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Green Day Have Written ‘Five Fantastic New Songs’, According to Producer

According to NME, Green Day’s longtime producer Rob Cavallo, the band has been hard at work and have “five fantastic new songs” that will leave fans delighted. Check out a snippet of the article here by clicking “read more” below.

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That’s right a School of Rock musical is currently under way. Auditions begin in January, and the performance is expected to premiere December 6, with special previews at Winter Garden on November 2. The plot of the musical will closely follow that of the original movie by Richard Linklater. Check out more details below. 

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Josh Groban & Rob Cavallo: Performance of “Happy In My Heartache”

LP - Into the Wild

After being on the music scene for ten years, releasing two commercially unsuccessful independent albums, co-writing/being featured in tracks with artists like Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and Madonna and then releasing an EP in 2012, Laura Pergolizzi (LP) finally released a full length album this past June called Forever For Now and I have to say it has completely captured my attention. The most obvious thing to mention is her incredible voice that sets her apart from any artist I’ve heard in the last decade. Not only can she sing but she can also break into an operatic wail as featured in the title track, “Forever For Now” (it’s also the one that starts off like an audition for the soundtrack to Kill Bill Vol. 3). From start to finish, ukelele to drum beat, the songs crafted by LP and enhanced by Rob Cavallo’s artistic direction have been providing me continuous enjoyment. 

While “Night Like This” was the first song that made me fall in love, “Into The Wild” has quickly become my favorite track. Not only does it have the perfect amount of whistling but it truly captures a sense of freedom that comes from a longing to escape. Whether you’re jumping into the wild, the city, or a new stage of your life, this song perfectly captures that rush you feel as you take the jump when there’s nothing left to hold you back.


“The first five slamming tracks on ¡Uno!–the stomping "Nuclear Family,” the yearning “Stay the Night,” the fierce yet philosophical “Carpe Diem,” the blistering call to arms “Let Yourself Go” and the funky-furious “Kill the DJ”–pack a musical wallop while probing emotionally complex territory. They’re five perfectly written, diverse examples of where Green Day is right now. Every time I hear those five songs I just wanna hear them again.“
—  Rob Cavallo (x)