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What people don’t understand is when the SPN fandom say we love the cast we don’t just mean Jensen, Jared and Misha - we mean ALL the cast. Even if they might’ve only been in an episode or two or more or whole seasons or more - we love them all. We take them all into our hearts.

Lookie Lookie What I Found!

So I was searching for pics for p7 and I found all of these. Thought I’d share, just in case anyone else hasn’t seem them. I believe they’re from the 200th episode celebration.

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20 Things I Learned at the San Francisco Supernatural Convention:

• Osric Chau is a precious baby and must be protected at all costs. To hate him is to hate friendship and happiness.

• Matt Cohen is at least 6x hotter in real life.

• Mark Sheppard has been lying to us this whole time. He isn’t an actor at all. He actually is Crowley.

• Misha Collins will show you his ass for a dollar.

• Sebastian Roche will show you his ass for free.

• Gil McKinney’s singing voice will make sweet, tender love to your eardrums should you ever be fortunate enough to hear it.

• Felicia Day needed a 6 hour panel all to herself.

• As if I wasn’t convinced before, Jared Padalecki confirmed his hair does have magical properties. He said it’s his superpower and referred to himself as Hair Man the entire duration of his panel.

• Friday night karaoke is as close to a religious experience as one may have at a Supernatural convention. Matt Cohen will not stop until hotel management makes him stop.

• Jensen’s electrician is Mel Gibson’s son.

• Louden Swain and Rob Benedict must be supernatural creatures themselves, because they created a running improv soundtrack to the whole weekend and it sounded damn good.

• Mark Pellegrino confirmed Lucifer is making his way around the Winchester family tree, having banged both Sam and Adam in the pit.

• In the event of a building fire, the hair products in Richard’s toupee would combust (killing him on sight) thus startling Rob severely enough to fall out a window and die. Matt would tragically lose his clothes to the flames, but would heroically save all the puppies from the burning building and emerge unscathed.

• If it can be humped, Sebastian will hump it.

• Osric and Gil make an adorable Ariel and Prince Eric. Their children will be beautiful.

• Misha doesn’t feel fulfilled as a man unless the pee stains on his bed belong to him.

• Mark Sheppard double knots his shoelaces.

• Curtis Armstrong is a lovely man who does not deserve any hate sent his way just because Metatron is an assnoodle. That being said, he loves that we hate him so much.

• Jensen Ackles is a Chevy Chase fan, but Chevy Chase is not a Jensen Ackles fan.

• Tahmoh Penikett’s jawline can cure cancer and he wants to be Felicia when he grows up. Don’t we all, Tahmoh. Don’t we all…