Vader commanded the Stormtroopers, he wasn’t outside them or subservient to them in some way. A more logical choice would be the Jedi, since they built Anakin up and didn’t realize they were sowing the seeds of their own destruction. Even though a) that would mean referencing the prequels and b) it would mean casting the GOP in some sort of heroic role.

Nitpick three: Anakin’s lightsaber was blue. Darth Vader’s was red. Neither were green.

I don’t know if this cartoon is satirical or not, so it fails in that respect.

But I’m almost certain it’s played straight forward, so I have to say this is crap. ‘Take that, North Korea! I saw a movie!’

And it turns out it probably wasn’t even North Korea behind the hack.

some balm in gilead because it has been a crap week. this is an excellent cartoon by pittsburgh’s rob rogers, one of the few to even come close to capturing the reality of the situation. he took some shit from the adf and a bunch of readers. i haven’t noticed if he responded to the criticism but it is def. unusually pointed for a guy who mostly draws jowly slobs complaining about local issues.