A horse who loves to jump gathers toward the fence with a trembling electricity so patent that some horsemen say they can feel it in the roots of their hair. As the horse makes his final approach to a fence, it matters not how much the rider wants or hopes or prays. It matters not what whip he carries or how often he nudges with sharp spurs. The horse who jumps well jumps for the joy of flight; the rider he brings along with him receives a bountiful gift that is completely undeserved.
—   -Elizabeth Letts (The Eighty-Dollar Champion)

I need to just say how much I bloody hate this.
Putting something Benedict said, which can easily be interpreted in a bad way, next to Tom saying this, is just so unfair to Benedict. It can so easily make Benedict seem like he has a negative outlook on his fans, while Tom is more than willing to go above and beyond, because he loves it.

I think Benedict is being misunderstood. He’s not being a dick, he doesn’t hate his fans, and there’s nothing wrong with what he said.
He went from having a totally normal and private life, to his neighbours tweeting about everything he did, and having his privacy totally invaded, and having people write and draw porn about him. He used to look in the mirror and see things he hated, and now people are swooning over it. His face is on shirts, phone covers, lock screen backgrounds, icons, ect. People scream his name and want selfies with him, everywhere he goes. He’s wanted to put his signature on a book that he didn’t write, because he happens to be in one of the many shows/movies that were created and based off of said book. That’s weird to him.

So, he says that he thinks it’s fucking weird, because hell, it kind of is - maybe fans don’t see it, because we want his autograph, or some expect him to love us to death and love the attention he gets from us; but to him, it’s so weird - and now there are people calling him a dick, saying this is why they hate him, saying he’s not cool, ect.
Benedict went from being just some guy, to suddenly insanely famous, with everyone interested in him. That would be weird to anyone. I’m pretty sure he’s still not used to it… and with everything he’s seen and gone through, I don’t know that he will be. Why does that make him a dick? Why does living with privacy for thirty years and suddenly having that all taken away, and having him feel rather uncomfortable about that, make him ”not cool”?

I think Benedict is extremely cool, because despite how weird he thinks this all is, he does go above and beyond for his fans.

At TIFF, 2013, he was premiereing 12 Years A Slave and I was there. The whole time, there were these professional autograph sellers in front of me, who knew nothing about Benedict, aside from the fact that his autograph would make them money, and they were shit talking him the whole time. “I bet he’s a total dick.” “He’s not gonna spend any time with his fans, he’s just gonna wave and go right in.” “He doesn’t give a shit about his fans.” “He’s gonna be late just so he doesn’t have to see his fans.” I was so offended by that, because I knew that Benedict did give a shit about his fans. No, I didn’t know him personally, but I sure as hell knew him better than these money leeches.
Well, at 6:00, when the whole thing started and all of the stars had to be inside, the autograph sellers left, because Benedict hadn’t shown up, and they thought they were right. Well, just a few minutes later, Benedict did arrive, and he waved, tried to make made a heart with his hands for his fans, and went inside. BUT - he sent someone outside to inform us all that he would be back to see us. We were also told, by that same lady, that there was a .05% chance that anyone that went in, ever came back out. But he did. After his interviews, he came back outside. He missed the beginning of the premiere of his own movie so that he could sign things for countless people, take group photos, and make his fans happy.
I know that he does stuff like that a lot. What I don’t know, is why it’s stuff like Benedict thinking it’s fucking weird to autograph books that aren’t his, is shared more than Benedict being the .05% of people who come out and miss his own premiere to be with his fans.

Probably because Benedict voices his opinion about things… something Tom doesn’t do.
Tom had to stop visiting fans while he was doing Coriolanus, because they were so out of control. He was stalked. He got his ass grabbed. And there’s a lot more on top of that.
Does he complain about these things? No - and if he even addresses it, it’s done very lightly.
He made a vow to never be rude to anyone, especially if they were doing something nice for him. His fans support him, and to him, that’s so much more than just being nice. So, no, there’s no way in hell he would ever say or do anything that could be interpreted in a bad way.
Benedict didn’t.
Benedict had someone in a helicopter with a Swat light abseil down over his house.
Benedict thinks it’s weird as hell.
He’s going to say that.
But nonetheless, Benedict ruins those books with his terrible signature because that’s what his fans want.
And I’m pretty sure that’s what counts.

The rabbis have a metaphor for this wrestling with the text: The story of Jacob wrestling the angel in Genesis 32. He struggles, and it is exhausting and tiring, and in the end his hip is injured. It hurts. And he walks away limping.

Because when you wrestle with the text, you walk away limping.

And some people have no limp, because they haven’t wrestled. But the ones limping have had an experience with the living God.

—  Rob Bell, Velvet Elvis