1977. Sin After Sin

is the third album by band Judas Priest, released in 8 April.

The album represented several major milestones in the group’s career; the band made their major label debut and were able to work with a famous musical artist as their producer, former Deep Purple member Roger Glover. The band also fully embraced an aggressive metal sound with this release, significantly toning down the arena rock and blues rock influences shown in their past work, and the group achieved widespread popularity on the radio stations for their first time, oddly enough with their hard-edged version of Joan Baez’s song “Diamonds & Rust”.

Sin After Sin is a great metal album. Fantastic composition and musical execution. I like to think of it as Part 2 of Sad Wings of Destiny. The production has a 70s tone to it but the songs do not sound dated in any way. The songwriting on Sin After Sin is true to classic heavy metal. The songs sound much heavier when played live using more modern sound technology. For proof look at Slayer’s South of Heaven where they included a cover of Dissident Aggressor.

Rob Halford   K. K. Downing   Glenn Tipton   Ian Hill   Simon Phillips

The Lion King (1994)

Lion cub and future king Simba tests his limits, supported by his family, but sometimes gets in over his head.

Directors: Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff
Writers: Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts.
Stars: Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons, James Earl Jones 

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