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audreyesparza ITS HIS BIRTHDAY!! Happy happy birthday @brocolirobbrown we love you so much!!

I Fell In Love With My Best Friend

Request: Hi I’d like to request a Rob x Reader one shot. ;) Reader and Rob are very close friends, coworkers, actually, and they get in some sort of a fight/argument and it ends up in some very smutty smut. ;) Maybe fluff at the end? @totallysupernaturaloneshots

Pairing: Rob x Reader
Word count: 3,154
Warnings: Angst, jealousy, smut, kissing, fluffy stuff, cursing, If I forgot anything, let me know please! :D
Authors Note: This is my first time writing smut! So if it sucks, I’m sorry! I hope you all enjoy it! I’m finally glad that I got to write a Rob x reader. There’s not enough Rob love out there!

When you were just 19 you auditioned for the role as Jamie, Sam and Dean’s littler sister. When you got the call that you got the part you were head over heels and so excited! Now, over the past few years that you have been an actress on Supernatural, you’ve become extremely close with the cast members.
They all had welcomed you with open arms from the get go. You were the youngest (25) and shortest (5’2”) one of the bunch, but Jensen and Jared treated you and cared for you like a little sister. Just like your character. You also had become best friends with Felicia Day (who plays Charlie), Richard Speight Jr. (Trickster/Gabriel), and most importantly Rob Benedict (Chuck Shurley/God).

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Matt And Macklin on stage at BurCon 2016

This is too adorable for words!!!!! 😍👶🍼

P.S. He’s basically wearing the same outfit as his daddy!!!!! The pants are even the exact same colour! 👨‍👦👖

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I need to just talk about how Rob Dyke is the type of person who is just an incredibly loyal & protective person of people who he's close with & just people in general & I notice so often how specifically protective he is of Matt Santoro & you can tell. Ever since the drama that happened this year, he almost lost him & now it seems like he's incredibly protective of him & it's so adorable & amazing & I cry.

this weekend I went to the Melbourne Ahblxmas, dressed as a low-budget Christmas tree and had a brilliant time, even mustering up the courage to ask questions. one thing was when photo time came up I drew a blank and all I could think of was @consulting-cannibal‘s awesome picture of everyone overheating in sweaters. unfortunately I was far too broke for the actual sweater photo with everyone but I made the most of it so when it was my turn for a photo I said hi and showed everyone my phone. Mark got really really into it and loved Lucifer’s wings.
afterward I was thinking ‘oh shit, I gotta tell Scout, I hope this is alright with her’ and asked her if I could repost the pic. she was cool with it, told me to link back to her, and sent me the watermarked pic above to use. ^^

Warmth|Robbie the Zombie x Reader

Hello again~ I’m absolutely in love with Robbie atm xD So I decided to make a little fic for him, too ^^
On a side note, I appreciate the feedback I got on my Halloween/Chase Brody story, so I’m a lil more confident in posting my stories here ^^

Welp, hope you all like this one~

* Casually tags @narutofoxlover @robthezombie-support-squad and @ego-protection-squad :3 *

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Whatever you do...

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Ladybug turning down Chat Noir in favor of Adrien

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Chat Noir detransforming into Adrien and sitting on the banks of the Seine or something and fiddling with his ring

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Hawk Moth feeling the teenage angst and akumatizing the ring and therefore Adrien

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Adrien as an akumatized villain

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Ladybug facing down akumatized!Adrien and realizing he’s A D R I E N A G R E S T E and totally flipping out

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Ladybug panicking when she realizes Chat Noir isn’t turning up to help her

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Ladybug tearing through the streets of Paris looking for Chat Noir and eventually realizing he’s not there

Whatever you do, don’t imagine the big reveal happening when Ladybug realizes that the reason Chat Noir isn’t showing up is because he’s been akumatized


(But go ahead and imagine akumatized!Plagg because that would be so freaking adorable.)