rob x

The Chess Game

This is my opinion, is where we get to see most of the kind of man Marvin is During Act 1. Whizzer and Marvin are playing chess, and Marvin’s controlling nature shows even though this. He constantly asked Whizzer if he needs his help as well as where he should move his pieces to. Whizzer realizes this at the end of the song and retorts things like ‘how should I behave myself’

I’d like to think as Marvin’s life as a game of chess. He’s always the player in the game, seeking to win and move each of the pieces so he can win the game. He’s playing this game with no one other then himself. Marvin is able to control each piece and move them to where he wants them to be. Before the events of the play, it is obvious that Trina is one of his main pieces that he is in control of. And because Trina is so desperate for love and acceptance (and sex lol) she has no problem meeting every one of Marvin’s demand. He loses Trina as a piece, due to his own choices (which happens in chess sometimes. When you sacrifice a piece for for the sake of making a better move after the piece is captured; which in this case, the piece would be Whizzer. Whizzer is a very different piece than Trina is, and Marvin has a strange fixation with pawns (which are only able to move straight across the board one piece at a time) I like to think of Trina as a pawn both by definition and in Marvin’s game. Just as an example, if Whizzer was a queen (lol), the player obviously has control over its pieces, but it does much more and since it can move any way on the board, it’s more powerful.

Marvin wants Whizzer to be like Trina. He wants Whizzer to resume Trina’s role in his game so he can keep putting on fronts and making everything perfect.

Whizzer then proceeds to tell Marvin how to move his pieces, to which he proceeds to win the game over Marvin with a two move checkmate (Fools Mate; I feel like this name has more irony and that Finn chose this particular setup for a reason)

At the end of the song, Whizzer decides to play his own game because he’s actually good at it.

Marvin can’t take the fact that he’s no longer in control of Whizzer resulting in their subsequent breakup.