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Pray for Ye

i’m so sad y'all. Kanye’s hospitalized in LA for his mental health and all people are saying that it’s “another publicity stunt” or “good he’s crazy” like are y'all missing the point. Kanye, like a regular person, suffers from mental illnesses too. everyone’s bashing him for canceling the tour and walking off stage when he performed endlessly for days straight until his voice left (RIGHT AFTER HIS WIFE WAS ROBBED) and y'all being ungrateful ass motherfuckers. he overworked himself and overestimated his capability. the anniversary of his mom’s death was just a around a week ago and people don’t think that Kanye has feelings too?? if you really understand Kanye, you’ll support him no matter what. most people don’t understand Kanye and that’s fine but they don’t have to bash him for his mental health. Kanye needs the love and support of his fans while he gets help. the mental health awareness in this country is so poor and you guys are just proving it. i’ve met Kanye myself, and he’s the nicest and wisest person you’ll ever meet. he went as far as giving me and all friends free tickets to his show. he’s such a great man and he’s not getting enough credit for it. he’s probably the realest in the industry right now and he’s being constantly bashed for telling the truth and speaking his mind. i love Kanye and what he stands for, and i hope he gets the help he needs and gets better. i’m done YALL i just needed to rant.

PT 2.i’ve seen comments saying that Kanye is dumb and that he’s seeking attention and i’m sure if Kanye was a white man they wouldn’t be saying that!!! Mental illnesses in men are not even seen as real and much less in colored men. SO MANY WHITE MEN have been in the media for mental illnesses and they aren’t treated like shit. they are “sympathized” with. the racism and double standards in this society is unbelievable. 
“Racism is still alive they just be concealin it” 
racism NOR mental illnesses are taken seriously. Kid Cudi literally spoke out about his mental illness a few weeks ago. there are tons of celebrities who get into rehab or hospitalized to deal with their mental health. when Selena Gomez went to a rehab center nobody said shit like that. just because kanye is seen as a bad person and he’s the scapegoat for the industry, he gets shit. he’s seen as the arrogant asshole, but he’s really not like that. mental illnesses aren’t being taken seriously. kid cudi and kanye west aren’t the only men to be suffering from mental illnesses. i’m tired of people being so ignorant and not knowing wassup. “We at war, we at war with terrorism, racism, but most of all, we at war with ourselves.” - Kanye West
God created marriage to be a partnership between two equals. Navigating and experiencing life together is the truest pleasure of marriage. A dominating or controlling husband or wife can rob a marriage of its pleasure as he or she seizes the asserts of the covenant union and refuses to receive input or be influenced. In short, dominance by a spouse is destructive to the integrity and intimacy of a marriage relationship…dominance is an attitude of disrespect and solitary control. It manifests itself through a disproportionate control of the assets of a relationship…Christ-like leadership means that a man is responsible for initiating the well-being of the home. But he is never to dominate his wife.
—  Jimmy Evans -Twelve Tips To Resolving Stress In Your Marriage
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