rob sings

She Waits

Our Reader meets Rob and they fall in love, but is it really that easy? The good things rarely are.

Word Count: 3281

Warnings: This is the best (worst?) flangst I can do, language, Rob singing

A/N:  beta’d by the ever amazing @just-another-busy-fangirl. Laura, I don’t know what I would do without you and I hope I never have to find out! I listened to and channeled some Louden Swain for this. Although it is not inspired by ‘She Waits’ it felt like a fitting title. A huge shout out to @zeppo-in-a-trenchcoat and @mandileaphotography for the amazing photos of Rob. Thank you for feeding my soul. Also, all my love to Nicole, @iwantthedean, for her never ending support and for enabling the crisis. 

Written for: @d-s-winchester and her 2 Year Blogiversary Challenge. My prompt is in bold below. Ash specifically asked for Rob, and tbh, who I am I to say no! I just adore him so much!

Songs listened to: Amazing - Fair - She Waits - Eskimo - Worlds Collide - Like The Heart Goes - Honey Bee - Medicated - All I Need - Cool If I Come Over

To say you and Rob Benedict had a complicated history was an understatement. Some days it felt like Goldie and Kurt, then other days it felt more like Whitney and Bobby. It was wonderful and it was tumultuous, but it was always passionate.

You had first met Rob on the set of Supernatural in 2009. He played a prophet and was slated to appear a few times and you were nothing but an extra. But the reaction between the two of you was a Chem professor’s dream. It was palpable from the first greeting. As you were doing a series of guest spots for the CW, you were in Vancouver for a few weeks which allowed you and Rob get to know each other. You spent all of your spare time in his room or yours. Passion was never the problem.

But then he left and you felt like you would fall apart. He had promised you a future. You felt foolish for believing him, but felt it in your heart, even if your head was screaming ‘NO’ at a thousand decibels. You retreated into yourself when you didn’t hear from him for almost two months.

You found yourself in Los Angeles to audition for a new series. You wanted to call Rob, just to hear his voice. It was one of the things you loved about him, one of the many. His voice was always so soothing and calming to you after a rough day. When he sang to you, it gave you life and you felt like you could accomplish anything and overcome any obstacle in your path.

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jensen sings, simple man at jib jailbreak (amazing)

brother with jason & rob

wagon wheel with the gang

the weight, also with the gang


Rob Benedict & Jensen Ackles sing ‘Fair’ with Loudon Swain
SPN Honolulu 2017
Saturday Night Special

Fun fact: Rob & Jensen wrote this song together

Request: Which ego can sing best?

Requested by: finnlinnaj

Out of the ipliers, Dark can sing best. Although he does not sing often. Some find his voice cute, others just find it plain creepy. However he uses this to his advantage.

Out of the septic egos, Schneep sings best. He’s used to singing German lullabies to Chase’s children when they can’t sleep. His voice seems so calm an alluring.

a group of teenage boys aggressively sing capella for cash .They are doing intimidatingly well despite their average singing voices


jensen & the gang sing at jib jailbreak

jensen sings simple man, brother with jason & rob + more with the rest of the guys & girl (gil, sasha, bri, adam)

(drop by youtube to thank the fan who filmed the whole gig)


“Jared playing guitar and Jensen,Misha,Rob singing Honcon 2017 spn cast on the stage”

Published on November 18, 2017 by Supernatural Conventions

Credit video by twitter arielthenerd
Video Link:


Jared playing the guitar while Jensen and Rob sing Free Fallin’ at HonCon. 

The way that Jensen keeps checking on Jared while he’s playing and the fact that Jared focuses on him the whole time (probably because it helps calm his nerves) just touches my heart. Btw I only added the lyrics if it was important like when Jared smiled while Jensen sang the bad boy line or when Rob sang about vampires and Jensen acted like he had a shotgun (to kill vampires apparently) and then had to make sure Jared thought that was funny. 



Jared joins everyone onstage for “Come Together” :) (credit: x)


This is such a short vid but I love it so much, probably one of my favorite backstage videos ever, so I’m just leaving this here. Maybe it will make you smile, too ♥️