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11.19.2016 - Blackhawks vs Canucks

chicago completes the comeback win after being down 3-0 for two periods!

Master List - Updated

Chuck Shurley x Reader

Like The Heart Goes - Part 1

Like The Heart Goes - Part 2

Like The Heart Goes - Part 3 (more to come)

Rob Benedict x Reader

More to life - Part 1 (more to come)

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Chuck Shurley x Reader

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Rob Benedict x Reader

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Thank you Rob

Rockwood Festival 2016

Rob Benedict - Last Night

Chuck Shurley - The Optimist

Rob Benedict - Obstacles 

Louden Swain - Carpool Lane 

Hayden Lee - Uncover The Lies

Lifetripper/Rob Benedict - Leg Up

Kings Of Conversation - Trailer

Fallout 3

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A/N: more smut 

Words: 2,306


Kate woke the next morning snuggled in Richard’s arms. She smiled thinking of the memories of the previous night. She and Richard were back together again and nothing was changing that. The thought of Richard reassuring her that his love was real was enough to please Kate.

Moving slightly Kate looked up at Richard, who was sleeping with his forearm over his face. He still didn’t appear to be a morning person. She reached up placing a small kiss to his lips before sitting up.

“Where are you going sugar?”

He asked before rolling over wrapping his arms around her waist preventing Kate from moving away.

“I need a shower before we go back to the hospital. Want to join me?”

Richard perked up at that.

“Lets see here…you and I in the shower, completely drenched and slippery? I’m in!”

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imagine drunk luke thinking he’s being really smooth like stumbling into your room and you’re in the bathroom getting ready for bed and he walks in, trying to casually pull his shirt off but his head gets stuck for a second and he moves his hands to your hips under the shirt you’re wearing and he’s certain he’s got you cause you’ve cracked a smile at how giggly and messy he is and he looks at you seriously, teeth biting at his lip and you’re sure he’s about to kiss you but he just starts singing ‘i’m burning up.. burning uuup for you baaaaaby’

hot toys confirmed that Wanda and pietro maximoff will be getting action figures [x] now I have to add that to the ones that I want to get already… oh well… there goes my money…

Fallout 2

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A/N: Smut in this chapter….fun stuff 

Words: 3,102


The following few days were the longest of Kate’s life! Rob was slowly coming back around but the doctor was fairly confident that he would need a lot of speech therapy and rest before he could do anything like he was before. He had tried to speak a few times and was getting frustrated when he couldn’t even say his sister’s name.

“It’s okay Rob.”

Kate would say soothingly trying to get him to calm down some. The last thing he needed was to get to get too worked up. Luckily Richard had stayed pretty much non stop. This was both a good thing and a bad thing for Kate. Being this close to him again made Kate realize just how much that she still loved him but made her question if things could ever be the same? Could she really trust him again? Part of her said yes but the other said no.

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Fallout Master list

Originally posted by rocky-oreo

Summary:  Richard Speight Jr. and Katherine (Kate) Benedict had been together a year when everything fell apart. Everything was going into a downward spiral for Kate especially when Rob has his stroke. Maybe this will be the thing that will bring Richard and Kate back together?


Chapter 1 

Chapter 2 

Chapter 3

Chapter 4 

Chapter 5


Fallout 6

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A/N: smutt and stuff

Words: 3,661


Kate sat in the passenger seat of the rental car enjoying the cool mountain air in her face. She glanced over at Richard with a small smile. While this was the happiest she had been in a very long time she also they they were going to face one hell of a shit storm when they got back normal life. Running off and eloping was definitely one of the craziest things she had ever done. Kate didn’t regret the decision that she and Richard had come to the day before at 3 am.

What are we waiting for? Why have a big fancy wedding when no one else cares? Your parents won’t be there, mine certainly won’t be there. Now Rob won’t even talk to us about it or anything for that matter.”

She had said when Richard made the comment about just eloping. Richard looked a little surprised when those words came out of her mouth. He was partially being a smart ass so when she agreed with his idea it was definitely shocking.

Wait you don’t want to have a wedding with the dress and all that…stuff?”

Kate shook her head.

Not at the moment. If my own brother won’t be there let’s just do a quickie. Yeah the rest of our friends will probably be bummed but they will get over it. Besides I won’t be fitting into a wedding dress much longer anyway.”

Richard raised an eyebrow. He knew she was irritated with Rob for avoiding them like the plague but this just proved how devastated she was over it. Rolling his eyes he was fighting the urge to call Crystal and give her a good piece of his mind to tell Rob. He let his eyes look down his wife’s body to her stomach. She still didn’t look pregnant. When Kate was undressed Richard could see her stomach starting to round a little bit but not enough when dressed.

I don’t want you to regret it later.”

He responded softly. Kate shook her head.

I won’t.”

Richard shrugged deciding now was the time to give up.

If that’s what you want babe. I have an idea. We can do our little shotgun wedding and I’ll book us a week or two back in Tennessee. We can get away from all the cameras and nonsense. It would also give us some time alone without interruptions.”

Kate looked pleased enough.

Sounds good to me.”

Pulling herself from the memory of the day before the only real regret she did have was not telling Rob. But at the same time, if Rob wouldn’t answer her or Richard’s call and texts, there really wasn’t much they could do. Judging from the look on Richard’s face she was beginning to worry if he was regretting their decision as well.

“Are you regretting what we did?”

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Fallout 5

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A/N: You know the drill….smut

Words: 2,2916


The first few weeks in Germany was beyond busy for everyone. Richard and Kate were lucky to pencil in a kiss let alone have any alone time. The closest they got to having alone time was at night but being so tired from jet lag they would exchange looks before falling asleep.

For Kate it was running go multiple panels and trying to get Rob on the phone. She had spoken to cuntzilla Crystal who would only say that Rob was fine.  What made it more annoying was the fact Rob wouldn’t even answer his phone.

One morning, Kate woke up to Richard kissing her neck. She giggled feeling his fingers rub down her thighs.

“That feels nice.”

She sighed yawning as Richard began to rock his hips into her behind.

“We haven’t had sex in days sugar.”

Kate turned locking her lips to his.

“You’re spoiled.”

Richard groaned as her lips moved over his collarbone.

“Yeah. That may be true. Have you talked to your brother?”

Kate sighed sitting up while Richard mentally kicked himself for ruining the mood.

“No, have you?”

Kate asked obviously frustrated. Richard shook his head.

“Fucker won’t answer for me. Think he’s pissed we are dating again?”  

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