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boyfriend!sodapop hc's :,)

— loves to play with your hair
— he even made you teach him to braid so he could do it to your hair
— hugs your waist from behind you and pulls you into him
— absentmindedly traces his fingers over your skin while watching tv or doing something else
— loves to hold your hands. literally he’ll just take your hand in his and not let go unless he absolutely has to
— this boy is SO cheesy, he loves cheesy pick up lines and all of that typa stuff
— overprotective af i literally cannot stress this enough
— but he respects you and your independence and trusts you. he’s not controlling at all
— thinks of you so highly it’s cute and sad at the same time, like sometimes he feels like he’s not good enough for you
— attempts to cook you breakfast even though he’s a horrible chef so most of time it’s just cereal
— but you love it and think it’s adorable nonetheless

Bamon will go down as TVD’s most robbed ship. They were the best potential couple to never become canon. When we all look back at TVD as a distant memory, the realization will come that not making Bamon romantically canon will go down as one of the biggest mistakes in TVD history. 


You know it’s funny how some Barisi shippers like to point out that Rob Cohen ships them therefore it will happen. But Rob has likes a number of tweets favoring both Barson and Rollisi in a romantic sense. The guy is playing shippers and is fueling shipping fights. He isn’t anyone’s ally here.

Also let me remind all the folks so convinced Barisi will happen. Raul ships Barson. He plays Barba has someone who has feelings for Benson! This has been confirmed multiple times. That doesn’t mean you can’t ship your ship but stop kidding yourself that it will be canon.

Barisi shippers, some of you are mean little trolls. You single out someone who doesn’t like your ship and then spread nasty ugly rumors about them. You need to get over yourselves. Stay in your corner and do your thing. Learn to turn the other damn cheek. There are things worth raging over and someone bashing your ship isn’t one.

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If you still want random history here's one. In 1575 Swedish princess Cecilia left the royal court at the age of 35 and started a life as a pirate in order to pay of the huge debt she and her husband had collected over the years. She hijacked mainly British and Danish ships because queen Elizabeth I had pissed her off somehow, and Sweden was at war with Denmark so robbing their ships was technically legal.

Can I marry her?

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