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When You Say It Like That...

Dedicated to my girls, @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms and @paintrider13-blog and at least part of what I hope we will be doing in 90 days!!

Word Count: 927

Warnings: Language, drinking, implied smut

Pairing: Rob x Me, Jared x Ana, Jensen x Megs

Let’s all assume for the sake of fiction that ALL parties involved are single. 

Written for Kari’s @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge 2017 and the prompt will be bold “It’s 8:30, I have a hangover and you’re annoying me.” 

It was hot outside, but it was beautiful. The first truly nice Spring day in Minneapolis and my girlfriends and I were taking full advantage of it. My deck faced the bright sun and all three of us were soaking up the rays. Megs and I were lounging in the zero gravity chairs, while Ana opted for a towel in the grass.

 “Ang? You need another?” Megan called as she rose from her chair.

 “Yeah, thanks Babe,” I called out as she walked through the sliding glass door into the kitchen. It was a quick walk to the ‘cocktail fridge.’

 “Where the fuck you been?!” I called to her as she walked back out several minutes later.

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Seventeen as Characters from the Ocean’s Trilogy

Danny Ocean: Seungcheol

Rusty Ryan: Jihoon

Tess Ocean: Jeonghan

Linus Caldwell: Chan

Basher Tarr: Mingyu

Virgil Malloy: Seokmin

Turk Malloy: Soonyoung

Reuben Tishkoff: Junhui

Livingston Dell: Jisoo

Saul Bloom: Seungkwan

“The Amazing” Yen: Minghao

Frank Catton: Hansol

Terry Benedict: Wonwoo

Bonus (no, we totally didn’t put Jeongcheol as Tess and Danny, it just… happened):

The Lore Library

Welcome to the twenty-third week of The Lore Library! Each week this post will be filled with my favorite fics of the week!

Check out all these incredible fics and these amazing authors and don’t forget to leave them some feedback!!


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Cure for the Ache by @iwantthedean (Sam x Reader)
Prove ‘Em Wrong by @paintrider13-blog (Dean x Reader x Sam)
Memorial Day by @deansleather (Jensen x Reader)
Boner by @dancingalone21 (Dean x Reader)
Twins?! by @riversong-sam (Sam x Reader)
Just The Way You Are by @jotink78 (Castiel x Reader)
The Air In My Lungs by @taste-of-dean (Dean x Reader)
Mating Rituals by @riversong-sam (Gadreel x Reader)
Before He Cheats by @paintrider13-blog (Dean x Reader)
The Secret of the Hope Diamond by @atc74 (No Pairing)
To Love a Winchester by @roxyspearing (Dean x Reader)


If the series doesn’t have a master list I’ll only be linking the most recent part

With All My Heart by @torn-and-frayed (Jensen x Reader)
Be My Savior by @riversong-sam (Dean x Reader)
Forward by @blacktithe7 (Jensen x Reader)
Pick Up My Pieces by @riversong-sam (Jared x Reader)
Lessons in Love by @riversong-sam & @jkqueenly (Dean x Reader)
Kill Zone by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (Dean x Reader)


I feel like original female characters don’t get nearly enough love. So this list will have a section just for them!

The Road That Winds by @chelsea072498 (Dean x OFC) *The Walking Dead Crossover*
When You Say It Like That by @atc74 (Rob x OFC/Jared x OFC/Jensen x OFC)
Shadow Creek by @chelsea072498 (Dean x OFC)

Want to be on this list? Feel free to tag me in everything you write! (all likes will come from my personal blog, @ashleymalfoy)

Best of you 1

Originally posted by rocky-oreo

A/n: no smut in the beginning chapter. 

Warning: RPF

Words: 1, 737

Summary: There are things you just don’t do in life. Falling in love with your best friends sister is one of them. 


I need to stop….I need to stop NOW”

Richard thought miserably as he looked across the table at Rob’s sister Lora. Crushing on the girl was wrong! She was too young and he was too recently divorced. He didn’t even need to think about falling in love with someone when his last relationship failed miserably. Plus there had to be some rule against having the hots for your best friends sister as well. Richard knew he had to get his act together!

What made the situation even worse was Lora reciprocated his feelings of romantic interest back. At a party a few months before, when the two were pretty smashed, Richard and Lora were in the corner of a room kissing like the world was about to end. When Lora made the offer of taking him to her room that made Richard snap out of his love struck mode. He all but told her that he was interested and they needed to stop.

After that Lora barely spoke to him. She had instead taken up a friendship with Matt that was infuriating Richard beyond reason. Rob acted completely oblivious to it as well.

She likes you. Matt is just a friend.”

Are you shitting me Rob?! Matt is practically drooling over her?!”

So are you Rich.”

Lora laughing over something pulled Richard from his thoughts. He looked up at her with a frown to see Matt with a half broken salt shaker in his hand. Richard liked seeing Lora’s pretty smile but knowing it wasn’t him that put it there was depressing. Instead, it was Matt, who happened to be bleeding all over the place, that made her smile.  As much as Richard like Matt at the moment he despised him. Matt was younger, good looking, and could make was really good with Lora.

Richard had gotten better with getting over Lora when she was out on tour with her band. However the moment she returned Richard was right back in love with her. Now here he was watching her and Matt flirt. Lora stood patting Matt on the head with a smile. Rob was looking between her and Rich with an annoyed expression on his face.

“Where are you going?”

Rob asked when she stood. Lora pointed at Matt.

“Going to find him a band aid for his new cut. Maybe with one the little mermaid seeing as he thinks she’s hot and all.”

Matt’s mouth dropped.

“How dare you tell my secret! I’m going with you now!”

Lora smirked motioning him forward.

“Well come on. We probably need to wash that anyway. Plus you are bleeding all over the breakfast table.”

When Matt stood and pranced toward the bathroom Lora’s eyes fell on Richard who was giving her displeased. That look seemed to be the one that he reserved just for her lately. As much as she enjoyed the jealousy written all over his face she couldn’t. She had spent the past few months trying to get over the feelings that she had for Richard. Lora thought that she had succeeded until Rob came to pick her up at the airport and there was Richard with him. The moment their eyes met she was right back in the trash can with his name written on it.

Every time she looked at him her mind replayed their make out session in the corner of that night club. What she thought was the beginning of a promising night was completely derailed by her asking him to sleep with her.

He probably thinks I’m a whore.

She thought miserably. He sure didn’t seem to mind that night! Just like that she was replaying everything in her mind.

She and Richard had been flirting and talking throughout the party. He had even held her hand a few times before making the comment that he wanted to taste her lips. Lora hadn’t even tried to object when he stood pulling her to a quiet dark corner of the bar.

He roughly pushed her against the wall before cramming his body against hers. The sensations itself was enough to make Lora want to take him right there in that dark corner. She had never been much of a wild person when it came to sex in public but if Richard had asked Lora would have made an exception.

The moment his lips was on hers she felt the stereotypical “butterflies and sparks” that had been missing in her last relationships. She didn’t care that he tasted like whiskey. All that she wanted was to get the already deep kiss deeper.

Lora rolled her eyes as she pulled herself out of the memory. She had doctored Matt as much as she could before letting what was now her best friend wander off to go cause havoc someplace else hopefully without injury. Lora walked back to the table taking her seat beside Rob.

“Well is he going to live?”

Rob asked with a smirk. Lora chuckled noticing Misha had taken Matt’s seat and was grinning like a fool for some reason.  

“For now. That man needs a warning label.”

Lora replied, again not wanting to look back at Richard. Misha laughed.

“So when is the wedding?”

Lora about choked on her tea as she gaped at Misha’s cheeky grin.

“Whose wedding?”

“Yours and Matt’s.”

Misha said sweetly ignoring the “go to hell” look that Richard was shooting him. Lora laughed hard at that.

“No! No! No! I’m not marrying Matt! That like the prospect of marrying my brother.”

Rob looked equally as grossed out.

“That’s just wrong.”

Misha giggled again.

“You and Cohen are cut together.”

Lora shook her head.

“It wouldn’t work out. There’s no sparks.”


Misha questioned. Rob was slightly smiling as he looked in between his sister and best friend, who looked ready to go on a jealous rampage.

“Yeah, you know like fireworks. The whole proverbial firework show you get when it’s the one. I know it’s load of crap but I’m a girl. I’ve always wanted the cheesy foot pop and sparks.”

Misha looked at her a moment before grinning.

“So Matt is a lousy kisser? Foot pop and sparks huh?”

Lora nodded ignoring the Matt is a lousy kisser question. As much as she wanted Richard to be jealous she didn’t think it would be appropriate to talk about the weird kiss that she and Matt had shared. With a brave sigh glanced at Richard who was just staring at her. His expression was unreadable as Misha stood like an overexcited puppy.

“Come here!”

Lora gave Misha a confused look before making the actor repeat his directions. She slowly stood muttering Jesus under her breath. Misha grinned as she got over to him.

“Put your arms around my neck. I’m going to give you sparks.”

Before Lora could get another word out Misha crammed his lips to her tipping her backwards like in some 1950’s movie. When he titled her upright she looked at him with wide eyes. There was no way in hell that she could look at Richard now. She knew he was staring a hole through her and if he wasn’t jealous before he had to be green as toad now.

“So? About those sparks?”

Misha questioned cheekily. Lora coughed before sitting back down beside Rob, who was giggling.

“Sorry Misha. That was like kissing my brother. A brother who is married to one of my good friends and whose kids I babysit.”

Rob was laughing hard at that. Misha blinked before sitting down pouting.

“I’m telling Vicki that you didn’t find me sparkly.”

Lora smirked, ruffling Misha’s hair.

“I find you sparkly just not that way dear.”

Misha sighed.

“We need to find you from frogs to kiss. You deserve sparkles. Every girl deserves sparkles.”

Lora shook her head.

“It’s a lost cause Misha.”

“Why? You’re like 29?”

Lora glanced at Richard who was still looking less than amused.

“I’m going to be cat lady.”

Before Misha could make a response Lora was relieved to see her niece and nephew running over. She eagerly scooted her seat back so her niece could climb on her lap.

“And not a moment too soon Audrey!”

The rest of breakfast happened to be almost uneventful. When Audrey got bored and went to find her mother, Lora stood and went to find a new drink. While she waited for a drink to be made froze the moment Richard walked over to her.

“What the hell was all of that?”

Lora frowned.

“That crazy fest back there?”

Richard nodded.

“Uh yea. Was all of that to make me jealous?”

Lora smirked.

“Well did it work?”

Richard frowned harder.

“You think my feelings are a joke?”

“What about mine?”

Lora countered as the bar tender handed her the Bloody Mary. Richard looking completely blindsided by that comment. He pushed a strand of his hair away from his eyes trying to ignore their friends who were clearly watching now. Rob’s eyes were wide as he looked between his sister and best friend.

“Well…they matter….”

Lora rolled her eyes.

“Not to you obviously.”

“You don’t know what fucking matters to me!”

Lora was beginning to get annoyed now. She stepped closer to Richard watching as his eyes went from her face to the tops of her breasts.

“Clearly not. Just an FYI I had nothing to do with all of this today. I didn’t even know what the fuck was happening. Second I know that you are jealous over my friendship with Matt. For the record, he does want to date me and he doesn’t give god damn that he is older than me or whatever the hell your reasoning is. My suggestions for you Rich is grow a pair and ask me out before Matt does again. This time I will say yes!”

She didn’t wait for the clearly shocked beyond all reason actor in front of her to say anything. Turning Lora briefly made contact with Rob and his wife Mollie, who looked equally as shocked before turning and storming out of the room.

Misha meanwhile, grinned from his seat,

“Well what tangled webs we weave.”






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Desires 7

Originally posted by featheryembrace

A/n: no smut in this chapter….light make out session but that’s it. 

Warning: RPF 

Link to Chapter 6

Words; 4, 331


Arriving at her parent’s house for Mark’s cookout Kori couldn’t help but be nervous about telling them the “big news.” She glanced over at Richard who hadn’t stopped smiling since he had found the pregnancy test.

“Are you ready for this?”

She asked softly. Richard nodded.

“It will be fine.”

He replied gently stroking his hand over hers as they walked into the house. Right away Kori’s mother was eagerly hugging her.

“There you two are. I was wondering when you would show up. Your dad has been pestering me nonstop to see if you were coming.”

Kori smiled.

“I talked to him earlier and said we were coming. Speaking of Dad where is he?”

Her mother pointed to the patio.

“He is out there talking to Jared I think. Is everything okay? You look peaky.”

Kori sighed. Tracy Pellegrino had a nose like a damn German Sheppard at points.  Kori reached up pushing a strand of her mother’s hair away from her eyes.

“Everything is fine. I uh just need to talk to you and Dad a moment. I’ll be right back.”

Her mother nodded as Kori walked out to the patio quickly. She didn’t leave time for her mother to start asking questions. That was the last thing that she wanted at the moment. Kori wanted to get the word pregnant out before Tracy started asking questions.

Stepping out onto the patio, Kori smiled seeing her father talking to Jared. She walked over with a smile. Mark looked clearly pleased to see her.

“There you are honey. I was wondering if you was going to show up. Before you say it yes I know we talked earlier and yes I was listening.”

Kori and Jared both rolled their eyes.

“Well awesome. Uh can I talk to you inside a moment?”

Mark nodded following his daughter into the house where his wife sat looking a little wary. He sat down beside Tracy as Kori gave them a small grin.

“So Richard and I have something to talk to you two about.”

Mark blinked a few times.

“Did you two run off and get married or something?

Both Richard and Kori exchanged confused expressions. Richard had a feeling that Mark would have caught on right away…obviously not. Kori looked at her father clearly surprised. Tracy was giving her husband the same expression.

“No, we didn’t do that. I think I would tell you if we were doing that one.”

Mark looked pleased with that response.

“Goodie! Now that is out of the way what is it honey bun?”

“I’m pregnant.”

The whole room went dead silent. Mark’s face went from grinning to completely shocked and speechless. Tracy was blinking clearly as surprised as her husband. Richard meanwhile, had the momentary worry that they were about to get very angry.

“Did you say pregnant? Like forgot to take your vitamins now your having a baby pregnant?”

Mark asked clearly trying to make sure that he heard his daughter correctly. Kori rolled her eyes at how Mark still wouldn’t say the words birth control to her. The thought of her being on contraceptives was still clearly an uncomfortable subject for her father.

“Yes, dad that is exactly what I said.”

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My pre-order of The Secret of a Heart Note by Stacey Lee the other week. This book is one of my favorite reads of 2016. I love the sheltered heroine Mim who took her first leap at the “real world.” She’s so precious and not afraid to admit her mistakes. The romance is so cute too! If you love To All The Boys I'ved Loved Before by Jenny Han. You’re going to love this! 

P.S. This picture verify my weakness for anything florals and beautiful papers.

A Whole New World- Chapter 1

Chacters: Jared, Jensen, Misha, Rob, Mark S, 2 OFC

Pairing: Jaredxreader

Warnings: Mentions of past rape and abuse, angst and fluff.
A/N: I don’t believe at ALL that this is how the women in my story would react and act when you first meet them. Just so you know: I love all these leading ladies.

Gen, Daneel, Victoria - you guys rule!! I also hope that Jared and Gen never actually get a divorce. I started this story before the twins and Padababy! This is a reader-fic and does not accurately represent any of the actual occurrences of the cast!

This is also my first fanfiction so I would love to hear peoples thoughts on this.

Chapter 1: A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

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anonymous asked:

what did you think of aaron's french? i sorta wish we could hear it again. he's so cute. robert is easily impressed though. and i love how emile clearly was just speaking to him in english.

Oh anon. Aaron’s french is hilarious, like really I’m still laughing (and cringing) about it to this day. I had to listen to it 3 times before I finally understood, bless him lmao. Thank god he is gorgeous haha

But hell yeah ofc Rob is impressed because it’s Aaron. The guy worships the ground his husband walks. Honestly Aaron could be doing the most mundane things Rob would still look at him with heart eyes. It’s canon 😌

anonymous asked:

Next set! - robert with a beard or aaron with elbow patches - playing a guest rol on ed or writing a robron scene for ed - liv saying ily to chas or rob (after aaron ofc) - ryan playing aaron in an episode or danny playing liv (not seriously ofc) - birds or frogs - rob with a backwards cap or aaron with a top hat - ed in german for a week or ed with your own actors choice for 1 ep - wedding cake for you only or sharing a small cake with ryan hawley but no talking? This is all so random 😂

Aaron with elbow patches!! Gimme gimme!

writing a robron scene!!!

To Robert of course :)

Ryan playing Aaron, haha

Frogs, I guess :)

Aaron with a top hat (hilarious)

Oh god please not in german, that would be so weird. I take the my actors choice

Sharing cake with Ryan HAwley, I don’t need to talk if we have cake :)

Awesome questions :)

imagine drunk luke thinking he’s being really smooth like stumbling into your room and you’re in the bathroom getting ready for bed and he walks in, trying to casually pull his shirt off but his head gets stuck for a second and he moves his hands to your hips under the shirt you’re wearing and he’s certain he’s got you cause you’ve cracked a smile at how giggly and messy he is and he looks at you seriously, teeth biting at his lip and you’re sure he’s about to kiss you but he just starts singing ‘i’m burning up.. burning uuup for you baaaaaby’

anonymous asked:

you're being really disrespectful to DEH, if Great Comet had one, I as a DEH fan would not say DEH was "robbed" and wouldn't say Great Comet hadn't deserved it. It makes me sad seeing that fans from other musicals are treating other Musicals so terribly.







Desires 3

Originally posted by pepperwoodatnight

A/n: short chapter. RPF 

Link to Chapter 2

Words: 1, 401 


Over the next week and half Richard and Kori didn’t leave his apartment unless it was to get food. There was also a quick visit to Kori’s mother before rushing back home. The morning of having to go back to meet up with everyone for a convention neither was ready to go. Kori lay snuggled against Richard’s chest stroking her fingers over him.

“That little vacation ended quickly.”

She said slowly sitting up. Richard nodded, looking at the clock on the bedside table.

“Always does. Time to go face our friends.”

Kori turned climbing back on Richard’s lap.

“Matt and Ruth both messaged me yesterday asking if we were ever going to come back.”

Richard groaned, trying to fight the urge to start rocking his hips into her. So what if they had a plane to catch in about two hours? He could work in a few minutes. With a smirk he tried to decide if that was a good thought or a bad one.

“Should have told them no just for the hell of it.”

Kori pressed a kiss to his lips before getting up to start getting dressed again.

“You know Robbie would be here within days to drag us back.”

Richard sighed. He knew she was right. Their “privacy” was about to be smashed just like it was before. He knew it was prissy and selfish thought but he was just fine with keeping Kori all to himself for a while longer. The only positive side was now that everything was going to be out Richard wouldn’t be left wondering when they would be alone together again.

“Our friends can be like those awkward third wheels that just won’t go away. Like that one time we were fucking at Rob comes walking right in.”

Kori shook her head.

“And that was how he found out about us. I think we may have scarred him a little.”

Richard looked up from buttoning his shirt.

“Darlin that man was scarred a long time ago. That happened way before he walked in on you ridding me.”

Kori sighed as Richard’s arms wrapped around her waist.

“Rich you know we can’t get this started right now.”

She ignored the pouty expression on his face.

“Maybe more airplane sex?”

Richard’s face automatically lit up as he went back to dressing himself.

“I think I am going to start flying a lot more.”

Kori rolled her eyes. While Richard may start “enjoying” flying more Matt Cohen would still be freaked out .

“So what are you going to do when we get on an airplane with Matt and he’s looking for you to keep him calm and all you want to do is fuck?”

Richard blinked a few times.

“Matt can go sit with Rob. You’re my comfort object.”

Kori giggled.

“Glad to see my lady parts give you such comfort and its not my company.”

The look of shock on Richard’s face made Kori giggle as she fixed her strawberry blond curls.

“Rich relax. It does make plan trips more interesting. Maybe we won’t get caught again.”

Meeting back up with everyone in San Diego both Richard and Kori were ready for the comments. Right away Richard to go off to a panel with Rob. Kori went to spend time with Ruth and Misha. Walking into the room Misha immediately grinned.

“Well look who it is. If it isn’t Ms. Sneaky.”

She smirked as she hugged Misha.

“Yeah that being sneaky was rough.”

Kori said with a smirk as Misha sat down. Misha smirked for a moment or two before looking dead serious.

“Kori I need to talk to you about something. Ruth and I both do before you find out a bad way.”

Kori frowned as she sat down beside Ruth who looked a little worried herself now.

“What is it? Come on you two are my best friends just tell me straight.”

Misha and Ruth exchanged looks before Misha began to talk.

“Do you remember Laura?”

Kori immediately looked disgusted. How could she not remember the brunette bitch that she wanted to knock silly? Laura was a convention assistant and also the first woman that Richard had seen after his divorce. As much as Kori hated to admit it she knew that Richard had cared a lot for Laura. Throughout their relationship Laura had pretty much used Richard the whole time. It was Laura and her infidelities that he led Richard and Kori getting closer. It had been Kori that a drunk Richard complained to over what Laura was doing until he had enough and ended things.

“How could I forget that ray of sunshine?”

Kori said coldly. Misha smirked.

“Well they rehired her and word on the street is she wants to repair things with Richard.”

Kori raised an eyebrow as Ruth began to speak.

“She knows that you and Richard are together too. Jared and Jensen was acting like over excited children to tell her too. She was clearly shocked and for a moment I thought the horrible child would cry.”

Misha nodded.

“That’s what she is…a horrible child. I personally think that is too nice of a comparison for her.”

Ruth smirked.

“I was trying to be polite. We wanted to tell you before you ran into her and didn’t know what was going on.”

Kori sighed. Right away she had a bad feeling about this! This was the last thing that she had expected. Ruth reached out taking Kori’s hand in hers.

“Sweetie don’t worry. Richard isn’t going to go back to her. I think you know that too.”

Misha nodded.

“For Richard to willingly run off and hop a plane to be with you I think that says where his heart is.”

Kori smiled glad that her friends were trying anything they could to make her feel better but she still felt awful now. It took her sometime to get Richard to fully let Laura go. In fact that was how Kori and Richard’s relationship began. It was almost a fuck buddy thing to get Richard over Laura that quickly developed into loving each other.

“I’m glad you two told me. If I saw her I may have knocked her in the face.”

When Kori said good bye to Ruth and Misha she decided to go get some air. At the moment that was what she needed more than anything. She kept her eyes open for any sign of Laura so she could give her the biggest go to hell look imaginable. Like her father, Kori could do an awesome go to hell look.

As she turned a corner a set of arms reached out yanking her into a closet. Kori whimpered the moment Richard’s lips were locked on hers. She moaned reaching up tugging at his messy curls as he deepened the kiss. He pushed her head to the side kissing down her neck. Kori was loving the make out session until the thought of Laura entered her mind again.

“Richard stop. I need to talk to you about something.”

Richard groaned.

“Sugar come on, we have time for a quickie.”

When Kori pulled away Richard frowned immediately knowing something was up.

“What is it? What happened while I was onstage?”

Kori sighed.

“Laura is back.”

Richard’s face went immediately from horror to a frown.

“How do you know?”

Kori sighed fixing her dress.

“Misha and Ruth told me. Richard…I don’t want any games.”

The look on Richard’s face made Kori regret her choice of words.

“You’re kidding right? For fuck sake…”

Richard growled running a hand through his hair. His amber eyes looked even more annoyed. Kori crossed her arms over her chest.

“Here we go. Richard I didn’t even suggest anything. You’re losing your shit over something I never said. I only wanted to tell you before you saw her.”

The look on Richard’s face told Kori that he was jumping to conclusions and her normal boyfriend was on autopilot.

“Yeah…I’ll see you later Kori.”

He turned walking from the room without another word. Kori blinked a few times before rolling her eyes. They hadn’t even seen the bitch yet and she was already causing chaos!






Fallout 7

Originally posted by supernatural-phandamonium

A/n: fluff chapter

Previous Chapter: Chapter 6

Words: 1, 511


The next week of their honeymoon went smooth. Richard and Kate didn’t leave the cabin much. Getting out of bed seemed to be almost a chore. On morning 5 Kate woke up to hearing Richard on the  phone again.

“Fine Rob. Instead of meeting you there just come here to us. See you then.”

Kate turned as Richard got back into bed with her.

“What was that about?”

Richard chuckled.

“Rob actually came here to talk to us. I have to say I totally did not expect that one.”

Kate pressed her lips together. Part of her was happy to see her brother the other part was more nervous than anything. Why she wasn’t sure. This was Rob however, at the same time she had never felt more abandoned by Rob in her whole life.

“When will he be here?”

She asked softly. Richard looked down at his watch.

“Uh like 30 minutes?”

Kate quickly stood up.

“Thanks for the warning. You may want to put some clothes on. Do you really want Rob to see us sitting here butt booty naked?”

Richard smirked pulling on some abandoned jeans.

“Wouldn’t be the first time he’s seen more of me than I would have liked.”

Kate rolled her eyes as she started going through her suitcase.

“You two have a unique friendship.”

Richard gave her a mischievous smile before walking over pulling Kate into his arms. She whimpered when he began to suck at her neck while one hand dipped between her legs.

“Just think about it darlin, if Rob and I didn’t have this weird friendship we wouldn’t be together. You would be with some young douche bag who wouldn’t know how to touch you right..”

Richard turned pulling Kate back to the couch on the other side of the bedroom. Kate quickly straddled his lap being pulled into another steamy make out session. Right as things started to get heavy there was a  knock on the door.

“For fuck sake.”

Richard mumbled as Kate got off of his lap.

“I’ll be down in a minute I need to fix my hair.”

Richard nodded pulling on one of his shirts that had been tosses carelessly to the floor before turning and walking downstairs.

Opening the door Rob stood on the other side. Rob’s eyes widened when he saw his friend.

“What happened to you? You look like you got attacked?”

Richard smirked knowing that both he and Kate had to be littered in love bites.

“Your sister is an animal.”

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Happy 24th Birthday my queen, Kristen Jaymes Stewart. I thank MamaStew and PapaStew for bringing such a beautiful person into this world.April 9th wasn’t that important until you were born. You are the coolest, the hottest, the cutest, and the most badass chic i have ever known. I would probably run out of adjectives to describe you as a person, but my dear Kristen, i would spend the rest of my day (not my life bcos i have things to do, yknow lol) to just express how deep and true is my love for you (and for Rob, ofc). Even though you will definitely not going to see this, i want you to know that you are my inspiration.

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ROB SAID DURING THE MATT AND ROB PANEL THAT WHEN HE AND MISHA HAVE BEEN DRINKING THEY SOMETIMES OFTEN LEAN INTO EACH OTHER AND THINK ABOUT MAKING OUT. like ur theory about all actors being sluts is starting to become more and more of a reality as the days go by

hahahhaaaa fuck me upppp //rubs this all over my body