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“The lead-up to Patriots-Seahawks defied logic (and maybe science). The game itself reversed the laws of probability (and maybe play-calling). But after an instant-classic win, this much can’t be questioned: the place Tom Brady and the Pats hold in history.”
-Sports Illustrated, Feb 1. 2015


There has been a feeling watching the Patriots early this season that they are hanging on by their fingernails, surviving and advancing through a series of clunkers, waiting for the holes in their roster and in their attack to be stitched up and for the seamlessness to arrive. Maybe it will never come, not even when a physically compromised Gronkowski finally returns. Still, the Patriots were able to stun the New Orleans Saints 30-27 on Sunday – not with dazzling talent, but with relentless resourcefulness. [X]


@Patriots: Just four guys in suits playing some ping pong on the field last night.


Defensively, if you can get turnovers, blocking a kick, and returning it for a touchdown, that’s how you want to come out and play. I feel like we have a calmness about us. That’s what pays off. You keep going out there and making a play, and the whole momentum changes. [x]


We’ve got a long way to go here. Short turnaround, we’ll have to get ready in a hurry now for Miami, but it’s good to get a win here today. The players did a good job fighting through this week after a couple tough road games. They laid it out there today when they had to and I’m proud of the way they played. {x}