Last month, Hilton Als discussed Baldwin’s legacy at the Windham-Campbell Prize festival, where he was honored for his work in nonfiction. His interlocutor was Jacqueline Goldsby, a professor of English and African American Studies at Yale. What follows is a sliver of that conversation, published with permission by the Windham-Campbell Literature Prizes.

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anonymous asked:

Do you ever feel nervous about the quality of your content now that there's a lot of people to criticize it, or you're just chill about it? I mean, to do art you need to be creative and for that you need to take some risks, but do you worry about not being funny enough or not keeping up with people's expectations? Btw you're a cutie and I love u :3


i’ve always been my absolute worst critic, but i’m actually pretty content with the curve my work is on right now. i often times warmly welcome constructive criticism, because i’m not around a lot of other people, so i can’t shift my point of view on my own work as flexibly as i’d like

but i do go through slumps where i think i’m not making enough content, or being funny enough. like, i’m never completely off, but i do tend to get a little paranoid!

but hey, thanks so much!! ♥♥♥

Anonymous said:

Every time I hear that one of the actors acknowledges you and your work I get so giddy. And I loved your interview answers!

I NEVER KNOW HOW TO REACT other than with a shocked “WHAT” over and over but seeing your joy makes my heart warm! AND THANK YOU my answers were also partnered with really great questions!! it was super cool to get to do that interview!

Anonymous said:

I wonder if ‘what Scout is doing at the moment’ is just a normal conversation subject they have behind the scenes.


i found out this weekend 

it is

but it’s largely due to the fact that i produce content minutes after something has been shown

when i was told i was like “you guys have got to be kidding me omfg”

Anonymous said:

You fangirl over them, they fanboy over you. Pretty funny, as I don’t think that generally goes both ways. :)


imagine two people desperately trying to talk to each other but it’s just them yelling “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” at the same time WE CAN’T WORDS

Wouldn’t be fair not to congratulate this guy for the amazing display of surfing during the Rip Curl Pro Portugal. 

Conner, I’m so stoked you, not only because you surfed so incredibly well, but also because you achieved the best result of your career, so far, in my home country (and requalified!).

I can’t wait for Hawaii!!! Yeeww!

Ph: Trevor Moran