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This took entirely too long.Like, for real.

But it was kinda fun, to be honest, mostly cos i got to here the audio for this over a thousand times and it never gets old XD But man, I love the tmnt panels, all the voice actors are such sweet hearts, but I love these 3 the most. Rob Paulsen is a legend and he’ll always be under my top 3, Greg Cipes is freaking Greg Cipes, he’s a cinnamonroll, too precious for this world (just like mikey!) and Seth Green is such s sweet bean, I love him.
For anyone who’s interested, I took the Audio from the nickelodeon SDCC tmnt panel 2015, around the 10 min mark.

Well, here’s the video:

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Oops, I didn't send characters... Um... Robert & Vic :) for number 8

#8 - “i’ll be right over”

Robert was sprawled out on the sofa when his phone rang, his face pressed to Aaron’s chest, the television blaring in the background. Groaning, Robert reached across to the coffee table, Victoria’s contact picture flashing on his screen.

“It’s Vic.”

“Answer it,” Aaron nudged, muting the television.

Robert unlocked his phone, shifting slightly so he was propping himself up on Aaron’s chest, half smiling at the fingers Aaron was running through his hair as he held his phone to his ear. “Hiya, what’s up?” 

“Robert?” Victoria sounded tearful, her voice cracking as she mumbled out his name.

“What’s happened?” Robert was imeadiately alert, scrambling to untangle himself from Aaron.

“I had a few - hic - drinks, and I just, I’m so sad, Rob.” Victoria sounded so helpless, so sad that it had Robert’s heart racing, wondering where the hell she was, what kind of state she was in.

“Are you in the pub?”

“No, ‘m at home.”

“I’ll be right over, okay?” Robert said, already searching the living room for his trainers. He was dressed in his comfy clothes, he and Aaron planning on a lazy night in. 


“Is she alright?” Aaron asked, sitting up on the couch. He looked worried, and for a second Robert felt his heart swell with love for his husband, and the love he had for Robert’s little sister. 

“She’s really upset about something, I don’t know what,” Robert knew he sounded panicked, grabbing a discarded hoodie of Aaron’s to throw on over his tracksuit bottoms. “I’d better go over there.”

“Do you want me to come?” 

Robert shook his head, grabbing the spare key he had for Victoria’s place before he planted a kiss to Aaron’s lips. “I’m sorry, I know it’s meant to be our night in,” he apologised, hating that their lazy evening in was being cut short. 

Aaron shook his head, giving him a soft smile. “Go look after your sister, Rob. Text me if you need me, yeah?”

Robert nodded, heading for the front door. He walked the short distance between their flat and Victoria’s cottage, letting himself into the house. “Vic?” he called out. “Vic, where are you?”

“In here!” Victoria called, shouting from the living room. 

Robert’s heart broke as he took in his little sister’s position on the living room floor, a picture frame clutched in one hand, a half drunk bottle of wine in the other, her cheeks tear stained and flushed bright red, whether it was from the alcohol or the crying, he wasn’t sure.

“Come here,” Robert eased the bottle of wine from her grip, his stomach clenching uncomfortably as he notice who was in the picture. It was of the four of them, a photo taken long before Andy, even - Victoria a tiny baby bundled up in Sarah’s arms, Robert tucked under a proud Jack’s arm. 

“I miss them.” Victoria admitted tearfully, letting Robert hoist her up off the floor, settling her down on the couch. “Do you miss mum and dad?” 

Robert nodded, brushing a hand through Victoria’s tangled hair. “Yeah, I do. Everyday,” he admitted, knowing Victoria was feeling the all too familiar ache of grief in her chest, that tight, twisted feeling that made you feel as though it was taking an effort to breathe properly.

Victoria nodded tiredly. “I didn’t mean to get all drunk ‘n sad,” she mumbled, hugging her knees to her chest, looking every inch the six year old kid Robert remembered her being, confused as to where their mum was, why she wasn’t coming home.

Robert sometimes forgot, what Victoria had been through. She’d lost everyone by time she was fifteen, and Robert hadn’t even been around when Jack had died, hadn’t been there to help her get through it.

“I’ll make you a cup of tea, eh?” Robert said, unfolding the blanket Victoria kept folded on her couch. He vaguely recognised it as a blanket they used to have up at the farm, a blanket he remembered used to be thrown over the armchair in their living room, the chair their mum would always curl up in with a book in the evening time.

He tucked the blanket in around Victoria, his sister snuggling into the couch. He padded into the kitchen, flicking the kettle on, setting about making them two cups of tea.

Extra sugar in Vic’s, just in case.

“Here you go,” Robert handed her the cup of tea, kicking off his trainers so he could get under the blanket with Victoria, the raggedy old blanket a familiar reminder of the home they’d grown up in.

It hadn’t always been a happy home, but it had been their home. 

Victoria nestled in close to his side, starting to sober up a bit as she sipped at her tea. “Will you tell me about mum?” she asked, her voice muffled by the material of Aaron’s hoodie.

Robert wrapped an arm around her, pressing his chin to the top of her head. “Did I ever tell you about the time she caught me stealing the Christmas biscuits from the tin? It was only November, she went absolutely mad!”