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I don’t mind that we don’t get Rob right now. We just had 3 episodes of incredible scenes and the initial focus here is on how Aaron is doing and him ‘settling in’… the story has just started and we’ll see Rob plenty as it progresses. The show needed to mix it up again and focus on other stories but they have weeks to explore Rob and Liv etc. There’s so much time :)


Here’s my one week film for film workshop class B^)

pls enjoy




Let’s kick off the insanely unpredictable world of 2017 with the most insanely unpredictable cartoon cast of all time! Yes, INVADER ZIM!  Richard Horvitz (Zim), Rikki Simons (Gir), and Melissa Fahn (Gaz) reminisce, talk shop, and break into musical numbers while discussing the iconic series. What was it like working for the legendary Jhonen Vasquez? What is Zim’s favorite episode? And, why was there bacon in the soap, Gir?! SILENCE! Zim’s empire of podcast doom begins NOW!

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Rich does push-ups to get fit for his pre-Kings of Conversation livetweet tomorrow! (Probably b/c @AlainaHuffman is Rob’s guest this week). Live tweet this week’s #kingsofcon episode with the guys at 6:30pm, then tune in with us LIVE at 7pm for the aftershow, free on the CCHQ YouTube channel or Kings of Con Facebook!

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AU where Robbie is a renowned food critic (specifically a desert critic) & sport opens a new restaurant that Rob has to review and obviously it’s an all natural healthy place and Rob is already DISGUSTED but he shows up anyway and curses the food the whole time until sport comes out from the back to meet him and rob is like “….oh fuck he’s hot”
so he gives sportacus a good review and continues to come back under the guise of work but really it’s just so he can see sport bc roberto is Gay until one day sport is like “dude…’ve been here 9 times in 2 weeks how often do you have to review places???” and Rob gets embarrassed and doesn’t come back for a few weeks and sport feels bad bc he didn’t mean to hurt Rob’s feelings (and also bc sport is gay and would watch Rob intently as fuck everytime he came in) and now he misses him and then the next time Rob comes in (to actually get food bc sport is actually a really good chef) sport flips out and is like
“WHY DONT YOU COME IN ANYMORE PLEASE COME BACK YOURE REALLY HANDSOME AND I MISS U” and Rob’s like “….ok” and when Rob comes in again sport sits with him and they talk for hours and then they fall in Gay Love (: