rob carlyle

Things I need from TBT season 2

1. Rob Lowry to keep crushing that music game. Seriously, my Spotify account depends on it.

2. More digs at Trump, specifically from Jacqueline.

3. Nikohl upped to a series regular.

4. Sutton crushing life, as per usual.

5. Sutton and Kat need nicknames like Tiny Jane. I just thought of this, but I’m okay with it.

6. Lynn Sternberger to keep bringing the Kadena fandom to their knees like every other week. Just saying…episodes 1x5 and 1x9 killed us. More of that please.

7. More powerful moments like Jacqueline taking the weights…but not every week because my feelings can’t.

8. More Adena speaking Farsi.

9. Tiny Jane and Sutton bonding with Adena.

10. I need the show to keep leaving me with a stupid dumbass smile on my face every week. Because that was so rare and so freaking needed.

add yours!

anonymous asked:

could you give me a list of older faceclaims, preferably 45+? thanks in advance!