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girl-next-door-writes  asked:

How do you think Rich and Rob would react if they'd had a crush on you for a while but saw you at the bar laughing and joking with Mark or Seb? You think they would sulk or would they finally do something?

Richard Speight Jr

  • On a good day, your laugh would be the best thing to ever grace his ears
  • But tonight, seeing you joke around and be extremely friendly with Mark Sheppard, well, it felt like being kicked in the nuts
  • Who was he kidding, wishing that he could ever go for a girl like you, with all that graceful goddess-level beauty you had, and him being a goddamn potato
  • Then he realized that you were looking at him staring at you, and immediately he averted his gaze, only to panic internally because you leaned in and whispered something to Mark’s ear, both laughing a second later
  • Fuming, Richard downed the last of his beer and stalked over to where you were, you smirking at him
  • You told him you were wondering what took him so long
  • Richard replied by kissing you full in the lips, much to your surprise
  • Yet what surprised him even more was that you kissed him back
  • It was a while afterwards that you mentioned that you meant he didn’t give you your drink, but was forgiven once he started making out with you right then and there

Rob Benedict

  • dear lord this guy is a mess
  • The moment he saw you and Sebastian Roche being waaaaaaay too close for his liking, he was a goner
  • Here he was, having a massive crush on you, and there you were, definitely not giving a second glance at him
  • So he just quietly fiddled with his phone and trying really hard not to look like he wanted to crawl into a Rob-sized hole and die
  • That is, until you sat down next to him and asked him what’s up, saying that you could “feel the grey clouds over his head from across the room”
  • Not meaning to, he came off as rude and moody, which alarmed you because Robert Patrick Benedict is a sweetheart, and this was not like him at all
  • “ilikeyoualotokayijustreallyreallylikeyou” he mumbled
  • “I know”
  • Rob finally eased a little bit when you slid your soft hand over his, comforting him
Headcanon Time!!!

So uh…

My askbox is open for Rob Benedict/Chuck Shurley/Richard Speight Jr/Gabriel headcanon things…(yes even the KoC versions are accepted)

Could be anything, like idk kissing or hand-holding even idk smutty type asks or whatever omg angst is accepted and DEMANDED FOR PLS  

So like, all you gotta do is tell me which character and what kind of situation! THE CUTER THE BETTER, THE SMUTTIER THE BETTER, THE ANGSTIER THE BETTER!!!! EVERYTHING IS BETTER!!! 

ALSO. If you want…send in drabble asks too, I’m needing everything I can have so I can write as much as I can this week.

Open until idk more than a day…?

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