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Whenever I write a fix-it fic, please know that I’m not ignoring the things that have happened to them; I just want these people to stop hurting, and to give them a kinder ending
—  me, an overly-invested asshole
What happened to the show I loved?

Forewarning from the start, this is a long rant that won’t be widely agreed with. I know there are many who loved the new seasons of POI and many who were happy with how it ended. I know that of the remaining fans I am in the minority. I know that I have been for a while now. I had long been venturing into the main POI tag to find praises of new characters, relationships and plots I could not like, and negative comments and expressions to ones I loved. I watched other fans jump for joy when the new season was announced when all I felt was dread. Yet never once did I spread negativity or leave hate for newer fans simply because they liked something I did not. I respected that their likes and opinions did not align with my own and ignored what I did not like or agree with. I ask that you grant me with that same respect now. Because I am not writing this to attack or upset. I am writing it because I myself feel upset and angry and need to express why in words. And to connect with others who may feel the same. If you cannot respect that or it upsets you to read anything negative about POI’s newer seasons, characters, and how it ended I ask that you don’t read any further. If you do proceed remember that what I’m writing is neither right nor wrong or meant to attack but simply an expression of my own OPINION and feelings. Thank you, and proceed at your own risk. SPOILERS, obviously.

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Dierdre Mullen in the women’s high jump finals on day six of the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Track and Field at Hayward Field in Eugene. Mullen finished fourth. Photo by Rob Finch/The Oregonian