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In The Worst Bar In Philadelphia episode, Mac performs a poorly aimed kick and breaks the side mirror. The first image is a minute prior to the kick and the car is in pristine condition. The second two images are moments before impact, but as we can see circled in red, the car is now dented.

In conclusion: there was a take where Rob missed and kicked the car door.
Married at First Sight II, a walking dead fanfic
Rick's POV on his brand-new wife. A/N: I enjoyed writing the last chapter so much and so many of you requested a follow-up, so I decided to turn this into a mini-fic. I might write one or two more chapters along these lines. I hope you enjoy!

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“This is nice.” Michonne’s quiet compliment cut through the otherwise quiet morning. She was walking stealthily beside him, her feet scarcely making a sound as they traipsed through what would soon be their community.

“It was part of the project that created Alexandria. Took a few weeks to clear it out. In a month or two, we had a proper wall up,” he gestured behind them to the steel plates shutting out the outside world. Michonne took them in calmly, her large brown eyes inspecting her surroundings carefully. She was an interesting woman, Rick was sure of that. He’d seen her before, gone on runs with her even. She was always quiet, calculating, careful, almost studious. On the road, he had never seen her smile or heard her laugh. He’d heard her laugh last night. He also had heard her gasping in pleasure.

His wife. It was a strange reality to confront in the light of day. Like waking up in a dream, he was sure he’d imagined the night before. She was so shy, so tentative, nervous even. It caught him off-guard. The Michonne he knew was always sure of herself.

Then again, he didn’t really know her. At least, not outside of the Biblical sense.

“Which one is ours?” her voice startled him from his musings. He turned to look at her. She was staring back expectantly. He took a moment to observe her, her long, dark lashes, her round nose, her full, heart-shaped mouth. Her dark hair was pulled back in a simple ponytail. The effect was just as pretty as her elaborate updo had been for their wedding. She was beautiful and she was married to him.

“I thought I would ask you to pick,” he nodded in the direction of the large houses. “I figured maybe you should get a say.” He meant it as a joke, but instantly regretted it. Michonne had not picked him. He had been chosen for her. It was a daunting thought.

She smiled at him, the corners of her mouth lifting prettily. “Can we pick together?” she adjusted the katana strung across her back. Rick felt himself touch his Colt Python almost instinctively.

“I’d like that,” he reached for her hand before he could think better of it. He had dated a girl once before, a pretty, waifish brunette. She hadn’t been cut out for this world, and he couldn’t save her, but he did learn everything he knew about romance from the experience. She had told him that he was too touchy, always kissing or hugging on her when they were alone. He wondered if his wife would feel the same.

Her slim, dark hand tensed for just a moment at his touch, then she relaxed, lacing her fingers around his. “Lead the way,” she instructed.

They strolled through the street in silence, listening carefully for any sign of walkers. Michonne’s eyes stayed on a constant swivel, bouncing from the houses to the yards between them.

“Do you like any of them?” he wished he had something better to say than these simple questions, but the woman who was now his wife robbed him of his ability to be clever. He had never found the confidence to say more than a few words to her all those times before. That did not stop him from jumping at the opportunity when his parents began to mention picking a partner for him. Their system may have been antiquated, but following his parents’ orders had kept him alive this long.

“The blue one is pretty,” her girlish comment brought a smile to his face. He had hoped she would pick that one. Glenn and Daryl had helped him paint it before it occurred to Rick that he should ask his wife what she thought.

“We can go look at it. Just give me a second to clear it out,” he released her hand, reaching instead for his gun.

Her fingers clutching his arm made him pause. For a moment, he thought she might have been frightened, but her resolved expression soon dispelled that myth. “Together,” she said simply.

He held the door open for her, watching her draw her sword. From the foyer, to the kitchen, to the living room, they quickly canvased the downstairs. When they reached the upstairs bedrooms, Rick felt his heart begin to race.

“What do you think?” he watched her circle the bed in the master bedroom, trying and failing miserably to not think of their first night together. All her uncertainty had vanished once he pressed his lips to hers last night. He could still feel her fingers in his hair, her legs wrapped around his waist, the heat of her, pulling and clutching at him until he felt like he might die of pleasure. Her gasps and moans still rung in his ears.

“It has a good vantage point,” she went to the window, peering out. “You can see almost all of the community from here. That could come in handy.” She gazed back at him, then looked quickly away. “Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked quietly.

“Like what?” Rick was certain that he was drooling a bit, but he could not help it.

“Like that,” she found the courage to look up again, the hint of a blush beneath her coppery cheeks. “Even before the wedding, you would look at me.” She turned to face him, waiting expectantly.

Rick felt his own cheeks coloring. “You’re beautiful.”

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I don't think there will ever be any kind of intimate macdennis scene like kissing or anything because I don't think glenn and rob would want to do that with each other like I know they're not homophobic but I just feel like they wouldn't be down for that

you know rob’s grabbed glenn’s dick for no goddamn reason at a Red Carpet Event before right?

you know rob wrote in his wife making out with charlie (when charlie was VERY uncomfortable about it) solely because he thought it was funny right? you know glenn’s had makeout scenes with other guys before (and might well be bisexual himself) right………

remember all the times glenn and rob got within inches of each other’s faces, the time rob improvised trying to kiss glenn in the gang recycles their trash, the time rob p much dry humped glenn in front of a live audience every night for 2 weeks during nightman live, the shower scene from lethal weapon 6……….

they’re both stupidly touchy enough that i FULLY believe we’ll get a macdennis kiss scene and possibly even a sex scene. if nothing else i think rob knows well enough what he’s got going on with his character that it’d be REALLY fucking shitty for us to never see mac actually kiss another guy

The Irrelevance of Napoli: Nine (Clay Apuzzo)

WARNINGS: Mention of drunk driving and suicide attempt, hospitals, swearing


A/N: No, Robin Williams never had a sister, but for the purposes of this fic, he has a sister and a niece.

A/N: On another note, guys, Tumblr has been making me pretty miserable lately, so I might be off for a while. I still have my 500 followers thing going on, so if you want to leave an ask in my inbox (I’m taking them until 6/13/2017), go ahead and I’ll get to them ASAP. I’m okay, I just haven’t been feeling all that well lately. 


I’ll just make the same mistake.

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Like the Heart Goes Chapter 4: Let go of the hurt inside

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Summary:Breaking up is hard. Especially when you are going through it publicly. Rob and Reader are doing just that; trying to navigate the difficulties of an emotional breakup while still trying to remain civil enough to work together, and adding inquisitive fans and over involved friends to the equation certainly isn’t helping.

Still reeling from an embarrassing night, Reader spends the next day avoiding Rob. Unfortunately, she can’t escape the fact that their friends and their fans are completely oblivious to their split.

Note: Just a quick chapter to move the story along. Chapter 5 will be some backstory and then we’ll get to the good stuff.

Word Count: 2738

Warnings: angst

Catch Up:  Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3

The next morning, you woke up with the worst headache you have ever had. Your head throbbed and your vision was blurry. You could taste the alcohol in your mouth still, along with other unpleasant tastes. You had a brief flashback of you definitely throwing up in the toilet in the middle of the night; hair being held back by the ever-thoughtful Rob. Even during a breakup that he had initiated, he managed to remain the good guy. You still hated him a little bit for that.

You felt a sudden wave of embarrassment now that you were awake and reliving the events from last night. You had made a fool of yourself; drinking yourself into stupidity and subsequently saying things to Rob that you didn’t want to say. Of course, most of the night was lost in your mind, but leave it to you to remember the cringe-worthy parts.

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Rob deserves better....

There’s support & there’s using. It’s obvious which one happened tonight! (Hint: You don’t show up w/a sharpie & a publicist when you are supporting).

You are there to support his project not promote yourself!

Lucky for Rob, his wife, Kristen knows how to show her support even if it has to be from afar!



Both you and Sebastian were surrounded by flashing lights, you held onto his hand letting him lead the way. “You okay?” He asked, leaning down to whisper in your ear. You nodded, you wanted to scold him for being so overprotective, but being that you were a few months along your pregnancy.

You couldn’t help but chuckle as he cleared the way of the red carpet for you, “A bit dramatic are we?” You asked as he linked his arm with yours. “Only because you’re a princess.” He said to you, causing a blush to creep up your neck.

You two made your way to the middle of the carpet, posing for the multiple cameras. Afterwards, Sebastian’s publicist led him to one of the many journalists wanting a story of him. You stood behind him patiently as he went to speak with the interviewer.

“You recently spilled that your wife was pregnant, how do you think that’ll affect you filming for the movies you plan to have out by next year?” She asked. He couldn’t help the smile that grew on his face,

“I think none the less whether I’m working or not she’s always on my mind in general.” He began, turning to you. You found yourself pulled in by him into the interview, “Well if it isn’t the infamous (Y/N), you’re looking gorgeous, rocking the baby bump.” The interviewer complimented, you gave her a smile, thanking her.

“It’s a bit more than a bump.” Sebastian added, you turned to him in false shock, “Are you calling me fat?” You asked, a hand over your chest. “Nah, I’m just calling you pregnant babe.” He said, wrapping an arm around your waist. You couldn’t help the smile that met ear to ear on your face.

“Well thank you for your time! You two have to be the most dazzling carpet right now.” She commented. You chuckled, “Yeah don’t let Robert hear that one.” Sebastian joked before pecking your cheek.

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Well, it seems Rob did look into ur blog and decided to give proof to u and ur followers that his romance with T still going strong and it will never be broken. Good for Rob for not being afraid to bring his woman to the premier, unlike when he was with Kristen who I assumed never wanted the hassle. But now Rob's GF/wife doesn't mind to come at his private work or to his premier to show support, not just behind the scene support. Oh, he looks so happy with T there. Poor u

I stick to my last post!


Better than you fake ass fans and better than this hanger on!

Do you really think a REAL girlfriend or his wife would show up at HIS premiere with a PUBLICIST?!

Would a GF/WIFE pose for pictures with HIS FANS?! Sign AUTOGRAPHS at HIS PREMIERE?! HIS NIGHT!!!

Are you REALLY okay with that behavior?

Rob didn’t show me anything but she showed me EVERYTHING!

She proved once and for all that what I and others have said is true! She’s there for the free PR/Exposure and Rob was cornered. If he reacted negatively and refused to take pictures with her…WHEN HER PUBLICIST REQUESTED…he would have looked like an ass…so he did the only thing he could.

Next move is up to Rob and Kristen. But this once again confirms to me why they stay clear of each other’s events. Neither want to outshine/diminish the event for the other. And that’s exactly what would happen. It would become more about the two of them (which you, anon are attempting to do) than a celebration of their independent accomplishment!

After tonight, I’ve never been more proud for how they handle their relationship and their careers and whatever games they choose to do to throw ppl off the scent of the truth is understood and supported by me and so many other true Rob and Kristen fans.

And if you think I’m lying just check out this video

NOT poor me!!! POOR ROB!
17.04.24 Kizoku Tantei EP2 Selected Kizoku Scriptlines - Aiba Masaki [English, Spoiler alert]

(To Takatoku)
Well well. So this is the brilliant tantei Misaki-san mentioned. OHOHOHO brilliant tantei-san.

(To Misaki)
We have met once in the crime scene and I heard her outstanding deduction. Though at the end it was me who solved the mystery.

Gozen: But there is falling stone, what do the authorities here spend the tax onto? I should scold the government head later.
Sato: Gozen, it seems it is not simply a falling stone.
Gozen: What mean you? Sato.
Sato: I have confirmed the condition of the stone, it should have been pushed by someone. There was circle mark on it.
Gozen: That is unforgivable. If anything happens to beautiful Misaki-san, it’ll be a huge loss to our country.

(On victim’s books)
Though I haven’t read the novels I have watched the movie Tanaka recommended. Um… Actually it was no fun.
Well, it is almost for sure that adapted drama and movie are more boring compared with original novel.

But to a best-seller novelist this is rather a small villa. If his earning is not flamboyantly spent and returned to the town there would be no meaning.

(Knocking door of victim’s house)
It’s better to make sense of the falling stone issue.
As incentive perhaps I can get the manuscript copy.
Perhaps he hates to admit the guilt so he pretends not at home.
O-i. Is anybody here?

Misaki: What are you doing?
Gozen: I’ve made everything polite. There is no reason I am to be blamed. Isn’t anybody here?

Misaki: Sensei doesn’t want others to see his workplace. If you enter his workplace it’ll be big trouble.
Gozen: I see. If you say so… I more and more want to see it.

(Seeing the dead body)
Well well, there is such a show awaiting, even I don’t know.
I am often involved in mystery, but as the first person to discover the dead body… Sato.

Sato: Gozen (killed) this man?
Gozen: I don’t do such unrefined things. You should know this.
Sato: Yes.

Gozen: But recently the biggest event is, this year’s spring, Tsubaki’s stupid son lost a big deal at the casino in Morocco taking the Nice castle, thing like that? That is so tedious. Sato have you foreseen such thing?
Sato: No, I felt the sense of crime, but just up to that.
Gozen: You felt the sense of guilt. Indeed you have a sensitive nose. If Spiegel has sensitive nose as yours, hunting would be more fun.
Sato: Pardon my arrogance Gozen, you would know that taking brilliant hound would make hunting not meaningful.
Gozen: Indeed. Hunting is a sport not for result but for enjoying the process.

(To Misaki)
Please be relieved Misaki-san. Whatever happens you could rely on the brilliant tantei-san here.

(To Takatoku)
Lady first. I shall leave the mystery to you for the time being. Popular mystery novelist is murdered. This draws the attention of the world. This is a chance for you to get popular, Onna tantei-san.

Of course I believe that Onna tantei-san would solve this mystery.
Though she has no track record.

(To Takatoku, seriously, no smile but still soft tone)
An insult to my servants is an insult to me.
If you do it again, I shall forgive you not.
And you have a misunderstanding.
Tanaka is just my tool.
If we have to talk about win and lose, you are just having a game with me who is using Tanaka as tool. Don’t forget that.

(To Matsuo)
Good day. Meeting another beautiful lady, what a lucky day today.

(To police)
The country’s security cannot be entrusted to authorities as brutal as you. I should immediately deal with this with your superior. Yamamoto.
What is your name and rank? Give me your name.

(To Takatoku)
Do you want to say again that I am the murderer?

So you managed to judge calmly. Congratulations, Raccoon-san.

Beautiful ladies cry in front of me, Kizoku cannot leave this alone.
Just then I had a date promise with these two ladies. I cannot pass it.

Gozen: The genuine bad person is the onna tantei-san here who is to create a false charge.
Takatoku: My deduction is wrong?
Gozen: Yes. I am such a fool having expectation on you. Time is wasted, and two ladies are hurt.
Takatoku: So you have other deduction?
Gozen: Of course, you’ll see how I help the two princesses as the knight against the sin.

(To police asking him to do deduction himself)
Not “roughly”. I am a genuine tantei, so?
I am Kizoku. Why should Kizoku do deduction?
It’s fine leaving trivial like deduction to the servants.

(Commenting Takatoku’s facial expression when she knew she did wrong deduction)
You look completely like mandrill, during oestrus, lover of which is robbed.

(To murderer, victim’s wife)
So you two are the murderers.

I am envious to your husband. He married such an excellent lady as you.

It is a murder because of love. The killed man should be satisfactory. What’s more at the very end you think about your husband. Therefore the bed was placed in that way. In order not for your husband lying with his head to the north. The last moment of your husband, who detested superstition and folklores, following his rules. “At least, to send him out [of this world] guarding his rule” you held such wish.

You are not a bad person.
You just love your husband more than anybody else.

(To male murderer)
I wonder when this country becomes the dwell of mean fellows as you. A man who uses lady as shield is even worse than a murderer.
Even you are exempted from the legal judgment, you will receive the divine punishment.
Not an impulse of God.
But a punishment from human with firm will.
Be prepared for it.

(Talked to Takatoku after nazotoki)
Takatoku: You don’t say anything?
Gozen: Giving a finishing stab to the rival who acknowledges one’s defeat violates the knightliness.
Takatoku: I lose completely. I chased innocent people. I did something which a tantei should never do.
Gozen: Please whimper to others. I do not have spare time to comfort you.
Takatoku: But I lose to Tanaka-san. You have done nothing at all.
Gozen: So I’ve said it before. Trifling investigation and deduction is not the duty of Kizoku.
Takatoku: So why are you here then?
Gozen: Of course to invite dinner with Misaki-san and Saori-san. This is the most important duty today. Good day.

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Do you know what the wives of the boys do? I know Robs wife is some kind of fashion designer but I don’t know what the others do, and it would be really sad if they were just pretty housewives!

Besides Rob’s wife, I only know of Lars’s wife who is a super model. There are rumors about Kirk’s wife, that she was either a bartender when they first met or that she was an Undertaker and took Kirk to a morgue for their first date to where he said “I knew she was meant for me” when she did that. Again that’s a rumor. Fran use to work in wardrobe/backstage for Metallica but I don’t know what she does currently.

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To the anon "..explicitly made that 1 jacket for Rob only..": In Rob's eyes, his wife Kristen wearing any of his oversized clothing, is the sexist lady after his own heart. Both RK, individually/together, are multi-millionaires. Kristen's "..I love the way he smells & him me..I don’t get this obsession with washing the smell off. That smell of someone you love.." is a most sentimental value that is irreplaceable in monetary terms. From your words anon, you only have rancid spit to your name

True that Shirley!

So, needless to say a Genghis Khan sequel would be absolutely spectacular. But as fckyeahgenghiskhan said, there’s a high risk of tragedy.

So let’s list off some sequel ideas that keep the lightheartedness and fun of it all:

  • Hero is probably technically dead to the agency, so he has to avoid secret agents fighting villain because they’ll recognize him. A montage of him just managing to stay out of view of these secret agents, like hiding behind the pillars while villains distracting the secret agents, etc. There’s also a part with him in the supermarket where he recognizes one of these agents and has to hide behind different aisles, again
  • Either villain or agent being caught by wife and placed on the same table with the same laser hanging above their head. The other comes to the rescue, has to fight several henchpeople wife hired, but does so while dancing. One saves the other just before the laser goes off, they fight off a bunch of henchpeople together (while dancing. sick ass choreography bro), then have to fight off wife and maybe her right hand(who are tough opponents), but they manage to escape anyhow and are just in time to pick the kids up from school. Wife is still out for revenge.
  • Evil ex-wife is watching them from the secret camera’s a lot and is very jealous of the both of them: it’s the kind of relationship she wanted but never got. She also has several little gadgets installed in the house, so whenever she’s watching and they’re cuddling, are about to kiss or do some other cute stuff, she interrupts them by letting a painting fall off the wall, letting the fridge open by itself, or something else. It would surely be some great frustration for everyone watching because they’ll be almost kissing all the time.
  • Wife doesn’t watch the video feeds of hero and villain that much anymore: she lets someone else do it. One of her henchpeople gets feed duty: they have to sit in front of that camera for hours and write down what they do. This person is pretty bored with it at first, but becomes attached to the happy family through the screen. Wife announces a plan to kill both hero and villain, and this henchperson stops it and joins villains force.
  • Wife gets a nemesis herself, and she falls in love with them in a similar fashion as villain did with hero. She lets villain go and leads a happy life with this new person, but also remains a supervillain. She has one hell of a time taking over manhattan.
  • Villain and ex-wife become rivals in the whole supervillain business: villain builds a shrink ray? Turns out ex-wife already did it the week before. Wife robs a bank in what she thinks is a new way? Villain already robbed that bank in that fashion years ago, and they’re secured against that. 
  • A video of the children growing up with a supervillain and an ex-spy as parents (plus another supervillain) and trying to fit in with the other kids. They think they have to keep it a secret at school, but when people find out they just think it’s kick ass.
  • The kids getting kidnapped by a whole other supervillain who still had a bone to pick with villain, and villain, hero and evil ex-wife teaming up to save their children. It doesn’t go swimmingly and villain and ex-wife tend to clash, but the three of them manage to get the kids back to safety anyhow. Turns out it was just a scam by the kids to let wife and villain kind of make up, because them not talking to each other and occasionally trying to kill each other was getting annoying.
  • Romeo and Juliet kinda deal with a henchperson from villain’s team and one from ex-wife’s team falling in love with each other and having to fight each other in hand-combat. They get a lot of help from their colleagues and villain and ex-wife decide to let them date when they find out. It makes for some interesting encounters.

Feel free to add more idea’s tbh


Rob Clodfelder and I finished in 4th place at the Fall Championship on the Ohio River. I was lucky enough to catch my personal best to get the day started. We landed three fish and lost one with only 15 minutes left in the tournament!That list fish really hurt us because third place beat us by 5 ounces.
Living five hours from the Ohio River, we are not able to pre-fish. Rob did get a chance to pre-fish the previous weekend, and that made a huge difference just being able to get familiar with the water. Rob and his wife, Lynn, caught several nice fish while they were there pre- fishing. Of course, during the tournament a big cold front moved in and it rained for several days causing the river to not only rise but drop the water temperature five degrees. We knew the techniques Rob used the week before weren’t going to work, so we stuck to the game plan of targeting those same fish. It took us awhile to figure out a way to get these fish to bite. Although we had to make adjustments all day it felt good to have a game plan that worked.
The 2017 season has been a great experience fishing a lot of new water I had never seen. I want to give a special thanks to Rob Clodfelder and Whisker Wear Apparel. Without him I would not have been able to do this. And thank you Lyle Stokes, the Blackhorse Rods took a beating and never let me down.

slow motion

peter parker x (f) reader

word count: 2,431

request: dying in peter’s arms

warnings: suicide, death, blood and violence

a/n: i kind of imagined this similarly to the amazing spider man 2, so it’s pretty much me attempting to write the scene out with words, so if you don’t understand what i wrote (which you most likely will because my writing is shitty), just go watch that scene

and yes i did quote the walking dead in here don’t judge me

gif credit: parkerpete

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