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For @kidneys-and-custard

                For Sammy: In this (fandom and many others) family, certain people, the kind that hate will try to tare you down faster than the people you like (or the people that like you) could build you up. The haters will crush you before others can help you. 

The problem with any family is that you always have those few people who are miserable that they create misery in happy people. They bully because they too were once bullied. 

So they believe it’s socially acceptable to sit behind a computer and spread hate cos it kind of makes them feel better. It’s ridiculous cos in the end all it does it cause them more misery.

The moral of the story here, before I rant and rave about crap you don’t wanna hear…. Don’t let one (or a group of) small human being(s) define who you are as a person by keeping you away from what you love. 

Love yourself first.

Remember……You are wanted. 

You’re apart of this family. 

You matter. 

You’re important. 

You’re not alone, you’re never alone so always, always, always keep fighting.

Haters are gonna hate, and players are gonna play… So do yourself a BIG favor and just shake it off

I know it seems stupid and maybe too simple but if you can shake it off, you’ll be happier for it. 

Block the haters and love the players that love you. (wow, I’m totally lame. Dude, don’t pay attention to me. Do what you want, in the end find your happiness and stick with it.)  :)

We love you Sammy.

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I don’t know how it’s possible, but my love for the cast of Supernatural gets bigger every day.

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Nashcon 2017 things

because I haven’t seen a post like this yet (it’s probably been done anyway tho)
- gold row a seats 37 to 42 never showing up and greatly irritating r2 because those are the best seats and they were sold but the people who bought them just didn’t show??
- “go jacket off”
- organ vs piano, “pianist”, “fiddling with my organ”
- r2m were asked if they could switch parts (meaning roles) what would they do with each other’s parts, and r2 immediately started talking about how they’d fondle Matt’s…parts.
- a certain someone with a suspiciously high voice with a weird attempt at some accent started going on about how much r2m love Misha and how one of them, but they wouldn’t say who, even calls his wife Misha (it was Misha, of course.)
- Misha saying he stopped doing Cooking Fast and Fresh with West because his kids got camera shy and “it’s espionage”
- “where’s Samantha?”
- a little girl dressed as Iron Man going on stage with Sam
- j2 in hysterics over “bumhole” (edit: I have been informed that it was actually “bunghole”. Pretty funny either way though.)
- Jensen responding to a question with “I got it! I don’t know.”
- Jared talking in an exaggerated southern accent and Jensen saying that was his new fear
- Jared being scared of bears because “they’re big”
- Jared’s version of talking with an accent is saying where he’s from
- Jensen thought the ending of Supernatural should be left open for the movie a couple years later, but Jared said they need to die because as long as they live they’ll be hunting and having a movie afterwards “isn’t ending it Jensen”
- Mark Sheppard saying if he was stranded on a desert island and could only bring one thing, it’d be Donald Trump: “it’s called taking one for the team”
- Mark S replying to a fan introducing herself by name by saying “no you’re not, you’re perfect”

feel free to add on!! I know I missed a heck of a lot


So because I was able to zoom in as much as I was there are some minor focus errors because when the guys are moving around the camera sometimes loses a tiny bit of focus, I apologize.
Here is the track list:
1) 1:05- 4:30 : Present Time
2) 4:50- 7:58 : Roll Me Over
3) 8:15- 12:36 : Eskimo
4) 14:00- 17:59 : Juliet (feat. Chris Schmelke)
5) 19:25- 22:50 : Crooked Wheel(feat. Stephanie Dizon)
6) 23:02- 25:39 : Bandaged Hand
7) 25:43- 30:32 : Creep by Radiohead (feat. Emily Swallow)
8)30:48- 35:33 : This is How(feat. Adam Malin)
9) 35:43- 41:50 : Let It Be Me by Ray LaMontagne (feat. Gil McKinney, Adam Malin)
10) 42:35- 47:01 : Over Before It Began (feat. Richard Speight Jr.)
* small skip @ 46:40; I apologize
11) 47:20- 54:37 : Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers (feat. Mark Sheppard, Richard Speight Jr.)
12) 54:56- 58:45 :Fare Thee Well (Just Rob Benedict)
13) 59:52- 1:04:26 : Leg Up (feat. Richard Speight Jr., Mark Sheppard, Adam Malin)
14) 1:04:37- 1:09:27 : Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker (feat. Jason Manns, Gil McKinney, Richard Speight Jr., Mark Sheppard, Adam Malin)
15) 1:11:04- 1:15:35 : Slightest Thing; The Station Breaks Song (feat. Jason Manns, Mark Sheppard, Emily Swallow, Richard Speight Jr.)
16)1:16:25- 1:21:00 : She Waits (feat. Mark Sheppard)
17) 1:22:22- 1:27:37 : Mamma’s Jam (feat. Mark Sheppard)
18) 1:28:20- 1:34:43 : Amazing
19) 1:35:20-  1:41:58 : Medicated (feat. Alaina Huffman, Samantha Smith, Richard Speight Jr., Jason Manns, Gil McKinney, Emily Swallow, Adam Malin)

What people don’t understand is when the SPN fandom say we love the cast we don’t just mean Jensen, Jared and Misha - we mean ALL the cast. Even if they might’ve only been in an episode or two or more or whole seasons or more - we love them all. We take them all into our hearts.

You know what would be great? If the supernatural cast did a parody of the supernatural parody.


Shake it off!

(I´m never gonna get over this! They are the most amazing cast ever!)

Supernatural Parody has just gained over TEN MILLION VIEWS! 🎉

The SPN Family is truly AMAZING! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We love y'all so much and can never tell you how thankful we are for you! Let’s celebrate with a re-watch!

Clichés/random moments I want to see happen on Supernatural

•Dean trying to make a decision with Cas on his right trying to convince him not to while Crowley is on his left pressuring him to

•Sam or Dean sneezing and Cas blessing him

•Mary being visited by an angel jokes

•maybe a St. Cassiel church? (followed by Cas explaining why he dropped the S and replaced it with a T- one of his earliest acts of rebellion)

•all classic rock songs having a Satanic message behind it (since Luci is possessing a washed out rock star)

•"wait, Cas, are your ears pierced?“ “Jimmy went through what you humans call a ‘punk phase’”

•"Sam, why didn’t you tell me you were on a television show during your time at Stanford? Does Dean know?“ and/or “Sam, are you aware that there’s an actor who looks like an exact replica of you? He seems to be friends with Chad Michael Murray.”

•Reference to the movie character Louden Swain

•if Destiel becomes canon it has to be announced by Sam asking Dean why he looks so happy and Dean saying “I just got touched by an angel” while Cas comes out in one of Dean’s old classic rock tee shirts and a pair of jeans

•(if the above happens) Sam grabbing his phone and calling Crowley delivering the bad news that Dean is taken

•Sam going to watch a random Casa Erotica DVD and a close up of either the horror or delight on his face when he realizes it’s the one Gabriel did

•Dean telling Mary about John and saying how he raised Sam and Dean well, and Cas just shuts him up mid-sentence and tells Mary the truth

•Cas acknowledging Sam and Dean’s horrible upbringing!!!!

•Dean FREAKING OUT whenever Mary is around fire (unless that could be offensive to people with PTSD)

•A Chuck/Gabriel scene (preferably together, I’ll also accept alone since Rob and Rich are my actual dads)

•"Hey Cas, get on top of the tree.“