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things I learned at njcon:

• Matt Cohen is a total flirt and a wild man at karaoke. 

• Osric wanders around and stops to talk to people.

• Travis is sweet and will introduce himself to you if you’re standing close enough. He also consoled a crying fan in the lobby.

• Misha rarely smiles during photo ops in the photos, but the moment Chris snaps the picture, he beams at you. 

• Jared curses as much as I do, which a shit ton, and will talk to you like you’re already buddies.

• Jared is also a flirt.

• Rob is so kind and sweet and when he smiles at you, the world is a better place.

• Jensen is intimidating, but tries not to be. Uses a lot of petnames. He’s kind and polite.

• These guys will banter with you if you’re brave (or stupid) enough to ask a question. Jared will also try to fight you if you say Supernatural will eventually end. (yeah, hi, that was me.) 

• Misha gets impatient when Jared doesn’t listen in photo ops and will allow you to manhandle them into position. 

• Tyler has the most intense stare and will look you dead in the eye when you talk to him.

• Jared doesn’t talk to you like a fan. You really feel like you’re on the same level. He’s super validating and genuine.

• Misha listens when you talk and is so sincere in his gratitude.  

• Jensen protects the no-judgement-zone fiercely. Only Jared gets judged, ha. 

• The fans at the con are special. It truly is a huge family and we all look out for each other. 


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Shake it off!

(I´m never gonna get over this! They are the most amazing cast ever!)


The Cast of Warcraft Answer The Web’s Most Searched Questions

You know what would be great? If the supernatural cast did a parody of the supernatural parody.