Josh Homme talks with Rob Delaney on Back & Forth


MBTI & Celebs (x)
Rob Delaney: ENTP + enneagram 7
Josh Homme: ENTP + enneagram 8

“Don’t you wanna be the mole that pops up and doesn’t get hit in whack-a-mole? Like appear where no one expects, that shit is funny and cool.

It’s interesting to try to take weird chemistry, or something that looks like odd chemistry, but find the common thread in all that stuff.

Because the other option is to just play it safe, and that’s just boring.”

Catastrophe (2015)  

Rob: I want you to know that I’m going to look back at my time with you and remember you as an extraordinarily good-smelling woman with a magical ass.
Sharon: I’ll remember you as a sturdy love-maker with a massive chin who was really kind to waiters and taxi drivers, which suggests that you might actually be a good person.