Am I the only one who feels bad for the people at the fyre festival? I realize they’re Rich People™ which means everyone is supposed to hate them, but they’re still people. They got scammed and are in a dangerous situation some of them have had their passports stolen. Like am I the only one who doesn’t think it’s funny when people are put in shitty and dangerous situations even if they’re rich?


this is my favorite Rob story

he looks so pretty too


Misael: I’m soooo glad there wasn’t room for all of us at that bubble thing, I was not in the mood to embarrass myself!

Knox: Dude, you’re embarrassing yourself just by saying that.

Misael: You’re embarrassing yourself with that dumb face of yours!

Kate: Both of you are embarrassing me by existing.

Knox: Ouch, you really broke my poor little heart just now.

Kate: Good! Now shut up already!

Misael: >:( rude


Mill Cottage I Robert & Aaron’s bedroom

Robert’s a bit old fashioned. He’s got Aaron searching the scrapyard, and Liv traipsing around the vintage shops for “charming titbits”.

Lisa crochet’d them a lovely purple blanket. Robert thinks it ruins the aesthetic, but is secretly fond of seeing his husband wrapped up warmly in it.

Aaron built Robert a swinging book stand with stuff from the scrapyard, so he has somewhere to put his nerdy Tolkien books. 

Liv even gifted them a butterfly dome to tease Robert about the butterfly blanket he used when Aaron was away.

Vic and Adam brought some lavender plant from Barton farm, because it was Sarah’s favourite. 

Anyway whatevers in it, it just seems to whisper home.

for @robrongaylyeverafter, we’re all glad these domestic husbands have found home in each other.