rob's cap


The “my little random moments of pleasure” series - Kings of Con: Epi 10. Arlington, VA - N°1

Little Murder Boyfriends/Husbands moments in tonight’s episode

  • Malcolm wanting to visit Sinatra’s star
  • their gleefully threatening the bikers who’re trying to rob them
  • Damien’s cap and leather blazer (not a moment but what a look)
  • Malcolm casually stabbing that officer as they stroll through the police station
  • Malcolm checking his gun while Damien chews on a toothpick as they ride the elevator
  • Their shoving the gang into the trash compactor 
  • Malcolm telling Damien to shoot someone cuz they were moving too slow
  • Eobard showing up with the last minute save
  • Eobard telling Rip he wouldn’t be torturing him
  • Malcolm and Damien appearing from the shadows seconds later, ready to torture